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Anita's Secret 2
The wedding is near!
Chapter 14

Anita looked outside her living room window. It was almost dinner time and Victor wasn't still home. Most of the time, when a mission took longer than normal, Victor would call. But he didn't do that this time. What if something happened to him... Anita started to wonder, but she shook that thought away. They would have called her if something bad happened to Victor.

"Mommy," suddenly sounded and Anita turned back, "when are we going to eat something?"

Anita smiled. "Well, what do you think of choosing the menu of tonight? Or, no, even better. Why don't you pick the restaurant we are going to eat tonight."

Hannah's eyes grew big. "Fish and chips!" she said and Anita chuckled. Fish and chips were one of the many things Hannah loved. Once in the few weeks, they went to one of the nearest family-pubs where they made the best fish and chips in the neighbourhood.

"Alright, we will just wait for Daddy for a few more minutes and otherwise we'll go without him." It was rarely that Anita and Hannah went out without Victor, but if they didn't know where he could be, they couldn't warn him that they were going to have dinner without him.

After a few minutes, Anita figured that Victor had more than enough time to come home or at least call them. "Why don't you put on your coat, Hannah?" said Anita. "I'll see if I can get your father to answer the phone." Just when Hannah rushed away, Anita's communicator went off. "Finally!" she said as she answered her phone. "Hannah and I were waiting for you to answer that darned thing."

"Anita," sounded and Anita looked to her screen. She figured that it had to be Victor, not Ray.

"Ray? Why are you calling me?" When she didn't hear anything, she had made the link herself. "Good Heavens, is Victor alright?"

"I don't know." she heard Ray say and she fell down onto the chair. "We had a big fight with the Wobblemen and when the fight was almost over, Victor was hit by one of the Wobblemen. He fell down right in front of me; I couldn't tell if he was just hit with a blunt object and unconscious or if something worse happened to him. I took him to the medical bay and they rushed him into the OR. I don't know what's happening in there. But I do know that you need to come now!"

"I'll be right there." she said and she stood up again. Why does he has to be so stubborn now? she wondered and she walked towards the hallway. "Hannah," she said and Hannah turned towards her mother, "the fish and chips have to wait."


Anita took a deep breath. "Daddy is in hospital." she whispered and she knelt down towards Hannah's level. "We are going to see how he is."

Hannah's eyes went big. "Is he going to...?"

Anita saw the tears in her daughters eyes. "I don't know, honey. But I know that we will going to see him now." she stood up again and she grabbed her coat. "If your father is alright, I'm going to let him sleep on the couch after we're married." She said it more to herself than to Hannah, but Hannah heard it anyways.

"Poor Daddy." she said and she looked to her mother. "He's in pain."

Anita smiled. "Alright, I'll think about it." she said and she grabbed the keys of her sky-bike. "Come honey, we'll take the sky-bike today."

Hannah's eyes became even bigger. "Really?" she said. She had never been with the sky-bike before, because her mother said it was too dangerous.

"Really." said Anita. A few weeks earlier, Professor Professor had made a children's seat onto her bike and she figured it would be the best time to try it. She had tried it before, with a dummy, but not with her daughter. "I won't go too hard or too high."

But Hannah didn't mind. She was going on her mother's sky-bike!


After a few minutes, Anita rushed into the medical bay of U.Z.Z. At the information desk were both Kowalski and Ray waiting for them. "What..." Anita started and she looked to her friends.

"We don't know, Anita." said Ray and he looked at her. "They sent us away from there and we decided to wait for you here."

"Is Daddy alright?" Hannah asked as she looked to the grown-ups. She had no idea what they were talking about and she wanted to know if her Daddy was alright.

Kowalski knelt down to Hannah's level. "We don't know, Hannah." she said and she gave Hannah a hug. "But they will tell us soon."

"Can we sit down somewhere?" said Anita and Ray took her to a bench not far from the OR. "How did the Wobblemen get here anyways?"

"We are told that they made a machine to get to earth and...."

"Who told you that?"

Ray looked to Anita. "When you get married, Anita, you'll have a father in law who is attending at your wedding." Even though it sounded much better in his head, Anita knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Victor rescued his father?"Anita stood up and she walked towards the doors which led to the OR and some rooms.

"Anita!" Ray tried to stop her, but Anita was already unstoppable.

"Miss Knight," suddenly sounded and Anita stopped, "your fiancé is right here." The doctor pointed to a room, right across the hallway.

"How is he?" Anita asked, hoping that he was still alive, so she could kill him if necessary.

"His leg was broken so badly, that we took him to the OR to take care of it immediately. Other than that, he needs lots of rest and he won't be able to work the next three months at least."

"I'm just wondering, doctor," said Anita, before she entered the room, "how long would it take to heal a broken arm?"

"Eight to ten weeks, but Victor doesn't have a broken arm."


The doctor looked in surprise to Anita, but then it hit him. "Ms. Knight, you can't..." but the door slammed closed before the poor doctor could finish his sentence.

Anita walked to Victor's bed. For a moment, she felt tempted to hit his broken leg, but she knew that it would be too much for Victor. She just sat down next to his bed and looked how he slept. She knew that Victor would do anything to help his father, but she just couldn't understand why he didn't ask for help. From her or someone else.

"Anita?" sounded weary and Anita looked up.

"Victor, are you awake?" said Anita as she stood up.

"Yes, sort of. What happened?" Victor tried to sit up, but he didn't quite manage it. "And why can't I feel my right leg?"

"You've been attacked by the Wobblemen and you broke your leg." Anita pushed him softly back down. "Apparently, someone forgot to tell me that he was going to rescue his father."

Victor gulped, he knew what his fiancée was capable of. "Anita, I did it for us, for my mother. For Hannah."

Anita just simply gave a 'Hmpf' and sat down again. "You could have told someone about your ridiculous plan."

"Well, it's too late to argue about that, Anita." Victor looked to Anita and he knew that she gave up the fight. "Where's Hannah?"

Anita smiled. "She's with Ray and Kowalski." she stood up and gave Victor a kiss on his cheek. "At least I have a good excuse to let you stay on the couch the next months."

"What? Why?" said Victor as Anita walked towards the door.

Anita turned back to him and smiled. "Because you won't be able to walk upstairs with a broken leg."

As Anita opened the door, a couple showed in the door opening. It was Mildred and she had a man with her. He was around Mildred's age, had a big orange moustache and orange hair. "Anita," said Mildred with a big smile, "they brought Lionel home!"

Anita looked to the man. "It's nice to meet you, sir, but I need to go now." and she walked away.

Mildred just smiled and they walked towards Victor. "How are you, honey?" she asked and she gave him a kiss on his forehead.

"Just a broken leg, Mom. And maybe some bruises too." Victor looked to his father. "You look good, Dad."

Lionel smiled. "Thanks to the 'Unwobbler' from Professor Professor." he looked to Victor. "Thank you, Victor. For saving me."

Mildred looked from her son to her husband. "You were... and you..." Mildred shook her head. "And you are sure Anita isn't mad?"

Victor gave her a little smile. "She was mad, alright, but it won't last long." he looked to his father. "What did Mom tell you already?"

Lionel smiled. "Nothing too much, really. But she did mention a wedding. Who is the lucky lady?"

"You just met her, Dad."

Lionel blinked with his eyes. "You mean.... Wasn't she your partner?" Lionel remembered that he had seen her the last time Victor tried to save him.

"She still is. Her name is Anita Knight and we are going to get married in December."

"Well, I'm glad you found someone who will share the rest of her life with you." said Lionel and he sat down. "So, the things between you and Anita, are you two planning a family yet?"

"Lionel!" said Mildred and she looked to her husband. "You don't ask things like that!"

Victor chuckled and the door went open. "So, we are going to the pub alone." said Anita and she walked towards the bed.

"Hey Hannah." said Victor and Hannah gave him a hug. "So, you are going to the pub together, without me?"

Hannah nodded and she looked to Lionel. "I'm Hannah!" she said with a big smile.

Lionel smiled. "I'm Lionel." he said and he looked to Victor. "What a sweet girl."

"Yes... Well, Dad, meet your granddaughter."

"My... Grand... Daughter?" Lionel looked back to Hannah, who was now chatting with Mildred. "You mean that you...."

"Sort of." said Victor and he looked to Hannah. "Hannah, meet Grandpa Volt."

"I have two Grandpas now?" she said and Victor and Mildred nodded.

Anita stood up and she gave Victor a kiss on his lips. "We'll come around tomorrow, Victor." she said. "You need your rest now."

Victor smiled and he looked to Hannah. "Be nice to your Mom, honey." he said and he gave Hannah a kiss on her cheek.

"Get well, Daddy." said Hannah and both Anita and Hannah walked out of the room.

"We are going to leave you alone too, Victor." said Mildred and she stood up. "Are you coming, Lionel?"

"I'll be right with you." said Lionel, and as Mildred left the room, Lionel looked to Victor. "You and Anita have a daughter already?"

"Well, sort of." said Victor. He didn't quite know how to explain it to his father, but he had to know it anyways. "Hannah is my stepdaughter."

Lionel gave Victor a surprised look. "You mean that she isn't your biological daughter?"

"Yes, Dad, Hannah isn't my biological daughter, but I love her like she is my own."

Lionel just shook his head. "I don't understand the things nowadays." he let out a sigh. "Get well soon, Victor."

"Thank you, Dad."
Sorry it took me so long to update, but I had a lot to do and a writersblock

Hannah belongs to both me ~Eszies-Eszie and Sara ~MSKM2001

The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and BBC.


First Chapter: [link]

Previous Chapter: [link]

Next Chapter: [link]
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