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Anita's Secret 2
The wedding is near!
Chapter 18

Mildred Volt walked to the living room. She and her husband had been watching over Hannah that afternoon and evening, because Victor and Anita had to work late that day. For them, it was another day of saving the world and keeping everyone safe.

"Granny, I'm going to win from Grandpa, again!" said Hannah, once she saw her grandmother.

Mildred chuckled. Lionel and Hannah had been playing the same game for the fifth time now, only because he couldn't win the game. But Mildred wasn't sure if he just let Hannah win the game or if he was truly loosing it. "That's nice, honey. But you should let your grandfather win every now and then. He is old, you know."

"I know." said Hannah and Lionel gave Mildred a deadly look.

"Well, your Granny is old too." said Lionel with a big smile.

"I know that, and don't forget I have the power to let you sleep on the couch tonight."

Hannah chuckled. "That's what Mommy says to Daddy when he says something she doesn't like." her grandparents started to laugh as Mildred sat down onto the couch. "When are they coming back?"

Mildred looked to Hannah. "I wouldn't know, dear. But the lasagne is in the oven, so they can eat it whenever they come home."

Just at that moment, the front door went open and Victor and Anita walked into the living room. "Hey, Hannah." said Victor as he saw Hannah sitting there. "Are you winning?"

Hannah nodded, and while she started to tell Victor all about her day, Anita looked to her in-laws. "Thank you for looking after her a little bit longer. The Floaty-Heads just didn't want to go away."

Mildred laughed. She remembered how stubborn some badguys could be. "Don't worry, Anita. It was wonderful to look after her. Besides, your dinner is still in the oven."

"Thank you." said Anita with a smile and she took Victor with her to get their dinner.

"Granny," said Hannah as she looked to Mildred, "when I can come and stay for the weekend with you?"

Mildred smiled. "Very soon, sweetheart. Maybe even Saturday." Mildred turned to Lionel, who finally had given up on the game. "Do you think that they would like our little gift?"

Lionel laughed. "They have to, otherwise we'll take it."

Mildred smiled. It was wonderful to have her husband back. Now while he was back, she realised how much she had missed his laugh, his teasing and his presence. "They deserve a gift like that, Lionel. They have worked and worried hard and their wedding is within five weeks."

"I still can't believe that we are going to get married within a month." sounded as Victor and Anita walked back into the living room. Victor smiled when he saw his father sitting in the chair. "Giving up already?"

Lionel shook his head. "I've been playing the game the whole afternoon, Victor. I don't think I can ever win in a game like that." he looked to Hannah, who gave Leo some attention. "That little girl is just too good." Lionel added with a big smile. He got used to the little girl and was really fond of her already.

Victor chuckled. "I know, Dad. She's amazing, just like her mother." Victor looked to Anita, who was eating her piece of the lasagne.

Anita gave him a little smile. "You know that I can't defend myself while I'm eating." she said, once she had swallowed it away. "I'm just glad that Hannah was sweet and calm while we were away."

"Well, we have a little something for you." said Mildred as she stood up. She walked to the cupboard and grabbed an envelope. "It's something you two need. You have worked so hard and have been thinking so much about your wedding, that we figured that you needed a little gift."

Victor shook his head as he accepted the envelope. "You shouldn't be doing this, Mom." he said as he opened it. His eyes grew big once he saw what was in the envelope. "Are you..."

"It's for you and Anita, dear." said Mildred with a smile and she looked to Anita. "I think you can use it."

"What is it?" asked Anita and Victor gave her the letter which was in the envelope. "A weekend away for two people? Mildred... why..." Anita didn't know what to say.

"It was your father's idea." said Mildred with a big smile and she looked to Lionel. "I have to say that it is a wonderful idea."

Anita shook her head. "I can't believe it..." she whispered. "I guess there is no way we can give it back?"

"I don't think so." said Lionel, before Mildred could say a thing. "You need it. And we will look after Hannah."

Anita swallowed. This would be the first time she would go on a holiday without Hannah. "I don't know what to say."

"Then I'll say it. Thank you." said Victor and he walked to his parents. "I guess we really need this. For when...?"

"This Saturday."

Anita took a deep breath. "Well, I only can say, thank you. Even though it is pretty quick."

Victor smiled and he walked back to the kitchen. "I think we should celebrate this, before it'll be too late." he said once he came back. He held up a champagne bottle and some glasses. "A toast to a weekend away."


That Friday, while Hannah was still at school, Victor and Anita were packing their suitcases for their holiday. They didn't need much. Just a set or two of clothes, some towels, underwear and other important things.

Anita was in her room, trying to figure out what she still had to pack. "I still can't believe that we are actually going on a holiday together." whispered Anita while she grabbed a towel.

Victor, who just passed Anita's room, smiled. "I know we're are going to love it." he walked towards Anita and placed his arms around her waist. "Just you and me."

Anita gave him a little smile back. "I hope you realise it's the first time for me that I go on a holiday without Hannah." She still couldn't believe it that she was going away, without Hannah.

"Yes, I know. Therefore, there is just one thing I ask of you while we are on holiday." He looked into Anita's eyes. "You won't call Hannah while we are away."

Anita wrestled herself out of Victor's grip. "Are you out of your mind? It's my own flesh and blood you're talking about!" He couldn't do that to her. That was just... unbearable!

Victor gave her a comforting smile. "Anita, I love Hannah too. But we need some time together every now and then."

Deep in her heart, she knew he was right. Most of the times, they didn't have the time to be in love, because Hannah was always around. And a holiday without Hannah, would give them some time and space to be in love. "Alright."

"Don't worry Anita. It'll be just for the weekend. And besides that, we will be home at Sunday." At that moment, the doorbell rang. "I guess it's Mom!" said Victor and he gave Anita a kiss before he went to the front door. "Hi, Mom! We're almost done."

Mildred smiled and she walked into the house. "Take your time, honey. I have all day and even longer."

"Yes, but we don't." said Victor and he walked away again.

Mildred smiled. She was glad Lionel had offered a weekend away for Victor and Anita. They definitely needed it. Not only there was a lot of stress for the couple, but also because they never got the chance to be alone together. And now there was.

A few moments later, Victor and Anita walked into the living room with their suitcases. Mildred would take them to the station where they would take the train towards a little place in Kent.

"I can't believe that we're going..." Anita started, but Victor didn't let her finish her sentence.

"Just believe it, Anita." he looked to his mother. "Let's go, Mom, before she changes her mind."

Mildred chuckled. "It's a good thing you said goodbye to Hannah this morning, otherwise you would be still here tomorrow." When she saw Anita's face, she decided not to say anything about it. She knew how it feels to leave you kid alone. Mildred turned around and she walked to her car. She knew it would be nice to have her granddaughter around for some days.


After Victor and Anita finally arrived at their bed & breakfast, they decided to unpack their suitcases. The rooms were small and comfy. Mildred and Lionel had booked a room for the two of them. In that room was a king-sized bed, TV, some chairs and a coffee table. Right next to the room was the bathroom with a big bath and a toilet. The only thing what separated the two rooms was a sliding-door.

"I think I'm going to take a bath." said Anita after she grabbed her towel and some underwear.

Victor smiled and lied down onto the bed. He heard the water running and he looked around him. It was wonderful to be there, but it had been a long day already. So, he had an idea. "Hey, Anita, do you want to order something?" It was almost dinner time since it took them pretty long to get to the bed & breakfast.

"Hm, sure, why not? I'd love to have some pizza and I'm not in the mood to go outside now."

"Good." said Victor and he looked to the door. "Anita..."


"Don't you think we should get a car?" The disaster of that day was more than enough proof that they needed a car together, so they could get somewhere without having too much troubles with the transport. And it would be much easier when they would have more children.

"I was thinking the same thing too." sounded from the bathroom. "And maybe we should, but after we paid the bills of our wedding."

A silence fell. Not only was Victor thinking about a car, but also about a family. Hannah was already a wonderful daughter, but he wanted some more children. "Anita, how many kids do you want to have?"

"Two, maybe three. But I think four would be a little too much. Why?"

Victor smiled. "Just wondering."

"So I noticed. How many do you want?"

"A bunch, I don't really know actually. I only know that I'd love to get more kids." Victor saw Hannah already as his daughter. Although he had to admit that more girls with those beautiful purple eyes would mean less money for him. He just couldn't resist those eyes.

Suddenly, his communicator disturbed his thoughts. Victor grabbed it and answered it.

"Daddy!" sounded from the other side.

"Hi Hannah. How are you?"

"Really good! It's really great to be with Granny and Grandpa." Victor's smiled grew. He was happy that Hannah loved to be around with his parents. Well, she had always loved her Grandmother Volt and the girl was a real social girl and loved everyone immediately.

"What did you do today?" While Hannah told Victor her stories, Anita got out of the bathtub and got dressed. "I think Mommy wants to speak to you." said Victor, once he saw Anita walking back into the bedroom again. Victor gave Anita the communicator. "It doesn't count when she calls us."

"Hey honey." said Anita, once Victor handed her the communicator.

"Hi Mommy!" When Anita heard her daughter's voice, a few tear drops fell down her cheeks. It was so strange to be away without her daughter.

"How are you, Hannah?"

"It's really great here! We are going to eat something Granny made." Anita heard some noise in the background. "Granny wants to talk to you! Bye Mommy!"

Anita didn't get the chance to say goodbye, because the voice of her mother-in-law sounded immediately from the other side. "Hi Anita! How is it there?"

Anita smiled. "Well, we just arrived, but it is beautiful here. Although Victor already started to complain."

"About what?"

"That I would take the biggest part of the bed." When Victor saw the size of their bed, he just knew that he was going to sleep onto the edge of the bed, again.

Mildred chuckled. "But the rest is alright then?"

"Yes, but it is hard to go on holiday without Hannah."

"Well, she is in good hands, dear. I'll leave the two of you alone, have fun!"

Anita shut down the communicator and she looked to Victor. "Your mother says hi and that we should have fun." she sat down onto the bed. "It is so weird."

Victor gave her a big smile. "It'll be great to be away together. Trust me." he lied down onto the bed and pulled Anita down with him.

Anita laughed. She had to admit that she could use some time-out from work, from her wedding plans and maybe even a little bit away from being a mother. Maybe this wouldn't be such a terrible weekend away after all.
Hannah belongs to both Sara ~MSKM2001 & me ~Eszies-Eszie
The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood & (C)BBC


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