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Anita's Secret 2
The wedding is near!
Chapter 9

The night fell and Anita was in the kitchen. How much she wanted to think of anything else, she just couldn't stop thinking about Hannah. She knew that every agent on U.Z.Z. was working on that case and she knew that they were working hard to find her, but it didn't make her stop worrying. In fact, it made it worse. She couldn't work before Hannah would be back with her and Victor. Victor was on the road the whole day, hoping that Hannah would have escaped her kidnappers and went back home. But he still couldn't find her.

Come on, Anita, she said to herself, it won't take long before Victor comes home and he needs something to eat. He spent the whole day outside to find your daughter, so you should thank him for that in the shape of a good decent meal.

She heard the door going open and she turned around. Hoping to see Victor carrying her little girl; to hear her sweet voice saying that she missed her. Anita hoped that she could finally hold her daughter near. Victor walked into the kitchen and his eyes said more than enough. It was too much for Anita, she couldn't take it anymore. "I'm sorry, Anita." said Victor as he walked up to her. "I've searched everywhere, but I couldn't find her."

"I'm not blaming you, Victor." Anita looked to Victor, with her eyes filled with tears. "I just wished we had been more careful."

Victor just said nothing and he placed his arms around her. "If we all knew this would happen, we would have been more careful. But we didn't know and I know that…"

Anita looked up towards her fiancé. "Should this cheer me up? Because it isn't working."

"What I tried to say was; we will know that Hannah will be safe home soon." Victor saw her tears falling down her cheeks and he wiped them away. "It will be alright soon." the doorbell rang and Victor looked away. "Maybe sooner than we thought." he gave her a kiss on her lips and he rushed to the front door. "Who knows…" he whispered to himself as he opened the door. But there was no U.Z.Z. agent who was holding Hannah. There was a civilian man with black hair, a black moustache and a small black beard. Victor gave him a surprised look. "Can… Can I help you?"

The man smiled a little bit. "Well, I think it'll be the other way around. I think I can help you."

Victor's eyes went big. "Excuse me?"

The man let out a deep sigh. "I know where your daughter is." he said. "I can explain everything once I will be inside."

Victor just nodded and he let the man inside. "You can wait in the living room while I'll get my fiancée." he said and he walked to the kitchen. "Anita," he started as he walked into the kitchen. He saw that Anita was busy with preparing dinner, "you can stop making dinner."

Anita turned around. "What are you talking about? We haven't eaten something since hours."

"I know that, but there is someone who claims that he knows where Hannah is."

Anita rushed passed Victor, towards the living room. But in the door opening, she stood still. No, this cannot be… She felt a little bit light-headed. There was no way that this was possible.

"Anita, are you alright?" asked Victor. He just walked up towards her when she fainted. He could just catch her before she would hit the ground. He carefully took her to her chair and he went back to the kitchen to get a wet towel. After he got one, he placed it carefully onto Anita's forehead.

"Ow, my head." said Anita after a few moments. She gave Victor a faint smile. "Thank you." she whispered and then she looked to the unwanted visitor. Everything came back to her. All those memories she remembered from that one night that changed her life. "Who is he?" she asked Victor, trying to hide her feelings.

The man stood up. "I haven't fully introduced myself." he said. "My name is David Smith." he looked to Anita. "I think we have met before."

Anita faintly nodded. "I think we have indeed."

Victor looked from Anita to David. There was something going on, but he couldn't figure out what. "Would you mind to tell me where you two have met?"

Anita stood up and she looked into Victor's eyes. "Victor," she whispered, "meet Hannah's biological father." Anita turned towards David. "So you know where Hannah is?"

David nodded, not sure where to begin. He decided to start at 'their' beginning. "After we met, Anita, I joined T.H.E.M. They paid me good to join them, so I figured it could be a good job. Today, however, Doctor Doctor did the most terrible thing I could image. She kidnapped… well… our daughter." he wasn't fully sure how Victor would react to these words, but he didn't fully hear his daughter's name.

"Her name is Hannah." said Anita as she looked to David. She noticed that he didn't fully hear her name and she figured that he had the right to know his daughter's name. "Where is Doctor Doctor?"

"Somewhere in Germany, in the Black Forrest, I believe. Is her name Hannah?"

Victor decided to sit down in his chair and let this be David's and Anita's conversation. He was just trying to figure out how it all could have happened when Anita asked him something. "I'm sorry, Anita. I wasn't really paying attention."

"I asked you if you were coming with me to Germany." said Anita. She wasn't going to call Ray for this matter. She wanted to do this herself. She wanted to rescue her daughter, with or without Victor's help.

Victor looked into Anita's eyes and he stood up again. "I won't let you go…" he started, "on your own." he continued when Anita was about to protest. "Even though she is your daughter, soon she will be my daughter too. It's better that we go there together, just like in our U.Z.Z. missions."

Anita smiled and she gave him a kiss on his lips. "Thank you, Victor." she whispered and she looked to David. "What are we going to do now?"

David smiled. "Well, I do have a plan." he said and they started with their plan.


It was far after midnight when two expendables walked through the corridors. They were both not really happy with their night shift. They tried to change shifts, but nobody wants to work at night.

"I just don't see why Doctor Doctor wants a night shift." said one expendable. "I mean, we're in the middle of a big forest, where no-one will look for us."

The other expendable nodded. "But, on the other hand, she pays us double for the night shift."

The first expendable looked with shock to his friend. "She pays you double?" he said, just when a third expendable walked around the corner. "Halt!" The third expendable looked up. "Name and reason for being here!"

"Red Five and I need to guard the little girl." said the third expendable and the other two looked at him suspiciously. "I changed shift with the one who would be guarding her, so I would have the day off tomorrow."

The two expendables just shrugged and they continued their conversation. Red Five walked through the corridors and stopped in front of Hannah's cell. And now hoping that no-one will pass by…


While David Smith went back into the Spider Base, Victor and Anita waited outside. David was carrying a tracking device, so when he stood still, they would know where they were keeping Hannah.

Victor placed his arms around Anita's waist. He noticed that she was shivering because of the cold night, so he figured that this would keep her warm until they could get into action. Their suits weren't really warm and comfy, but it was the best thing to wear when they were going to rescue Hannah. "What are you thinking of?" he whispered in her ear as he placed his head down on her shoulder.

"About  Hannah." Anita whispered back to him. "I just hope that she is alright." she looked at him and she gave him a faint smile. "I'll be glad when we're back home and Hannah is back with us."

Victor said nothing. If they weren't on a mission now, he would have taken Anita on a nice long walk through the woods. The full moon was shining and it lit up the woods beautifully. And the stars were just amazing to see. "Anita," he said after a little while, "when we're married, I'll take you to a place far away from civilisation. Where we can see the stars each evening and where there will be nobody within a couple of miles."

"What about Hannah?"

Victor smiled. "She's coming with us, but she will be asleep when we are going to see the stars."

Anita turned around and she looked to Victor. "Do you want to take Hannah with us on our honeymoon?"

Victor gave her a surprised look. "I didn't even know that you wanted to go on a honeymoon." Their honeymoon was something they didn't discuss. They wanted their wedding to be perfect first before they would think about a honeymoon. "But when we're going on a honeymoon, I wouldn't mind to take Hannah with us."

Before Anita could say a thing, her communicator went off. She looked to the screen and noticed that David was standing still. "We'll talk about this later, it's time to move."

Victor and Anita followed their communicators towards one of the very ends of the base. Between them and David was a small room; the room where T.H.E.M. was keeping Hannah. "Did you bring your laser gun?" said Victor while he looked to Anita. Anita nodded and they grabbed their guns. They started to shoot laser beams towards the wall. It took a while before the hole was made, but it didn't take them too long to make a hole that was big enough for them to go through. "You'll go to Hannah," said Victor, "I'll wait here to make sure that nobody will see us outside."

Anita just nodded and she rushed into the base. After a few moments, she was back outside, holding a sleeping Hannah in her arms. "Let's go before they'll see us." she whispered and they rushed away to their sky-bikes. Finally taking Hannah back home.


Days had passed and their lives were back on trail. They told Ray that an expendable took her to them and said to them that 'kidnapping Hannah was the lowest thing Doctor Doctor had ever done'. Luckily for them, it seemed that Ray believed that story. The best thing of all, Hannah didn't remember a thing about it.


Anita looked up. It was her day off, since she wanted to finish her list for the wedding and make some calls already for some preparations. Hannah was home from school and she was drawing something right next to her mother at the kitchen table. "What is it honey?"

"I had a strange dream."

"About what?"

Hannah looked to her mother. "There was this bad man. He was wearing something weird and he took me away from you and Daddy."

Anita looked to her daughter in surprise. "What happened after that, Hannah?"

"I don't know. But then you and Daddy were flying with me over the sea."

Anita chuckled. "Well, dreams are strange things Hannah." she said as she gave Hannah a kiss on her cheek. "Maybe it means that your Mommy and Daddy will rescue you from every bad-guy in the world, just like every other Mommy and Daddy would do for their children." She took a peek to Hannah's drawing. As far as she could tell, it supposed to be her and Victor, both wearing a cape like Superman. Hannah saw them as a superhero, what could a mother wish more from her child?

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Anita walked to her front door. "Hello, again."

Anita blinked with her eyes. "David?" she said and David nodded. "If you want to, you can come in."

David shook his head. "I won't be staying here for long." he said and he looked at her. "I just want to say goodbye to you. And I'm sorry."

Anita gave him a surprised look. "For what?"

"That I made you pregnant and…"

Anita stopped him. "There's no need to be sorry. Hannah is the best thing that happened to me, just like Victor's proposal. I love every moment that I had with her, so in some way, I think I should thank you."

"In some sick and twisted way, maybe." said David. "But anyways, I'm happy to know that I have a daughter. Because of her, I quit T.H.E.M."

"You did? But what are you going to do now?"

David smiled. "I'm not really sure about that, but who knows? Maybe I'll find my own love of my life and I'll start a family with her." David took a deep breath. "It was nice to know you, Anita. I wish you the best of luck with Hannah and Victor."

Anita gave him a smile back. "Good luck to you too, David."

David just nodded and he turned around. He heard the door close behind him and he looked through the window just one more time. Hannah was standing there in the middle of the room. It was nice to know that he had a daughter, but he also knew that she was better off with Victor and Anita then with him.

"Take care, little girl…"
Hannah and David Smith belong to both Sara !Mimi7789 and me ~Eszies-Eszie

The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and BBC.


First Chapter: [link]

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Next Chapter: [link]
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VictorVoltfan1 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Student Photographer
I AM GONNA HURT DD FOR TAKING HANNAH AWAY FROM VICTOR AND ANITA!! :iconangryplz: On the other hand,I'm glad it wasn't Kent who made Anita pregnant. Is that all of the story or is there gonna be more?
Eszies-Eszie Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Oh no, there's gonna be more. It might take a while now, but there will be more :)
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Well...that was fast.

It was good...but one thing dispointed me...there was no fight scene with Doctor least a little one...nothing too extreme. I know you're busy. I guess it's my fault for not helping you and giving you ideas.

But all and all it was good but was lacking a action scene.
Eszies-Eszie Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I know that it was fast, it was stuck in my head, so I had to write it down before I would forget it...

I wasn't really in the mood yesterday to write an action scene, so I made it a little bit easier for them to get Hannah.
Mimi7789 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011
I see.

Well...I guess you did your best.

Funny thing....I just got done sending you an email.
Eszies-Eszie Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I noticed that :)
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