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Last Part

It was already dark when Anita walked into the bedroom of her daughter. It was far after her normal bedtime, but since there was no school on Boxing Day, Anita figured that it would be alright to let Hannah stay late for this day.

"Hannah," whispered Anita as she walked into the room. She didn't know if Hannah was already asleep. She just wanted to wish Hannah good night.

"Mommy?" sounded from the bed and Anita smiled.

"Hey, sweetie." Anita walked to Hannah's bed and she sat down on the edge of it. "So, did you like today?"

"This is the best Christmas ever." Hannah looked to her mother. "Mommy, Daddy will be with us forever, right?"

Anita smiled, it was so sweet that her daughter would worry about something like this. "Of course he will, sweetie." Anita knew she could make a promise like this, because she knew, deep in her heart, that Victor would stay with them until the end of time.
She gave her daughter a kiss on her forehead and wished Hannah goodnight. Before she closed the door, she looked to Hannah one more time. Hannah fell asleep already and Anita closed the door.


While Anita went upstairs to wish Hannah goodnight, Victor and Mildred cleaned the dishes.

"So, what did you think of today?" Mildred looked to her son. She would never think that he and Anita would get married and that he loved Hannah as if she was his daughter. Well, she had to admit that she had been thinking about that before Victor met Hannah, but she wasn't really sure if he would accept it or not.

"It was wonderful." said Victor while he placed a plate in a cupboard. Then he looked to his mother. "I don't think I would ever be able to have another Christmas without Anita and Hannah."

Mildred smiled as she gave him another plate to put away. "And when are you two getting married?" she couldn't wait for the wedding of her son. It would be one of the best days of her life.

Victor laughed a little bit. "Soon enough, Mom. You and Anita just have to be patient."

"So, I'm not the only one whose wondering when we're getting married?" suddenly sounded and Anita walked into the kitchen.

Victor smiled and he gave her a kiss on her lips. "Be patient." then he looked into her eyes. "Is she asleep?"  

"She just fell asleep after I wished her goodnight." she said and she looked to Mildred. "I'm glad that you could come this year."

Mildred smiled. "I'm glad I don't have to keep this a secret anymore." suddenly, she remembered something. "I just have a little something for the two of you." she walked away and a little bit later, she came back with two envelopes. "This is for the two of you."

"Oh, Mildred, you shouldn't have." Anita said while she looked to the envelope Mildred gave her.

"Well, it's something you two can't miss." Mildred gave them a little smile. "Just open it."

So, Victor and Anita opened the envelopes and their jaws almost hit the ground when they saw what was in it.

"Mom, you shouldn't have done something like this." Victor looked to her while he took a paper out of the envelope.

"You shouldn't give us something like this." Anita looked to the paper. It was a notification for a new bank account and Anita was a little bit puzzled when she saw this.

"It's for your wedding. You can put some money aside, so you will have something for your wedding." Mildred looked to Victor and Anita. "I don't mind waiting for your wedding, and I figured I should give you something like this soon enough. So you will have a wonderful wedding."

"Thank you Mildred, it means a lot to us." said Anita and she gave Mildred a hug.

"Thank you, Mom." Victor gave his mother a hug as well. "But you didn't have to put some money on that account."

"You need it and I'm just glad that you like it." Mildred looked to the clock and then back to Victor and Anita. "It's time that I go home." She said goodbye to Victor and Anita and she walked away.

"So, what are we going to do now?" Victor looked to Anita and he gave her a kiss on her cheek.

"Well, I am getting tired now." Anita said and she looked to Victor. "It's time that I go to bed."

Victor smiled and he gave Anita a kiss on her lips. "Good night, Anita." he whispered.

Anita looked to Victor. "Victor," she started and she gave Victor the same sugar-sweet look that Hannah gave him that afternoon. The same look Victor could never resist.

"What ever it is, Anita Knight, it won't happen."

"Only for tonight."

"You said that yesterday as well." Victor stepped a little bit closer to Anita and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I'm going to sleep in my own bed tonight." he gave her a long, romantic kiss.

Anita sighed and she decided to give up battling. She felt too tired to go on like this. "Good night, Victor." she gave him a quick kiss on his lips and she walked away.

Victor smiled and he decided that he should go to bed as well. It was a long day that day and since Hannah was free from school on Boxing Day, he figured that it would be an early day the next day. So he turned off the lights and he went upstairs. Before he went to his own bedroom, he took a quick peek into Anita's room. She was already asleep, just like her daughter.

Victor walked into his room and he looked to the little frame which was standing on his nightstand. It had a picture of him, Anita and Hannah in a zoo. And he knew that he couldn't have another Christmas alone, without Anita and Hannah.
I'm sorry for the crappy ending, but I really want to end this story. It's already spring, almost summer, but now the Christmas story is finished.

Well, I don't make any promises for the next story in the - what I call - 'Hannah's Series', but I work hard to finish so much...

Hannah belongs to me :iconeszies-eszie: and Sara :iconmimi7789:


Previous Part: [link]
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And you did work hard.
Wonderful work here. I really like it.
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I'm glad you like it :D :hug:
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