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I won't let you down
Chapter 3

Victor blinked with his eyes. Just a moment ago, he was in the lab. Now, he was surrounded by the Impostors. "Great!" he said and he looked around him. He could try to fight a way out, but he needed to know where Anita was. She could be in danger. "Anita!" he called, but there was no answer.
Just when he wanted to call for her again, he felt something hard on his head and the world became black.


Anita took a deep breath. Professor Professor's device did work, only at the wrong time of day. She was lucky enough to land a few feet away from the training field of the Impostors.
Victor, however, landed right in the middle of it. From her hiding place, she saw how the Impostors took Victor away. The only thing she could do now was following the Impostors and hoping that they wouldn't do something bad to Victor. She quickly marked the place where she landed and she followed the little group.

That was until they crossed an open space. If she would risk to cross that space, there was a bigger chance that they couldn't get out of the Impostor Zone. Anita looked to the group until they were gone. She turned around and decided to look for an Impostor-outfit, so she had more chance in finding both her father and Victor.


This isn't exactly the best way of saving someone,

Victor groaned. He was just thrown into a cell and he still had a headache from the travel to the Impostors.
Just when his eyes got used to the darkness, someone opened the door and someone else got thrown into the cell.

"Anita?" said Victor. If Anita was here too, then the whole mission would be a disaster.

"Who is there?" said the other person and Victor jumped up. It wasn't the lovely, British voice he expected. In stead, it was a male, British voice. A voice which reminded him of an English teacher. "Who are you?"

"I'm Victor Volt." said Victor and he walked towards the unknown man. "I work for U.Z.Z." he added when there was no reply.

"Are you the son of Mildred and Lionel Volt?" the man asked.

"Yes, they are my parents." said Victor and he looked to the man. His eyes got used to the darkness once again and there was something that he recognized. It was just too dork to recall what it was. "And who are you?"

"I am Arthur Knight, formal Special Agent of U.Z.Z."


Anita held her breath. She just reached a secret cave nearby the open space. When she was certain that there was no Impostor around, she sneaked into one of the rooms.  

I really hope this is the right room, she thought and she looked around her. Her hand touched the wall and she felt a switch. She flicked the switch and the light turned on. After a few seconds, the room lit up, just like Anita's eyes. This was defiantly the right room


Victor blinked with his eyes. "You are Arthur Knight?" he said and Arthur nodded.

"I get the idea that my daughter found the note." he said and Victor nodded. "How is she?"

Victor smiled a little bit. "You can ask her once she got us out of this cell."

"My daughter is an..."

"Anita worked hard to get this far, and every mission ended good because of her."

Arthur smiled. "I'm glad to hear that Anita has a wonderful job and a partner who looks after her."

Victor gave him a smile back and he suddenly remembered something. "I know a way out of here."


A small group of Impostors walked out of the secret cave. The group deviated and one Impostor walked towards the place where they kept the prisoners.
When the Impostor got to the cell, a loud explosion sounded and the two prisoners managed to escape. The Impostor looked around him and started to alarm the others.
It didn't take long before the prisoners were back into their cell.

The Impostors walked away from the cells, except for one. "Oh, Victor." Anita sighed. "Why couldn't you wait another hour?" she walked, in an Impostor-suit she'd found in the room, towards the cell.

"Great, now there is no way out." she heard Victor saying. "Do you have any ideas?"

"My dear boy, if I knew a way out of here..."

Anita blinked with her eyes. It couldn't be... She turned around, there was no Impostor near her and it would take some time to get them out. She turned back towards the door. "Victor!" she whispered and she heard some footsteps towards the door.

"Anita! I'm glad that you're still free." he said.

Anita grabbed her gun and she made a small hole in the door. "Take my gun and stay at the left side when you cross the open space. There are more places and shadows to hide yourself. At the end of the open space you'll find a cave. I'll be waiting there for you." She rushed away and decided to wait for them in the cave.


After some long time, Anita heard footsteps in the cave. She ducked into the shadows and she looked to the door. The door went open, slowly. Anita held her breath, hoping that it wasn't an Impostor who would walk into room.

"Anita, are you here?" sounded when two people walked into the room.

Anita stepped out of the shadow and she smiled. "I'm here alright." she said and she walked towards Victor. "I'm glad you managed to escape." she said as she gave him a hug.

Victor smiled and he looked at her. "I found someone who's very important to you."he said.

Anita let him go and she looked to the second person. Slowly, she walked to her father, still not believing that they actually found him. "Dad," she whispered and Arthur smiled.

"Hello, Princess." said Arthur and he gave his daughter a hug.

"Oh, Dad, I missed you so much." Anita whispered and some tears fell down her cheeks.

Victor smiled and he looked to his watch. "I hate to interrupt this moment, but we really need to hurry." There wasn't much time left to go back to their spot.

Anita smiled and she looked to her father. "Let's go home, Dad." she looked to Victor. "Let's go, Victor."

Together with Arthur, Victor and Anita rushed to the place Anita marked. When they stood on the the marked place, Anita looked to her watch. "It won't take long." she said and she looked to her father. "We're finally getting home, Dad."

Arthur smiled and he placed an arm around his daughters shoulders. "And I will never let you down again." he said, just when a bright blue flash appeared, which made the Impostors realise that the prisoners had escaped once again.
For those who hadn't noticed it... I suck at writing battle scenes...

Arthur Knight belongs to me
The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and (C)BBC


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