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Anita's Secret 2
The wedding is near!
Chapter 10

A beautiful day in summer. But not just any beautiful day, it was Hannah's birthday.

It was pretty early in the morning when Anita just stepped down the chair. She got out of bed earlier than normal to decorate the room with festoons and balloons.  
Normally, she would decorate the room the night before, but she didn't had the strength for it after their long and hard fight at U.Z.Z.

"You shouldn't do this on your own." sounded when she stood on the ground. Victor wrapped his arms around her waist and he smiled. "It looks wonderful." he gave her a kiss on her cheek before he continued. "Why didn't you wake me up?"

Anita smiled. "I figured I could do this on my own." she said and she turned around in his arms. "And you fought hard yesterday." she gave him a kiss on his lips. "So, I decided to let you sleep."

"Hm, you fought hard yesterday as well, Anita."

Anita chuckled and she tried to get out of Victor's grip. "Let me go, Victor, it's time to wake up Hannah." Victor let Anita go and she gave him a kiss on his cheek before she walked out of the living room.

Victor decided to start with the pancakes already, since Hannah loves them.

When he just made a few, Anita walked into the kitchen. "Well, Hannah is awake." she said and she looked to Victor. "I'm really curious how Hannah will react to our surprise for her."

Victor chuckled. "So am I." he said as he finished a new couple of pancakes. "How did she react to the news that she would have pancakes for breakfast?"

Anita laughed. "She couldn't wait to be dressed and be sitting at the kitchen table." Just when she said that, Hannah rushed into the kitchen. "Happy birthday, sweetie." said Anita and she gave Hannah a hug.

Victor walked towards Hannah and he gave her a hug as well. "Happy birthday, Hannah." he said and Hannah sat down onto her chair. He grabbed the pancakes and placed the plate on the table. "Pancakes for the birthday-girl."

"Thank you, Daddy!" said Hannah and she gave Victor a kiss on his cheek. "Where are my gifts?"

Anita chuckled. "You'll have to wait for them, Hannah." She had no idea that her daughter could be this impatient. "After Daddy and I come back from work."

Hannah looked up from her pancakes. "But you would be home for my birthday..." she looked to her parents and she saw them smiling.

"And you are coming with us." said Victor and he knelt down to Hannah's level. "You are coming to our workplace."

Hannah's eyes started to light up. For the last year, Hannah had been asking her mother when she could come along with Anita. And now, she finally got to see the place. "When are we going?"

"After we finished breakfast..."


It was a quiet day at U.Z.Z. Agents were at their training or they were on the stakeout. Just like on every other normal quiet day.
Only, it wouldn't be a real quiet day the rest of the day.

Anita walked into the H.Q., Victor and Hannah would follow after her, when Hannah would have finished her ice cream. Even though Anita wouldn't have let Hannah eat an ice cream in the morning, she only allowed it because it was Hannah's birthday. "Ah, Anita, how nice to see you at work. But I thought it was Victor's turn to work this weekend."

Anita looked up. She was so deep in her thoughts that she didn't see Changed Daily coming. Since she and Victor announced their engagement to their colleagues, U.Z.Z. allowed them to work part-time in the weekends. The one weekend, the one would work, the other weekend the other. So there would be at least one at home, taking care of Hannah. "It's Hannah's birthday today, so we are taking her with us to our work." said Anita with a smile.

Changed Daily smiled. "Ah yes, the famous Hannah. I started to wonder when I would see her."

Anita chuckled. "Well, Victor and Hannah will be here soon. Hannah is still finishing her ice cream."

Both Anita and Changed Daily turned around when they heard the door being opened and closed again. "Well, Hannah, this is Mommy's and Daddy's workplace." said Victor as he carried the birthday-girl into the hall. Suddenly, he turned around, facing the door again. "And now you have seen that, we are going back home." he said with a big grin.

"Dad-dy!" Hannah laughed. "I want to see more!"

Victor turned towards Anita. "What do you think, Mommy? Should we show her more?"

Anita laughed and she decided to play along Victor's game. "Well, alright. But only because it's her birthday."

Victor placed Hannah onto the ground and she rushed towards her mother. "Thank you, Mommy." she said and she gave Anita a hug.

"You're welcome, honey. Besides, we promised you that you could see this."

Hannah looked to Changed Daily, but she was so impressed by his appearance, that she didn't dare to ask him something. "This is our boss, Hannah." said Victor as he stood still next to her. "Because he is so important, his name has to be a secret, so we call him 'Boss' or Sir."

"Wow." was the only response Hannah could give. "I'm Hannah."

"Nice to meet you, Hannah." said Changed Daily as he knelt to Hannah's level.  

Hannah smiled. "Nice to meet you too, sir." she turned around to Victor. "Can we go on now?"

Victor chuckled. "Of course we can."

"Anita," said Changed Daily while Victor and Hannah walked away from them, "there are some things we need to talk about."

Anita looked to her supervisor, but she knew what he was talking about. Once Victor and Anita would be married, both of them had to find a new partner. But they were both against that. There wouldn't be a better chemistry between two different people than there was between Victor and Anita. "You know how we think about that situation, sir."

Changed Daily nodded. He knew that Victor and Anita were against it and so was he. "I talked to the highest boss of U.Z.Z. And he reckons that it is the best thing to let you two work together as a team."

The boss knew about Anita's situation, which was very surprising to Changed Daily. Victor and Anita were allowed, just like every other agent who was a parent, to get the weekends off and to stay at home when the children would be home.

Anita smiled when she heard that. "That's wonderful, but I don't think Victor and I want every weekend off. I'll talk to him about that, but I think it's the best that we continue with what we have now."

"I couldn't agree more. But there is something that I want to know.

"What is it?"

"Why didn't you tell us about Hannah?" Changed Daily wasn't really surprised when he heard about Victor and Anita's relationship. He had always known that something like that could happen someday. But he was surprised when he learned about Hannah. He was even more surprised that his bosses did already know about Hannah.

Anita gave Changed Daily a little smile. "I didn't want to be treated differently, only because I am a mother. In the weekends, Mildred was there to watch over Hannah, so that wasn't a problem." she looked to Victor and Hannah, who were running through the hallways. "But I have to admit that it feels wonderful not to keep her a secret anymore."

Suddenly, Changed Daily's communicator went off and he looked at its screen. "I'm sorry, Anita, but I have to go. They need me at a meeting for the rest of the day."

Anita smiled. "Good luck, sir." she said and Changed Daily walked away. "So, where are we going to?" she asked Hannah when she and Victor rushed towards her.

"How about the Control Room?" said Victor and he looked to Hannah. "You can meet some really cool people there."

"Okay!" said Hannah and she ran into the next hallway.


It didn't take them long before they reached the Control Room.

Hannah was amazed when she saw all those computers and other technical stuff the agents used.
And her visit didn't go unnoticed. The agents didn't mind to answer her questions and they were happy to show her how it all worked.

"She could be a great agent, Anita." suddenly sounded and Ray walked to the couple, who were standing some feet away from Hannah.

Anita smiled. "I am sure she will be, but I'd rather don't want to think about it."

Ray nodded. "I can understand that." he looked to the couple. "How are things between you two?"

"Daddy!" sounded just before Victor could answer.

Victor smiled. "I'll tell you about it in a minute." said Victor before he walked towards Hannah.

"Things are good." said Anita after Victor left the little group. "We are still preparing the wedding, so we have some arguments every now and then. But other than that, everything is wonderful between us."

Ray looked how Victor explained something to Hannah. "She's a beautiful girl, Anita." he said and Anita smiled.

"She's perfect."

"This is Special Agent Ray, Hannah." said Victor as he and Hannah walked to Ray and Anita. "He is the boss of a group of Agents. And a rank lower than Mommy and Daddy."

Ray gave Victor a dangerous look, but he knelt down to Hannah's level. "Nice to meet you, Hannah." he said and he gave her a little smile. "Do you like it here, Hannah?"

Hannah nodded and she looked to Ray. "Can I call you uncle Ray?"

Ray's eyebrows went up in surprise. "Well... sure, why not?" he said and Hannah gave him a hug. Then, she left the group once again and Ray stood up again. "She's really a nice girl."


Time flew and soon it was time for lunch. Victor and Anita took Hannah to the canteen. They had visit every other room that was important for Victor and Anita. Rooms like the Briefing Room and the Training Room. And after a long time of pleading from both Hannah and Victor, they even went to the sky-bike Storage Room.

"Why don't you grab a seat while I get something to eat?" Victor looked to the ladies and he turned around again. He had something big planned for the lunch and it would be a big surprise.

Anita just shook her head. "Well, you heard it, Hannah. Let's find a place for us." and they went to an empty table to wait for Victor and their lunch.

"Mind if I come and sit with you girls?" a female voice said.

Anita looked up and she saw Agent Kowalski standing there. "Well, I don't mind it," she looked to Hannah, "how about you, Hannah?"

Hannah smiled and she shook her head. "But who are you?" she asked and Kowalski gave her a big smile.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself." Kowalski extended her hand towards Hannah. "I'm Kowalski and I'm a good friend of your parents."

"I'm Hannah." said Hannah and she looked to Kowalski. "Can I call you auntie?"

Kowalski laughed. "Sure, why not?" she said as she sat down. "Auntie Walski, sounds good."

Anita chuckled and she looked to her friend. "So, how was work for you today, Auntie Walski?"

"Nothing much really. But I did hear that you brought your girl with you to work." said Kowalski and she looked to Hannah, who had a conversation with one of the U.Z.Z. Agents. "She's ever cuter in real life."

Anita just nodded and suddenly, she saw Victor walking towards their table. "Happy birthday, Hannah!" he said and after he said those words, a big birthday cake was brought into the canteen.

Hannah's eyes lit up. "Is that for me?" she said as she rushed to the big cake.

"It's all for you, Hannah." said Victor. He sat down next to Anita while the agents sang 'Happy birthday'. "So, what do you think of my surprise?"

Anita shook her head. "How did you get the chef so far to make such a big cake for Hannah?"

Victor gave her a big smile. "He owed me one, a big one." Hannah rushed back to Victor and thanked him for giving her a big cake. "You're welcome, honey." he said and he gave her a kiss on her forehead. "But Mommy has another surprise for you." Victor whispered in her ear.

"Really? What is it, Mommy?"

Anita smiled and she looked to Hannah. "Now you're six years old, you can go to karate classes."

Hannah let out a squeal. "Thank you, Mommy!" she said and she gave her mother at least a couple of kisses. "You will be coming to my classes, right?"

Anita laughed. "Every other Saturday, honey. Don't forget that your Daddy and I have to work on Saturday too." Anita started to hug Hannah. "And there is one other small surprise."


"Granny and Grandpa Knight will be watching over you next Saturday, together with Auntie Krista." Anita's parents didn't get the time to be with their granddaughter on her birthday, but they could manage a week off the next week. And even Krista could come with them.

"Thank you, Mommy." Hannah whispered. "This is my best birthday ever!"
Hannah belongs to both me ~Eszies-Eszie and Sara ~MSKM2001

The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and BBC.


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