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How to write a TSS-fanfiction?
Chapter Nine

Just when the new window opened, everything went black.

“What the…? What’s going on?” Victor said.

“Maybe it’s Professor Professor and one of his dangerous inventions.” Kowalski said.

“I’ll go and look for it.” Ray said and he walked away.

“Just in the middle of a nice story and Professor Professor knows how to blow an experiment.” Eliza sighed.

It took some minutes, but then all the lights went on again.

“Professor Professor blew an experiment, which was totally untested and highly dangerous.” Ray said when he came into the room.

“Can we now read the story?” Anita asked. She started to become curious about what those two girls did to Victor.

“Sure, of course. Just wait a little minute.” Eliza started to look for the story and she clicked on a link. “Here it is.”


“Where is he?”
It was the next day and everyone was in the room. Everyone, except Victor. Anita looked to the other men. “He’s never that late.”

“That’s true.” Changed Daily said. “I wonder where he is.”

“Here I am.” suddenly sounded and Victor came into the Briefing Room. Instead of wearing his uniform, he was wearing some cool clothes.  “Sorry I’m late, they didn’t want to let me go.”

“Who didn’t?” Professor Professor asked.

“To start with, Ray. He didn’t recognize me. Then some female agents, who thought I was somebody else.” Victor said with a smile when he sat down in his chair.

“And you didn’t mind?” Anita asked.

Victor shook his head. “I didn’t mind at all.” he said. He looked to Changed Daily. “Is there something new?” he asked.

Changed Daily shook his head. “Nothing new.” he said. “So I think you have to train Felix and Alley today.”

“I don’t mind.” Victor said and he stood up. “Let’s go then.”

Anita gave Victor a strange look and walk after him. Why is he acting so strange? she wondered.

“Anita, do you hear me?”
Julius was sitting next to Anita at the lunch table.

“Sorry, what did you say?” Anita said.

“Why are you paying me so less attention?” Julius asked.

“I was just thinking.” Anita said with a smile.

“You know, Anita, there is something you must know.”

Anita gave him a strange look. “What?” she asked.

Julius smiled. “Vous êtes la seule femme je voudrais toujours l'amour.” he said.
“What…what did you say ?” Anita asked.

“I said that you’re the only woman I would always love.”

Victor, Felix and Alley were sitting at a lunch table, not far away from Anita and Julius.

“Go on,” Felix said. “Do it now, before it’s too late.”

“Well, alright.” Victor said and he stood up.

“Did you…Are you…” Anita didn’t know what to say. This was very unexpected.

“Oui, Anita. I love you.” Julius said. “Et toi? Do you love me?”


“Anita, can I talk with you, for a moment?” Victor asked when he stood at their lunch table.

“Always.” Anita said and she walked away with Victor, leaving Julius behind, a little bit confused.

“So, what’s going on?” Anita asked.

“Well, Anita, there is something…” Victor looked to her. He couldn’t just say that he loved her.

“What’s that?”Anita asked suddenly and Victor looked up. Above them was a little mistletoe, attached to the ceiling.

“Is that a…? But it isn’t even Christmas yet.” Victor said.

Anita smiled. “A mistletoe is a mistletoe.” she said. “And you know what that means.”

Victor smiled and he bended forward. Just when Anita didn’t expected, gave Victor her a kiss right on her lips, which Anita returned with love. When they stopped kissing, Victor spotted behind Anita’s back Felix and Alley, but he didn’t say a thing.

“I told you it would work.” Felix said with a smile. She loved to couple people together and she knew that those two needed to be coupled.

“Well, they could just passed it without noticing it.” Alley said. She thought always about what could go wrong and she took that into account. That’s the reason she placed another mistletoe a few feet further, so if Victor and Anita didn’t noticed the mistletoe, they would notice the next one.

“Anita,” Victor said. “I love you.”

“I thought you’d never say that.” Anita whispered and she looked to him. “I love you too.”

“Que? Qu'est-ce qui se passe ici?” Suddenly sounded and Julius walked to them. “Are you trying to steal my girl?”

“Who said that I’m your girl?” Anita said. “I’d never said that I loved you!”

“We’ll take care of it.”  sounded and Felix and Alley walked to them.

Julius laughed. “Two novice who think that they could win from me?”

He didn’t had to say that. Alley and Felix tried out all the things they learned from Victor and Anita.
“I don’t think that he would ever say that again.” Alley said with a smile after the fight. Julius was crawling away from the two girls.

“You’re absolutely right.” Felix said with a big smile and she looked around. “Where are Victor and Anita?”

While Alley and Felix tried everything they learned out on Julius, Anita and Victor were walking to the sky-bikes. They sat down at the end of the gate and they were looking to the landscape outside the U.Z.Z. H.Q.

“So,” Victor said and he looked to Anita. “Do you really love…”

Anita smiled. “Of course I love you. Didn’t you ever noticed?” she asked.

Victor shook his head. “I never noticed.” he admitted.

“How long do you love me?” Anita asked.

Victor smiled. “Since the first day I met you. And you?”

“Maybe not the first day, but I know that I love you for years now. But is that really the reason that you’re dressed up like this?”

Victor sighed. “It was the idea of Felix and Alley. They thought that you would see me, because Julius is dressed up like this too. And they thought that I would have the courage to tell you that I love you.”

“I love you just the way you are.” Anita said with a smile.

Meanwhile, Felix and Alley found the two lovebirds. They saw how Victor and Anita bended their heads to each other and how they gave each other a big kiss on their lips.

“So, now those two are together, what shall we do now?” Alley said.

“Find two other lovebirds?” Felix said, just when Ray and Kowalski passed them. “And I think we just found them.” Felix said with a devilish smile.  


“Aww, that’s sweet.” Kowalski said. “You said it to her after a ‘romantic kiss’.”

“I don’t think I would say it like that.” Victor said.

“So, how would you then?” Eliza asked .

“Dunno.” Victor shrugged. “Isn’t there a second story, but this time about Kowalski and Ray?”

Eliza looked around on the net. “No, this is the last story of this writer. Maybe there be one, once.”

“Anita, would you really love a Frenchman?” Ray asked with a smile.

“I wouldn’t know.” Anita said. “Maybe when he’s kind, charming, sweet and a little bit protective.”

“And have brown hair and brown eyes.” Eliza teased.

“You read to many stories.” Anita said.

“Now you’re talking about it, I know one story that’s a little bit sad, but very beautiful.”
For those who don't understand French: Qu'est-ce qui se passe ici means What's going on here. I'm really sorry if I placed it a little bit in the wrong order (with those words) but the French language isn't really my best language. Especially the grammar is in my eyes a little bit messy.
oh, well, no hard feelings, right?

I'll place the next chapter as fast as I can!

previous chapter: [link]

next chapter: [link]
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