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I won't let you down
Chapter 2

After a sleepless night, Anita walked through the hallways of the U.Z.Z. Head Quarters. Her mind was still spinning about the picture. She was determent to find her father, certainly now she was so close.

"Anita!" suddenly sounded and Anita turned around to see Victor approaching her. "How are you?" he asked her when he walked next to her.

"I have felt better." whispered Anita and she looked to Victor. "I didn't really sleep last night."

Victor smiled. "I can understand that. It shouldn't take long before we'll find your father."

"You know Victor," Anita stood still and Victor looked at her, "there is just one question that kept me awake last night." Anita looked to Victor before she went on. "How did dad know about U.Z.Z. and what the Impostors are?"

"There is just one answer that pops to my mind."

"Dad has to be an U.Z.Z. agent." said Anita, and she felt the tears in her eyes. In all those years, her father lied to her.

"Anita, what is it?" Victor asked when he saw her tears.

"I can't believe that my own father lied to me all those years."

"Well, maybe he quit and became a teacher." said Victor as he placed an arm around her. "Come on, let's go to the Briefing Room and tell the others about it. Maybe they know what happened."

Anita nodded and they walked into the Briefing Room "Ah, Victor and Anita. I'm glad that you're here." said Changed Daily when the Secret Agents walked into the room.

They sat down in their chairs, but before Changed Daily could even start with the briefing, Professor Professor had the feeling that there was something going on between the two agents. "Is there something wrong?" the Bavarian professor said before Changed Daily say something more.

"Professor Professor, if I may." said Changed Daily, but Professor Professor waved his comment away.

"No, you may not." he said and he turned his attention back towards the two agents. "So, what is going on here?"

Victor looked to Anita. He figured that since it was her father, she had to tell the story. But he was more than happy to help her if she couldn't do it.

"I can handle it, Victor." said Anita with a little smile. She looked to her boss. "We found a note from my father saying that he was abducted by the Impostors."

"No way!" said Professor Professor. "That does explain why we couldn't find Special Agent Arthur for some..." one look from Changed Daily made the professor shut up. But it was already too late.

"Special Agent… Arthur?" Anita whispered and she looked from her boss to the professor. "My father was a Special Agent and you knew about it all the time?" Anita stood up and she looked around her. Then, she suddenly dashed out of the room. She just couldn't believe that they never told her about her father working at U.Z.Z.


After some time of wandering through the hallways, she stood still in front of the Gym. Unlike the Training Room, the Gym was a room where the agents could use the training machines. No tests, just sporting for fun.

"Anita!" suddenly sounded and Anita turned around. Lucy Woo walked towards her. "I didn't expect you here." Normally, on quiet days, Anita helped Lucy with either training karate with the newest agents or she helped Lucy in the Gym.

Anita gave her a smile. "I guess I wanted to talk to you."

Lucy gave her a smile back. "Of course, come into my office then." She walked towards a small room next to the Gym.

Anita followed her into Lucy's office and she sat down onto one of the chairs. She knew that Lucy would always be there for her. "Lucy," she said as Lucy sat down behind her desk, "something happened yesterday and I need someone to talk to."

Lucy smiled. "Well, you know you can always talk to me." She started to think for a moment. "Or you could talk to Melissa for that matter." Melissa Taylor was not only an U.Z.Z. psychologist, but she was also Victor's sister and a dear friend to Anita.

"I know, but to be honest, I just walked towards your office."

"And it's not just because she is Victor's sister, right?" chuckled Lucy. Sometimes, she loved to tease Anita about her relationship with Victor. But every time, Anita kept saying that there was nothing going on between her and Victor.

Anita sighed. "Lucy, please. My feelings for Victor are not the same feelings I would have towards a lover. I like him as a wonderful friend." She stood up and looked out of the window, which overlooked a small area of the Gym. "Besides, I'm here for a different reason."

"Ah yes." Lucy looked to Anita as she walked back to her chair. "What did happen yesterday?"

Anita sat down and told Lucy about the picture and the note from her father. After her story, she looked to Lucy. "Did you know my father, Lucy?"

Lucy started to think for a few moments. "I have to admit that I do remember an agent called Arthur Knight. But that was just for a few days, before I got kidnapped." Lucy looked back at Anita, who didn't seem to be really happy with this information. "Didn't Victor know about it?"

Anita looked up towards Lucy. "Knew about what?" she said, sounding a little bit confused.

"That your father worked for U.Z.Z.?"

"Why would he know about that?"

Lucy shrugged. "Maybe that Mildred knew about it and she told Victor." There was this other reason, but she was afraid that when she would give Anita that reason, she would upset Anita.

Anita shook her head. "Victor was just as surprised as I was when we read my father's note about U.Z.Z. and the Impostors."

Lucy nodded. "And what are you going to do now?" Before Anita could answer the question, a knock sounded. "Who is it?"

"It's Victor Volt!" sounded from the other side of the door. "I'm just wondering if you have seen Anita."

Lucy looked to Anita, looking for some confirmation. Anita nodded and Lucy smiled. "She's here."

Victor opened the door and he looked to Anita. "I started to get worried when I didn't find you at your usual favourite places." he said with a smile as he sat down onto the chair next to Anita. "I found some files about your father. I haven't read them."

Anita smiled as he gave her the files. "Thank you." she whispered and she opened the files. "Arthur Knight, Married to Mary Lynn DeLeau. Rank: Special Agent. Quit U.Z.Z. after ten years of service." Anita searched through the files. "Not a words about me, so I guess he quit U.Z.Z. before I was born."

"Is there anything else about him in there?" asked Victor. "Maybe a reason why he could be kidnapped?"

Anita looked through the files. "Nothing much, really." suddenly, she spotted something. "Special Agent Arthur was trying to understand the language of the Impostors." Anita looked to Victor. "maybe that could be a reason for them to kidnap him."

Victor nodded and he stood up. "What do you say, partner? Ready to rescue your father?"

Anita smiled. "I can't wait to see him again," she looked to Lucy and she smiled. "I'm sorry, Lucy, but my duty calls me."

Lucy smiled. "Good luck with it, both of you." she said and she stood up. "Just be careful and I will let him know what you are doing after you left." she added when she saw that Victor and Anita were ready to protest. Her old partner had to know what Victor and Anita were up to, but she would tell him after they were gone.

"Thank you, Lucy." said Anita and she and Victor rushed out of the office.

"Come on, Anita." said Victor as they rushed through the hallways. "Professor Professor isn't in his lab at this moment, so we could borrow those pods that would bring us to the Impostors."

"Victor, are you sure we shouldn't…"

"They would never let us go, Anita." They went into the lab, but they couldn't find the pods. "I thought they would be here" said Victor after they searched through the whole lab.

"Looking for a way to get to the Impostors?" Victor and Anita turned around. In the door opening, was Professor Professor standing. "Don't look so shocked. I'm a professor. I knew that you two would go down, so I decided to make something to get you two there easier." Professor Professor passed them and he walked towards a table.

"So where is this… thing?" asked Victor as he and Anita walked to the professor.

"This, Victor, is the Moving Ray!" Professor Professor showed them a large laser gun. "I can adjust the coordinates, height and things like that to get you anywhere you want to be. Including the level of the Impostors, the home base of the Floaty Heads and even to the level of the Reptogators."

Anita looked to the small professor. "And this is totally untested and highly dangerous, I presume?" She would do anything to get her father out of the Impostor zone.

"It is, yes. But I don't think you would have a problem with it, is it Anita?"

Anita gave him a smile and she looked to Victor. "Ready for one of the biggest rides of your life?"

Victor smiled back at her.  "Always," certainly if it meant that it would save your father, "let's go." he said and looked to the professor. "But how do we get back here?"

"That's easy," the professor started, "you just have to be back at the exact same place as where I sent you to, within three hours. Otherwise, we will have a little problem."

"What little…" Victor started, but Anita didn't let him finish.

"Let's do this, Professor Professor." she said and Professor Professor pointed the gun at them. He pulled the trigger and after the smoke disappeared, Victor and Anita were gone.

Professor Professor sighed. "Good luck." he said and he walked away, ready to tell his boss what he had done.
These characters belong to me:
Arthur Knight
Melissa Volt Taylor

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