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Anita's Secret 2
The Wedding is near!
Chapter 5

It was just one of these days. A day where everything that could go wrong, just went wrong. It rained all day and there was no sign of spring just yet.

Anita sighed. She couldn't believe that it really rained on the day off. She and Victor took the day off to do some things for their wedding. Even though the wedding was months and months away, they decided to start early with the preparations. They had some unclaimed days off, so they both decided that they would take the day off once every two weeks.

At that very moment, Anita was on the couch. It was almost teatime and Victor would come home soon with the groceries. Hannah was still at school, so Anita could read her magazine in peace. In stead of reading a karate magazine, she was reading the 'Bride-magazine'. Maybe it was a little bit too early to read something like that, but you could always use an idea or two when you were busy with the preparations of your wedding.

"Anita?" suddenly sounded and Anita looked up.

"I'm in here!" she said. She wondered why Victor would call for her.

"Look who I found on my way home!" Victor walked into the living room, together with Hannah. They were both wet from the rain, because Victor was too stubborn to take an umbrella with him.

"Mommy!" said Hannah and she rushed towards her mother to give her a hug.

"Wait a second, both of you." said Anita and Victor and Hannah stopped immediately. "Before you two do anything else, you get some dry clothes and dry your hair."


Victor walked towards Hannah. "No buts, Hannah." he said and he lifted her up. "Let's do what Mommy says; otherwise we won't get a cookie with our tea."

Hannah looked to Victor. "What's a cookie?" she asked him when he walked upstairs.

"It's a different name for biscuit." said Victor and he placed her back onto the ground when he reached the top of the stairs. "I'll grab you some clothes, if you get two towels. One for me and one for yourself."

"Okay." said Hannah and she walked to the bathroom. Victor walked into Hannah's room and grabbed a pair of trousers and a nice, lavender sweater. "Daddy!" and he turned around. "I can't find the towels."

Victor smiled. "I guess Mommy didn't place them in the closet yet." he said. "Why don't you get dressed, then I'll get you a towel." Victor left Hannah's bedroom and he walked into Anita's bedroom. He knew that she did some laundry today and she brought the clean towels upstairs, but she forgot to put them in the closet.

He grabbed two towels out of the basket and suddenly, his eye caught something he'd never seen before. It was a small picture, standing on Anita's desk. He grabbed it and looked at it. It showed a small family. A man with bright-blond hair and purple eyes was standing next to a young woman with strawberry blond hair and green eyes. In front of the couple were two young girls standing. The youngest one – Victor figured she was around five years – had blond hair and green eyes and the older one had strawberry blond hair and purple eyes. But that has to be Anita's family! Victor thought for a moment and decided to ask her about it some time later.
He walked to Hannah's room and he gave a towel to Hannah. "Here you go, princess, a towel for you. I'll see you downstairs."

"Okay, Daddy." said Hannah and she dried her hair.

Victor walked downstairs and he walked into the living room. He saw Anita reading her magazine and he smiled. "Did you find something to wear on our wedding day?" he said as he stood still behind the couch and he gave her a kiss in her neck.

Anita answered his question with a smack in his face and she immediately turned around. "Victor, I told a few times before. Don't surprise me like that! You know you'll get a smack in your face when you surprise me like that." Victor rubbed his red cheek and he sat down next to Anita. Anita smiled a little bit and she gave him a kiss on his red cheek. "I love you, Victor. But promise me you won't surprise me like that anymore."

"Believe me, Anita. One red cheek is more than enough to remind me that I won't do something like that again."

Anita smiled a little bit. "And to answer your question, I haven't found anything yet. But I wasn't looking for a dress; I was looking for the accessories."

Victor leaned closer to Anita. "I didn't know that you liked jewellery." he whispered as he looked to the page of the magazine.

Anita looked at him. "I was looking for some rings, if you want to know." she said.

"You know what could be a good idea?" Victor suddenly said. "If we gave Hannah a ring as well. I mean, we will be a 'real' family when we get married and it would be nice to involve Hannah in this whole ceremony."

Anita smiled. "That is such a wonderful idea." she said and she gave Victor a kiss on his lips.

Victor smiled and he looked into Anita's eyes. "There is something I want to know about."

"What is it?"

"What happened to your family?"

Anita looked away. That was one thing she didn't want to talk about. She knew that Victor needed to know about her family, but she just didn't want to talk about them.

"Anita, please."

Anita looked back to him. "My family lives in America." she said. "I tried to find them back, but I couldn't find them. They moved years ago, when I tried to contact them for the first time."

"What happened? Why did you leave them?"

Anita took a deep breath. "My parents come from London. But my father needed to move to America for his job. I was in my teenage years when we moved. When we lived in the US for some years, I started to rebel. I wanted to go back to London and at one day, my father and I got into a fight. That same night, I ran away and took the first plane back to London. When I arrived there, I went to a good friend of mine who lived on her own."

Victor looked at her. He couldn't imagine that Anita would run away from her family. "Anita," he whispered and he placed a hand under her chin, "it takes lot of stupidity and courage to run away from your family. But look what you have become. A wonderful agent, a wonderful mother and even a more wonderful fiancée."

Anita smiled a little bit. "It didn't take long for U.Z.Z. to find out about me and you know the rest of the history."

"I'm sorry to…"

"Don't be, Victor. You have all right to know everything about my history. It's me who should be sorry." Anita leaned closer to Victor. "I love you, Victor."

Victor gave her a kiss on her lips. "I love you too, Anita." And I'll help you with finding your family
The next chapter :)

These characters belong to both me ~Eszies-Eszie and Sara ~Mimi7789 :
:bulletpurple: Hannah Knight
:bulletpurple: Krista Knight
:bulletpurple: Stephan Knight
:bulletpurple: Jocelyn Knight

The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and BBC.


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