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Anita's Secret 2
The wedding is near!
Chapter 17

Victor sighed. He was at home, spending the whole morning behind the computer. He was looking for the right kind of adoption papers, but there was just too much information about it. He had already printed some copies of the things he had already find, but he wasn't sure if they were the right papers.
Once Victor decided that he had printed enough papers, he grabbed everything he had printed out and went to the couch. He still had some pain in his leg, but he refused to use the crutches indoors, even though the doctor told him to do so.

While he lied down onto the couch, Victor looked at Hannah. A few days ago, he bought a game for her. But he gave her game that day, after Hannah became one of the best of her karate class. He knew Anita doesn't want him to spoil her daughter, but Hannah was a great help for him when they were home alone. But he didn't only buy something for Hannah, he also bought Anita something, because she had to miss so many training days of Hannah.
Every Saturday morning, Hannah had her karate training. But because Victor had to stay home, Anita had to work his Saturdays now as well, so they would have enough money for their wedding.

Victor closed his eyes. He would take a look to the adoption papers later.


"Daddy, Daddy...."

Victor blinked with his eyes. Then he saw Hannah standing next to the couch. "What is it, Hannah?" He couldn't really believe that he fell asleep. It became a habit since he was taking medicine for his injury.  

"Mommy will be home soon."

Victor looked to the clock and then he remembered it again. Anita would be coming home earlier so they could go to the jeweller. "Thank you for waking me sup." said Victor with a smile while he sat up straight. "We don't want to let Mommy know that I fell asleep, do we?"

"Oh, really?" sounded and Victor groaned. "So, what more can't Hannah tell me?"

"Daddy slept while I finished three levels." said Hannah while she gave her mother a hug. "Daddy bought me a game."

Anita's eyes grew big. "Did he?" she looked to Victor, who wanted to stand up. "Why don't you get your coat and shoes, Hannah?" Hannah walked out of the living room and Anita pushed Victor back into the couch. "Why did you buy her a new game?"

"Because she was such a wonderful help to me when I was home alone with her." Victor looked to Anita. "I didn't think that you would be jealous."

"Anita gave him a warning look. "I am not jealous, but I thought that we agreed that we wouldn't spoil..." She stopped for a moment when Victor help something up. "What's that?"

"For you." said Victor with a big smile.

Anita looked to the little box and she carefully opened it. "I hate you Victor Volt." she said when she saw what he gave her. It was a coupon for a whole day, getting relaxed and do nothing. "So is it for the two of us...?"

"No, it's for you alone. Because you worked so hard the last Saturdays."

Anita sighed. "Alright, but the next time just ask me when you can spoil Hannah. Or me."

Victor smiled. "I will." he said and he gave Anita a kiss on her cheek. He saw Hannah walking into the living room with his crutches. "Thank you, Hannah."

Anita looked at him while he stood up. "How did you end up at the couch without..." She shook her head. "You're unbelievable sometimes, Victor."

Victor chuckled and he went to the hall. "You still love me, Anita."

"Yes, and you still need to get the wheelchair." Anita laughed when she heard Victor groan. The doctor ordered that Victor would use the wheelchair when he would go outside. And Anita knew how much Victor hated that thing for than Victor hated his crutches. "It's for your own good, Victor. Or do you want to roll down the aisle?"

"I know, dear." said Victor and he sat down onto the wheelchair. "Let's go."

Anita smiled and she put on her coat. "You will never win a fight with me, Victor."

Victor gave her a devilish smile. "I wouldn't be so sure, Anita." he said and he looked to Hannah. "Are you ready, princess?"

"I'm ready."

"Then let's go."


Some time later, the trio went into the shop of the jeweller.

"Do you have something in mind, Anita?" asked Victor as he looked to Anita. One of the fewest things they didn't discuss was which kind of rings they would wear for the rest of their lives.

Anita shook her head. "But I know we will find a nice ring here."

Hannah rushed further into the store, while a man walked to Victor and Anita to help them. "So, what kind of ring are you two looking for?" he asked and Victor and Anita looked to each other.

"Well, we are here for a wedding ring." Victor started.

Anita finished Victor's sentence. "But we are not sure how it should look like."

The man smiled. "Why don't you two look for a ring yourself? You can see if you two have the same taste in rings or not."

Victor and Anita looked to each other and both nodded. "Sure, why not?" said Victor and he rolled himself to a different part of the store.

"So, Miss, what are you looking for?"

Anita smiled. "I just wanted a simple ring." she said as she looked all those ring which were in the showcase in front of her. "Just a a simple golden one."

And it didn't take Victor too long either to decide what kind of ring he wanted. So he decided to take a look at what Hannah was doing. "Did you see something, princess?" he said as he was near to her.

"Daddy," Hannah started and she looked to Victor, "why do you need a ring?"

Victor chuckled. "I have no idea, honey. But to me, it's a sign that a man and a woman will be staying together for the rest of their lives."

"Just like Mommy and you?"

"Exactly." said Victor. "But did you see something?"

Hannah shook her head. "But I like Granny's rings."

Victor smiled. Both his mother as his mother-in-law had a simple golden ring. "I think I agree with you, Hannah." he said. "Hop on, we're going back to Mommy." Hannah sat down onto Victor's lap and he rolled them back towards Anita.

"Well, what were you thinking?" asked Anita as they approached her.

"Hannah and I agreed that a simple golden ring would be more than enough."

Anita smiled. "That sounds great." she said and she turned towards the shopkeeper. "We have made up our minds."

The man smiled. "That sounds good. Do you want an inscription?"

While Anita was looking for words, Victor had found the perfect words for Anita's ring. "To my loving wife, Anita Knight-Volt."

Anita couldn't believe her ears. That had to be the sweetest thing Victor had ever said. "That's really sweet of you, Victor." she whispered.

"I think Daddy should have the same words." said Hannah.

Anita smiled and she nodded. "To my wonderful husband, Victor Volt."

Victor stood up from the wheelchair and he leant over the counter. "I want a third ring for our daughter."

The man smiled. "Of course. What will the inscription be?"

"To our wonderful and loving daughter."

Anita tried to swallow her tears. It was the first time that Victor had called Hannah 'our daughter'. "That's really sweet, Victor."

Victor just nodded and he looked to the shopkeeper. "How long will it take before the rings will be ready?"

"Two weeks. Shall we take care of the financial business?" the man wanted to turn around, but then he remembered something. "Do you have the measurements for the rings?"

Victor smiled and he grabbed a piece of paper. "We..." he took just one look to Anita, "Anita thought about it, so we have the measurements." he gave the paper to the man.

While Victor and the shopkeeper were talking about the money, Anita walked to Hannah. "Did you see something nice, honey?"

Hannah shook her head. "Are you mad at Daddy?"

Anita gave her daughter a surprised look. "Why would I be mad at him?"

"Because he gave me this new game."

Anita chuckled. "No, Hannah, I'm not mad at him. I was surprised that he gave you a gift, that's all. Besides, I heard from Daddy that you were the best of the class today."

Hannah nodded, but she didn't want to talk about that. "Mommy, why is your name Anita Knight-Volt?"

Anita gave her daughter a smile. "That's because I'm going to get married to Daddy. And when you marry someone, your last name can be changed. And it does sound nice doesn't it?"

Hannah shrugged. Most of the times, she didn't quite understand the things grown-ups did.

"Well, we should be practising your name, Mrs. Victor Volt." sounded behind Anita. "Come on, princess. Time to go home." said Victor and Hannah sat down onto her father's lap once again.

Anita shook her head and she pushed the wheelchair out of the store.


It was passed dinnertime and Anita and Hannah were in the kitchen. Hannah was playing her new game at the table while Anita was cleaning the dishes. Victor did offer to help Anita, but she told him to sort out the adoption papers. He had been struggling with them the whole day now, but Anita knew it would be alright soon.

"Mommy," Hannah suddenly said and Anita turned around, "what will my last name be?"

Anita gave Hannah a little smile. It was another thing that hadn't been discussed properly. "I don't know, honey. But Daddy and I will talk about it, together with you." she placed the last clean dishes into the cupboard and walked to the kitchen table. "Are you coming to the living room, Hannah?"

Hannah nodded and she jumped off her chair. Together with her mother,they walked to the living room, where Victor was still reading some papers.

Hannah lied down onto the floor while Anita walked to Victor. "How is it going, Victor?"

Victor smiled. "I think I've found the right form." he said as he showed Anita some papers. It looked like it were the right forms. "I'm going to answer the questions and when we're married, Hannah will be my daughter too."

Anita gave Victor a kiss. "Just eight weeks left." she whispered.

Victor looked at her. "Do you know what we should do for Hannah's surname?"

Anita gave him a surprised look and she shook her head. So he is thinking the same things like me, she thought. "I have no idea, Victor."

"What about Hannah Knight-Volt? She will keep her inheritance like that."

Anita smiled. "That sounds great Victor. Of course we will use Hannah Volt as her calling name, but Hannah Knight-Volt sounds really wonderful."

"I'm glad you like that." whispered Victor and he looked to Anita. Suddenly, he felt the urge to held her near him. So he pulled her onto the chair and he gave her a hug. "Just eight more weeks, Miss Knight."

Anita smiled. "Just eight more weeks, Mr. Volt."
Hannah belongs to both me ~Eszies-Eszie and Sara ~MSKM2001

The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and BBC.


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At first I though Anita was totally gonna kill Victor for the game he bought Hannah but looks like Vic can get out of anything if he gets Anita something special :XD:
Eszies-Eszie Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Nah, Anita would never kill the man of her dreams. She loves him too much to kill him ;P
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Yeah :) there are episodes on YouTube now :) plenty enough for you to remember :)
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