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How to write a TSS fan fiction?
Chapter Three

“So, what is it?” Anita asked.

“I don’t care what it is, as long it isn’t an other story like the last one.” Victor said. He couldn’t believe that there were people who liked to see Anita and Alphonse together.

“It won’t be like the last story.” Eliza said. She wasn’t an Anita and Alphonse fan either. “It’s really a nice story.”

“What’s it about?” Ray asked.

Eliza smiled. “It’s about Halloween.” she said. “Ah, here it is.” and she clicked on a story called: TSS – Our First Halloween.


TSS - Our (first) Halloween

“But, mommy, I don’t want to go.”
A five years old Victor looked to his mother.

“Come on, Victor.” Mildred said. “This could be fun.” she looked to his costume; he was dressed up like superman, but than smaller. “I invited some friends, so you could have some fun.”

The doorbell rang and Mildred opened it. In front of her stood three little kids. Two young, blond girls, a young girl with blue hair and a teenaged boy with blue hair.
“Trick or treat.” the kids said and Mildred smiled.

“You'll get my candy when you're coming back here.” she said and she called Victor. “Honey,” she said to Victor. “These are Anita, Kowalski and Sammy.”

“Hi.” Victor said and the kids said hi back.

Mildred looked to the teenaged boy. “Thanks for taking those children with you, Ray.” she said.

“No problem.” Ray said. “I love to do something with my little sister and her friends.”

Mildred smiled. “That’s good.” she said.

“You look funny.” Sammy said to Victor.

“You look funny too.” Victor said. Sammy dressed like a little witch.

“So,” Ray said. “Do you know what we do on Halloween?”

Only Sammy nodded.

Ray smiled. “Okay,” he said. “We walk to every door in this neighbourhood and when people open the door, we have to say; Trick or treat.”

“And then they’ll give us candy!” Sammy said and Ray nodded.

“Are you ready to get some candy?” he asked and the kids yelled ‘yes’ at the same time. “Okay, let’s go.” and they went to their first house.

“I like your costume.” Anita said to Victor. “You look nice in it.”

Victor smiled. “I like your costume too.” he said. Anita was dressed up like a lion. “I love lions.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Ray walked to a house and rang at the door. A young, very British man opened the door and the kids said: “Trick or Treat!”

The man smiled. “Here, grab some candy.” he said. The man looked to Victor and he smiled a little bit. He sure looks like his mother the man thought.

“Thank you, sir.” the kids said with a smile and Ray looked to the man.

“Thank you, mister.” he said.

“No problem, lad. I like children when they have fun at Halloween.” the man looked to the children. “Now go and ask some more candy to the other people.” he said with a smile.

A little bit later, Ray rang again. And this time, a small man with green hair opened the door.
“Trick or treat!” the children yelled again and the man smiled.

“I made some cookies, you can grab as many as you want.” he said with a German accent.

“They aren’t dangerous, are they, mister Professor Professor?” Ray asked and Professor Professor shook his head.

“They’re practically harmless.” Professor Professor said.

“Well, alright.” Ray said and he said goodbye to Professor Professor.


“Mom,” sounded and Mildred looked up. “What is Halloween?” a twelve years old Victor asked.

Mildred gave Victor a strange look. “You’re celebrating Halloween for seven years now and you don’t know what Halloween is?” she asked.

“I don’t mean the candy part, but why are we celebrating Halloween?”

Mildred thought a moment and just when she wanted to say something, the doorbell rang. “I’ll open it first and then I will tell you why we celebrate Halloween.” she said and she opened the front door. “Ah, the cat and the tiger.”

“Hello, Mrs Volt.” the two girls said.

“Come in, Anita and Sammy.” Mildred said and she let them in.

“I really thought she wouldn’t recognize us this time.” Sammy said and Anita laughed.

“She will always recognize us, what ever we do.” she said when they walked into the living room.

“Hey.” Victor said with a smile.

“Hey, Victor.” the girls said. “Are you ready to go?”

“Almost. My mother just wanted to tell me what Halloween is, why we celebrating it.”

Mildred smiled. “It comes from Ireland. They think it was the Celtic New Year. People thought that the 31st of October was the day that the dead become dangerous for the living by causing problems such as sickness or damaged crops. They made great bonfires and they threw bones of slaughtered cattle, like cows and goats. They wore costumes to scare the ghosts and evil spirits.”

Victor, Anita and Sammy looked to Mildred.

“I didn’t know that you knew so much about Halloween.” Sammy said.

Mildred smiled. “I just knew it. History of Great Britain has always fascinating me.”

“Come on, Victor.” Anita said. “We really have to go now, otherwise we won’t have any candy anymore.”

“Bye, mom!” Victor said when he followed Anita and Sammy.

“Bye Victor, be careful.” Mildred said.

“Yeah.” the kids said and they walked away, going to celebrate Halloween.


“How nice of them they wanted to put my mother in the story.” Victor said.

“I didn’t know you had a little sister, Ray.” Anita said and Ray smiled.

“I don’t have a little sister.” Ray said. “But it would be nice to have one. Especially like the one in the story.”

“Well, that’s a part of fan fiction.” Eliza said. “They put other characters, the so-called OC’s, in their fan fictions. And most of the time, they use it in all of their fan fictions.”

“So, are there more of those ‘OC’s?” Victor asked and Eliza nodded.

“Enough.” she said.

“So, what else do you know?” Anita suddenly asked.

“Of what?” Eliza asked.

“Well, kind of stories.” Anita said.

“I know two very nice fan fictions.” Kowalski said and she took Eliza laptop to find the stories she wanted to show.
Because I finished my schoolwork for now, I wrote further and I almost forgot that I had a story with the plot of :iconbabysoniclover: So I thought it would be smart to use it, because it is a sweet story. =D So, thanx :iconbabysoniclover: for the sweet plot and the awesome title.

previous chapter: [link]

next chapter: [link]
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