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Anita's Secret 2
The wedding is near!
Chapter 1

It was six o' clock on a cold February morning when Victor's alarm went off. Normally, he would be in bed for some 30 minutes, but it was a special day today. Today was Anita's birthday and Victor was determent to make it one of the most special birthdays ever.

He stood up and he went downstairs to make some breakfast. Anita told him the evening before that she didn't want breakfast on bed, so Victor decided to keep the breakfast in the kitchen, where they always ate their breakfast. Before he would let burn anything, he set the table and he placed two gifts on Anita's plate. And while he was preparing breakfast, Hannah walked into the kitchen. She was still wearing her pj's. "Good morning Hannah!" Victor said with a big smile.

"Hi Daddy." Hannah said and she gave Victor a hug. "Where's Mommy?"

"She's still asleep." said Victor and he looked to Hannah, who sat down on her chair. "So, what do you want to do this after school, Hannah?" Her teachers would be in strike that afternoon, so Hannah would be home a little bit earlier than normal. Because Victor and Anita knew about this, they decided that one of them would be staying home for Hannah.

Suddenly, someone stormed downstairs and rushed into the kitchen. "Victor Volt! You scared me!" said Anita. She looked like she jumped out of bed the first moment she opened her eyes.

"What?! I didn't do anything?" This was not the way Victor expected to start Anita's birthday. "Besides, why aren't you wearing your robe?"

"Because I thought that the house was on fire!" And because of that, Anita was now only wearing her nightgown and her hair was a complete mess.

Before Anita could say just one more thing, Hannah jumped off her chair and gave her mother a big hug. "Happy Birthday Mommy!" she said and Anita laughed.

"Thank you sweetie." she whispered and she looked to Victor. "I'm sorry, Victor. I could have known it that you would make some breakfast this morning." she walked over to Victor and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "You're wonderful, Victor."

Victor smiled. "I know, Anita." he said and he gave her a hug. "Love you."

Anita chuckled and Victor let her go. "Love you too, Victor." she said and she sat down on her chair, which was decorated with some birthday flags. "And I even have presents."

"Open mine first, Mommy!" said Hannah and she grabbed a small present.

Anita laughed and she opened Hannah's present. It was a dark purple headband with white dots on it. "I love it, Hannah." she said and she gave Hannah a hug. "And what about the other present?"

"That's Daddy's present!" said Hannah and she looked to Victor. "You should give it, Daddy."

Victor laughed. He had never seen so much enthusiasm before he met Hannah and he knew that it would be like this for some long time. "Alright, I'll give it to Mommy." he said and he grabbed the somewhat bigger present. "Happy birthday, Mommy." he said with a somewhat teasing smile.

"Thank you, Daddy." said Anita with a big, teasing smile and she opened the present. "Oh Victor, you shouldn't have done this." she held out an encyclopaedia. It was an encyclopaedia about guns, a study Anita started some weeks ago.

"I'm glad you like it, Anita." said Victor after Anita gave him a kiss on his lips. Since she started the study, she couldn't stop talking about it when they were alone. So Victor figured that Anita would like a gift like this. But it wasn't all that he got for her. "You'll get the rest later today, after work."

Anita sighed. "Tell me just one more time why I had to work on my birthday."

Victor looked into Anita's eyes. "Because you don't like it to stay home the whole day alone, and…" Victor placed a finger on Anita's lips before she could even make one sound. "You have a class to attend to."

"Alright." Anita turned towards Hannah and she kneeled down to Hannah's level. "You go and change into your uniform, so I can say goodbye to you before I go to work."

"Okay Mommy!" Hannah rushed upstairs and Anita stood up straight again.

"I'll get changed as well." she looked to Victor and gave him one more kiss on his lips. "It's already the best birthday ever. Thank you, Victor. For everything."

Victor smiled. "You're welcome." he said before Anita left the room. However, what she didn't know, was that Victor had more in mind than just these two small gifts. But Anita would find out about that after dinner.


Anita had it; it was more than she could take for that day. Not only she had a mission after a long class, it was also raining during that mission. It wasn't just drizzle, it was a big storm. And after the mission, there was a trainings day in the rain. Anita sighed. She was already glad that it was the end of the day.
Only, on the other hand, there was always a big surprise party for her. But this year, there wasn't. Normally, she couldn't go into the canteen after the lunch, but now it wasn't even just a little bit decorated.

She sighed as she opened her front door. There she was, feeling like a drowned cat. She had to go home on her sky-bike, through the rain. It was awful.

"Hey Anita!" sounded and Anita looked up. Victor walked up to her, but when he saw her sad face, he started to look a little bit concerned. "What's wrong?"

"It's terrible!" Anita threw her arms around Victor's neck and she started to sob. Everything was just too much for her now.

Victor looked to his partner. He had no idea what was going on right now. He figured that she would be happy about this whole day. "Anita," he whispered and he looked at her. "what is terrible?"

"This whole day! Nothing but rain and they didn't even throw a party for me!"

Victor smiled a little bit. He had never known that Anita would like these surprise parties that he organized. "I'm sorry, Anita, that was my fault. I organized these parties every year for you, but now I wasn't at work today, so there was no party today."

Anita smiled a little bit. "I guess I overreacted a little bit. It's because of all this rain, it makes me so depressive."

Victor gave her a kiss on her cheek. "Why don't you go upstairs and take a nice hot bath, while Hannah and I will make dinner for tonight."

"Okay." was the only thing Anita said before she went upstairs.

Victor walked into the kitchen. He was already busy with dinner and he wanted to finish the dessert, so he could serve it immediately after the main course. The main course of today was one of Anita's favourites; Vegetarian Lasagne. Anita didn't like meat in her lasagne, so that made it much easier for Victor to prepare the dish. Anita didn't   mind to eat something vegetarian every now and then, but she still ate some meat. Victor didn't mind it, since it was both their own decision to eat some meat or something vegetarian. And even Hannah tried some of the vegetarian meals that Anita had never made before Victor moved in with her.

After some minutes, Victor heard the bathroom door opening and closing again, which meant that Anita took a shower. Victor wondered how she would react when she would see the dress on her bed. Normally, he wouldn't snoop in Anita's closet, but he wanted to be sure that she would dress up nicely. He was also dressed up a little bit and Hannah was wearing her favourite dress, especially for her mother's birthday dinner.

"Daddy, when are we going to eat?" suddenly sounded and Hannah walked into the kitchen. She was wearing her lavender dress and she had a lavender headband in her hair.

"When your mother comes downstairs." said Victor with a smile. He looked to the lasagne, which was still in the oven. Within a minute, it would be ready to be served and then they could start their dinner.

"I guess that this is part of my birthday dinner?" Victor turned around and he smiled when he saw Anita wearing her dark purple dress. Her hair was still a little bit wet from the shower, but she still looked really beautiful. "So, are we going to have a fancy dinner tonight?"

"As a matter of fact, yes." said Victor, just when the oven gave a little 'ping'. "Ah, dinner is ready. If the ladies want to go to the dining room now, I can serve dinner for tonight."

Anita and Hannah walked to the dining room and Victor followed them, carrying the lasagne to the dining table. The only thing that lit up the dining room, were some candles which were on the table. It looked all romantic and Anita loved it from the moment she walked into the room. "It's beautiful, Victor." she said. She couldn't wish for more to forget the terrible time at work, it was perfect.

"Thank you." said Victor. He placed the lasagne on the table and he sat down on his chair. "I hope you'll like it."

"I know I will like it."


After dinner, Victor cleaned the table, while Hannah told her mother everything about her school day. In the kitchen, Victor grabbed the dessert and he looked into the dining room. At some point, Hannah would say to her mother that 'Daddy had something to ask her' and then he would come into the room, with the dessert.

Anita looked to her daughter. "So, you had a wonderful day then?"

Hannah nodded and suddenly, she remembered something. "Daddy wants to ask you something, Mommy." she said. Daddy told her that she needed to say that so he could bring the dessert and the surprise for Mommy into the room.

"And what does he want to ask me?" said Anita. Victor was acting a little bit strange the whole dinner. And when she asked him about that, he told her that he had just one more little surprise for her, but that was after they finished dinner. And she really became curious about what that surprise could be.

"Something." sounded and Victor walked into the room with some cake. Anita's favourite cake to be precise.

"Is that strawberry cake with chocolate coating?" Anita asked and Victor nodded. He placed the cake on the table. Anita noticed that there was something 'written' on the cake. "What does it say?" she asked Victor. But she didn't wait for an answer and she stood up so she could see what was written on the cake.

Anita Knight
Do you want
to marry me?

Anita couldn't believe her eyes. Was this really Victor's proposal? She looked to Victor, who walked up to her. He kneeled down, pulled a little box out of his pocket and he opened it. In the box was a golden ring and on that ring was a little light lavender rose which was holding a small diamond.

"Anita, do you want to marry me and become Mrs. Volt?" Victor gave her a little smile as he looked up to her.

"Ye…Yes, I do." Anita whispered and she felt the tears in her eyes.

Victor smiled and he placed the ring around her finger. He gave her a kiss on her lips and he smiled a little bit. "I'm glad you said yes." he whispered.

"I wouldn't dream of saying anything else to a question like this, asked by you." Anita wiped the tears out of her eyes and she smiled.

"Can I have the biggest piece?" suddenly sounded and Victor and Anita turned around. Hannah looked at them with big, purple eyes.

"Of course you can." both Victor and Anita said at the same time and they started to laugh.

"I love you, Anita."

"I love you too, Victor."

Till death do us part
I'm sorry it took me so long, but my head seemed to be everywhere, but not with my stories

Sorry for any mistake that I made, but it's 2.40 am right now and I'm tired.


Hannah Knight is the only character here that belongs to both Sara :iconmimi7789: and me :iconeszies-eszie:

Previous Chapter: [link]

Next Chapter: [link]
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Mimi7789 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
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