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Anita's Secret 2
The Wedding is near!</i>
Chapter 6

It was just a normal day at work. Doctor Doctor was just defeated and it looked like there was no other threat. Victor walked around in the U.Z.Z. H.Q. The whole night, he couldn't stop thinking about how he could find her family.
But that morning, he had an idea. Ray owed him a favour, so Victor decided to collect that favour. After the briefing, Victor made a visit to Ray and asked him if he could find Anita's family.
Just after the fight, Ray called Victor that he had some information. So now was Victor on his way to Ray, hoping that he had the right information.

"Victor!" suddenly sounded and Victor stopped. Ray was approaching him with a big smile on his face.

"What is it, Ray?"

"I have the address of Anita's family."

Victor smiled. "That's great!" he thought for a moment and he grabbed the little note that Ray was holding. "I think that I should pay them a visit right now." he looked to Ray. "Could you cover me? I want this to be a surprise for Anita."

Ray smiled. "I will cover you." he said and Victor rushed away. It would be a long flight to the US and he wanted to meet her family as soon as possible.


He looked to the address on the note one more time. This was it, the new address of Anita's family. The house was only surrounded by woods and it was in the middle of nowhere.

Victor took a deep breath and he walked up to the door. He was curious how the family would respond to his visit. He knocked on the door and a few moments later, a blond woman opened the door. "Can I help you?"

"My name is Victor Volt, I'm here for the Knight family."

The woman smiled. "My name is Jocelyn Knight, but I think you're here for Krista." she said and she let Victor into the house.

"Actually, I'm here for someone else." said Victor as he walked into the living room. In the living room were a young woman and a man with a big moustache.

Jocelyn sat down next to her husband. "Stephan, this is Victor Volt." she said and she looked to Victor. "What do you do for a living?"

Victor smiled. "I work for the organisation called U.Z.Z. Which is in some way something like the police." Victor didn't want to waist too much breath to explain about his work.

"Isn't U.Z.Z. stationed in London?" said Stephan and Victor nodded. "I remember something about it when we lived in London."

"But what is an English policeman doing here?" said the young woman. Victor figured that it had to be Anita's sister.

"I am here because I have news about Anita Knight."

A silence fell and Jocelyn looked to Victor. "You found Anita? Our daughter?"

Victor nodded and he walked to Jocelyn. "She is in London." he said and he handed her a small envelope. "These are plane tickets for London for tomorrow and her address is also in the envelope."

Stephan and Jocelyn looked to each other. They couldn't believe that their daughter was in London, the only place they didn't expect her to be. Jocelyn stood up and she gave Victor a hug. "Thank you for finding her." she whispered. "We'll go to London tomorrow."

Victor smiled and he walked away. The only thing left to do was to go back home and hoping that Anita would like the present he got for their wedding.


Two days passed without anything exciting happening. It was passed noon and Anita knocked softly onto Hannah's bedroom door. Hannah didn't feel too well and Anita decided to stay home for her. "Hey, Hannah." Anita looked to her daughter. She was already glad that Hannah wasn't that ill to throw up every now and then, so that was one thing less to take care of. "How do you feel?" Anita asked when she sat down onto the edge of Hannah's bed.

"Sleepy." was Hannah's only answer. "Your hand is cold, Mommy." she whispered when Anita felt Hannah's forehead.

"Sorry, sweetie. Do you want something to eat?"

Hannah shook her head. "I just want to sleep."

Anita stood up and she gave Hannah a kiss on her forehead. "Alright. Sleep tight and call me when you need me." she walked away and closed Hannah's door. She walked back down stairs, into the living room. She hoped that Hannah wanted to eat something, but since she didn't, Anita decided to go on with her list for the wedding. There were so many things to be arranged and not enough time to sort them all out.

Just when she sat down at the kitchen table, the doorbell rang. Anita let out a deep sigh and she stood up again. She walked to the front door and she opened it.
A long moment of silence fell. This isn't possible, she thought. "Mom, Dad, Krista? Is this…"

Jocelyn was the first one to react. "Oh, Anita, where have you been all those years? We were worried sick." she said as she gave Anita a hug.

Anita smiled and she felt the tears fall down her cheek. "I'm so sorry, for everything." Jocelyn let her daughter go and Anita stepped aside. "Why don't you come in, it's cold outside."

The reunited family walked into the house and it didn't take long before Anita had made some tea for them all. "Anita," said Stephan, "could you please tell us what happened?"

Anita nodded. "After our fight, Dad, I took the first flight back to London. When I got there, I went to Laura. After a few weeks, someone from U.Z.Z. noticed me and they decided to give a scholarship for a training to become an U.Z.Z. agent." Anita looked to her parents. "I never dared to call you, I was afraid that you didn't love me anymore. After I got to work for U.Z.Z., I never really thought about it. Work was taking all the hours I got. After a few years, I tried to call you, but I didn't get an answer. I tried few times, but I never got an answer."

Krista looked to her big sister. "Our house caught fire. There wasn't really a lot of damage, but it wasn't safe anymore for us to live there." Krista walked to Anita. "I'm just really happy that you are still alive, Anita." she whispered and she gave Anita a hug.

Anita smiled and she looked to her sister. "You look very beautiful, Krista. I really missed you. What happened to you these last years?"

Krista smiled. "I'm in my senior year right now, and then I'll see what will happen. And you're beautiful as well."

"I'm really glad to have you back Anita, and to see that you have a wonderful life here." said Stephan. He wasn't lying. He was really happy for her to hear all those things, but there were just a few things he was wondering about. "So you work for U.Z.Z. now."

Anita smiled. "I do, and I love to work for them. It's a dangerous job, but I love to do it."

Stephan smiled. "I'm glad you're doing such a wonderful job." he said. "And what about your fiancé?"

Jocelyn looked to her daughter is surprise. "You are going to get married? Why didn't you say so?" she jumped up and gave Anita a hug. "Who is your fiancé?"

Anita laughed a little bit. "He's wonderful, Dad." she said, answering his question first. "He cares about me and he respects me in every way."

Just when she wanted to tell her mother who her fiancé was, they heard the front door being opened and closed. "Anita, why are there suitcases in our hallway?" sounded from the hallway and Anita smiled a little bit.

"Mom, Dad, Krista, there is my fiancé," Anita stood up from her chair and she walked towards the hallway. "Victor," she said, when they bumped into each other in the doorway, "meet my parents and my little sister." Anita turned to her family and she looked surprised when she saw their shocked looks of their faces. She turned back to Victor. "What's going on?"

Victor smiled a little bit. "I don't want to spoil it, but I'm the reason why they're here, more or less."

"You are? But how?"

"Victor found us and he gave us plane tickets and a note with your address on it, so we could visit you." said Stephan and he smiled a little bit. "It's wonderful to see that you have such a caring fiancé."

Victor smiled. "Thank you, Stephan." he looked to Anita. "Did you tell them about…"

Anita shook her head. "Mom and Dad, there is…" she took a deep breath. She didn't know how to say it, but this time, she wanted to be the one who would tell her parents about Hannah. "There is something you need to know."

Jocelyn walked to her daughter. "What is it, Anita?" she looked into Anita's eyes, and she noticed something. It was a mix between pride and hope. Hoping that her parents wouldn't mind the thing she was going to tell them about. Suddenly, Jocelyn got it and she gave her daughter a hug. "Honey, it isn't horrible to be pregnant. You could get married sooner or maybe after the baby is born. I think I can get used to the fact that I will be a grandmother soon."

Anita gave her mother a surprised look. "Mom, I'm not pregnant." she said and for a moment, it even looked like her mother didn't really like that answer. "I already have a daughter."

A silence fell and Jocelyn let Anita go. "You…you already…" Stephan walked to his wife and he supported her back to the sofa. "But, where is she?" Jocelyn asked when she got used to the idea.

Anita smiled a little bit. "Hannah didn't feel well last night, so we decided to let her stay home, and I would look after her." she looked to her parents. "I was afraid that you didn't want to know me anymore if I would tell you that I was pregnant, so that's why I didn't call you. I'm really sorry; I didn't want to keep Hannah away from you."

Stephan looked to his daughter. "It does explain all the drawings which are hanging in this room."  The information Anita had just given them needed to be processed before he could say something.

"So, I'm an aunt already?" said Krista and Anita nodded. "Can I see her?"

Anita looked to Victor and he nodded immediately. "I'll check up on her to see if she's able to see the visitors." he said and he went upstairs.

"Anita," said Jocelyn, "it wasn't really nice of you to keep her away from us. I'm just wondering, is Victor the father?"

Anita shook her head. "Not that I know of. In fact, I don't even know who her father is." she said and she told her parents what happened some years ago. "I don't want to find him and Victor is such a wonderful father-figure. Hannah loves and respects him like he really is her biological father. And when we're married, he will be lawfully her father."

"Anita," sounded and Victor walked into the living room, with a sleepy Hannah on his arm, "meet our sleepy beauty."

Jocelyn walked to her granddaughter and she smiled. "She's a real beauty. Hey there, honey."

Hannah looked to Jocelyn. "Who are you?" she whispered.

"Hannah," said Victor and he looked to her. "meet your Granny."

"But that isn't Granny."

"You have two Grannies now." said Victor with a smile. "And twice times more gifts during the holidays." he whispered in her ear. "And you have a Grandpa and an Auntie as well."

"Cool," was the only thing Hannah said before she fell asleep again.

"I'll put her back to bed." said Victor and he walked out of the living room again.

"Anita," said Stephan and he walked to his daughter, "even though you ran away from us and you didn't tell us that you were pregnant, we are still happy to see that you have a wonderful life here and a wonderful future together with Victor." Stephan gave his daughter a hug and he looked at her. "As long as we are invited to the wedding."

Anita laughed. "Of course you are." she said and she looked to her family. "It's really wonderful to have you back."


The Knight family went to their hotel and Victor and Anita were alone in the living room at last. Hannah got a little bit better at the end of the night and she got a second chance to meet her grandparents and her aunt. From that moment, Hannah would call Anita's parents 'Granny and Grandpa Knight' and she would call Mildred 'Granny Volt'

"It was really wonderful to see my parents and my sister again." said Anita and she looked to Victor. "Thank you for this gift."

Victor smiled. "You're welcome." he said and he gave Anita a kiss on her lips. "It was nice to meet your family."

Anita leaned onto Victor's shoulder and she closed her eyes. "I wouldn't dream of a different partner than you, Victor. You are the best partner and lover in the world."

"And I wouldn't dare to even think of replacing you as my partner and fiancée."
The latest chapter!
These characters belong to both me ~Eszies-Eszie and Sara !Mimi7789 :
:bulletpurple:Hannah Knight
:bulletpurple:Jocelyn Knight
:bulletpurple:Stephan Knight
:bulletpurple:Krista Knight

The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and BBC.


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