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Anita's Secret 2
The wedding is near!
Chapter 19

It was a wonderful winter morning on a Saturday. The sun was shining, but there was no sign of any snow yet.

In a house, two people were still asleep. Or so it looked like they were still asleep.
Anita just opened her eyes, but didn't want to move a bit. The night before, Victor proposed that they could sleep together, now their wedding was just one week away. His reason was that he wouldn't sleep at the edge of the bed after they would be married.
And Anita didn't mind. It was wonderful to wake up in the arms of the man you loved the most.

"Good morning, my dear." sounded behind her and Anita smiled. She could have known that Victor was already awake.

"Good morning, Victor." whispered Anita and she turned around. "How did you sleep?"

"Better than the last time." Victor looked to Anita. Even they had slept in one bed together before, Anita still took the biggest part of the bed. "It's a good thing I know already that you take the biggest part of the bed."

"Very funny, Victor." said Anita and Victor gave her a kiss on her lips. "At what time should we go out of bed?"

"Our families are coming at ten o'clock, right?" asked Victor and Anita nodded. "I think nine o'clock is early enough." It was a special day. It wasn't the rehearsal for their wedding, but it was even better. Victor and Anita had invited their families to a wedding cake workshop. They were going to make their own wedding cake.  

Anita nestled herself into Victor's arms. "I can't wait till our wedding." she whispered and Victor nodded.  Both couldn't wait to be married and to live together for the rest of their lives.

Both lovers were about to fall asleep again, when the door of their bedroom slammed open and Hannah rushed into the room. "Mommy! Daddy! Wake up! We are going to make a big cake!"

Victor groaned and Anita sat up straight. "I know, honey. But it is pretty early. Mommy and Daddy need some sleep."

Hannah jumped onto the bed and looked to her mother. "I'm awake!"

"Yes, we notice that." said Victor. He sat up straight and he looked to Hannah. Suddenly, Victor managed to tackle Hannah and he started to tickle her. "And why are you awake?"

"I couldn't sleep any more!"

Victor laughed and he pulled Hannah closer to him. "Shall we make a deal, my dear princess?" Hannah nodded and Victor pointed to his digital alarm. "Do you know what the alarm says?"

Hannah looked to the clock. "Zero, six, one, eight." she said with a big smile.

Anita chuckled and Victor grabbed his alarm. "When it says zero, eight, three, zero, you can wake us again. Okay?"

Hannah nodded and Anita gave her a little kiss. "Why don't you go back to bed and read some of the comics Daddy gave you?" Hannah developed a love for comics since Victor had bought her one. It were simple comics and Hannah could easily understand them, since it didn't take much words to explain the story to the six years old girl.

"Okay." said Hannah and she rushed out of the room once again.

Victor grabbed Anita and pulled her close. "Shall we start again?"

Anita just smiled and she closed her eyes when Victor had placed his arms around her once again. "I wouldn't mind it." she whispered.


It was nine o'clock when the doorbell rang. Both Victor and Anita were in the kitchen, cleaning the dishes when Hannah opened the door.

"Hi Granny!" sounded and Victor and Anita looked to each other.

"I wonder who that can be." said Anita as she gave a clean plate to Victor.

"I think it's your mother." said Victor with a smile as he placed the plate away. "Knowing my parents, it'll take some time before they get here. Especially...."

"It's good to hear that our son thinks of us that way." a low, British voice said and Victor and Anita turned around. Lionel and Mildred stood there and Anita started to chuckle.

"I guess you owe them an apology, Victor." she said and looked to her in-laws. "How are you?"

"Well, I think that we are both curious about that little day out you have planned for us today." said Mildred and she gave Anita a hug. "Hannah said that she couldn't tell us what we were going to do, but it would be really great."

"We have noticed already that Hannah can't wait to go out." mumbled Victor.

Mildred gave him a surprised look as Victor walked out of the kitchen. "What does he..."

"Hannah woke us at six-thirty." said Anita and both Mildred and Lionel started to laugh. "I think Victor still needs to get used to the fact that Hannah will wake us up early every now and then."

"Well, he does have to get used to it, especially if you two are going to get more kids." said Lionel. "Or, so I assume you two want to have more."

"Yes, we want some more, but we want to wait after we are married. I think we can manage to wait one more week before we can serious think about children and pregnancies." Anita placed the last clean plates into the cupboard and she placed a kettle onto the gas. "I think you two can use some tea before we will go. Especially if Hannah will keep behaving like that."

Mildred and Lionel walked to the living room where Victor and Hannah were playing a video game together. "Come on, Daddy! You aren't playing fair!"

"I'm not cheating." said Victor with a big smile and he gave Hannah a little push. "I wouldn't dare to let my sweet princess loose her game."

Hannah laughed and she started to tickle Victor. "I love you, Daddy."

Victor's smile couldn't be bigger that day. "I love you too, daughter." he whispered and he gave Hannah a hug. "Shall we see when Granny and Grandpa Knight are coming? Together with Auntie Krista."

Hannah nodded and they turned off their game to see when the others would arrive.


After Anita's parents and sister arrived too, they went to a little bakery, not far away from London. It had a little shop in the front, but the kitchen was big enough for at least ten people. It was there that they had their 'workshop' about wedding cakes.

"Just tell us, what are we exactly doing here?" asked Jocelyn when they arrived in the store. During the whole trip, Victor, Anita and even Hannah refused to tell where they were going to.

"We are going to have some fun before the wedding actually starts." said Anita with a smile and she looked to the woman who was standing behind the counter. "We are here for the workshop."

The woman nodded and she let the group come to the kitchen. On the long table, there were four layers of cake on plates. Around the cakes, there were lots of things to decorate the cake with.

The group sat down at the table and after everyone sat down, Anita stood up. "We are here, because we figured it would be fun to make our own wedding cake. You know, one made with lots of love."

The woman smiled and she looked around. "I'll introduce myself first before we can actually start. My name is Jenny and I will explain what is the meaning of this. We make four groups and every group decorates their own layer. It doesn't matter how it will look like, as long as you keep it nice and simple."

"Auntie, do you want to work with me?" asked Hannah and she looked to Krista.

Krista laughed. "Of course I want to!" she said with a big smile and they grabbed a big layer to decorate. "Don't you worry, Anita. I'll see that she won't make it too colourful."

"I don't mind it, Krista. I personally think that it would be funny to have really different layers." said Anita with a big smile and she and Victor grabbed the smallest layer.

Soon, everybody was working hard and after some time, the cake was ready. "I have to admit that this has to be the most impressive cake I've ever seen." said Mildred while she looked to the cake. The bottom layer was decorated by Krista and Hannah and the cake had almost all colours of the rainbow. But it had also white snowflakes and green Christmas trees on it.
The third layer belonged to Jocelyn and Stephan. They had made a red and green cake, to give it a little Christmas theme. It had Christmas bells, flowers and even a mistletoe.
The second layer was made by Mildred and Lionel. It was white and light blue with lots of snowflakes and snowmen.
And Victor and Anita took care of the first layer. It was just a simple basic one, with a little glitter and some ribbons. And of course, on top of the cake, were a little bride and a little groom.

"I love it!" said Anita with a big smile and she looked to the family. "I think we should celebrate this with a lunch."


After a goodbye to Jenny, the group went back home to have some lunch together.

"It was wonderful to do something with the whole family." said Jocelyn when Anita came into the living room with some sandwiches. Jocelyn looked to her eldest daughter. "It was a wonderful plan of you."

Anita chuckled. "Well, we had never done really something with the whole family, so I figured this was a nice way to be together." she gave Hannah and Krista a sandwich and she sat down next to her father-in-law. "I hope you enjoyed it too."

Lionel laughed. "I have to admit it wasn't something I would do on a regular basis. Mildred and I know what happened the last time we went baking."

Hannah turned to her grandfather. "Do you mean the mustardcake Granny makes sometimes?" she asked and Lionel nodded. "I like it."

Victor looked to Anita and Anita just shrugged. "She's a strange girl sometimes." she said and she looked to her father, who grabbed a second sandwich. "What about you, Dad?"

"It was fun to do, but it sure is one... well... special cake." Stephan saw his wife looking at him. "It is beautiful, but it is really different than I'm used to."

"I just love it." said Anita and she stood up again. "I can't wait to taste it on our wedding."

"There leaves us to say just one more thing." said Stephan and he grabbed his teacup. "Let's toast to the wedding and the wedding cake!"
Hannah belongs to both me ~Eszies-Eszie and Sara ~MSKM2001

The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and BBC.


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