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Anita's Secret 2
The wedding is near!
Chapter 15

It was a warm morning when Lionel opened his eyes. His very first night back in his own house, in his own bed and next to his own wife. Lionel turned around and he frowned when he saw the empty spot next to him. I did sleep next to Mildred last night, didn't I?

Just when he stepped out of bed, the door went open and Mildred walked into the bedroom. "How did you sleep, Lionel?"

Lionel smiled and he went closer to Mildred. "It was wonderful to be next to you again, honey." he gave her a hug and looked into her eyes. "I missed you, Mildred Volt."

Mildred gave him a little smile. "I missed you too, Lionel." she whispered before Lionel started to kiss her.

"So, what are the plans for today?" Lionel asked after the kiss.

"Oh, you will see, Mr. Volt." said Mildred and she gave him a kiss on his cheek. "Your breakfast is waiting for you."

Lionel got dressed and he walked downstairs. He walked into the dinner-room and sat down at the table. "Why don't you want to tell me what we are going to do?" he asked as Mildred placed his breakfast on the table.

"Because it's a surprise." she answered and she sat down next to him. "I truly missed you, Lionel. I'm really glad you're back."

Lionel smiled and he looked at his wife. Yesterday, when he first saw her again, he could see the true disbelief in her eyes. She couldn't believe that her husband was finally back, and he couldn't believe it either. But he was back, and he wasn't going away. "Well, I'm not planning to go away ever again." he leant forward and gave Mildred a kiss. Suddenly, he started to smile. "Do you still make those mustard cakes?"

Mildred laughed. It was one of the long last memories they ever had. Somewhere, at the beginning of their relationship, Mildred and Lionel made a cake together. But somehow, Lionel misread the labels. So instead of the 'custard', he grabbed the 'mustard'. They were both pretty surprised when they tasted the cake, but after a few bites, they got used to the taste of it and mostly made the cake for fun. "I've made it a few more times while you were gone, so I wouldn't forget our wonderful times together."

"So you still know the recipe then." said Lionel with a devilish smile. "I can't wait to taste it again."

"I will make it as soon as I can." The doorbell rang and Mildred stood up. "I'll be back soon"

Lionel finished his breakfast and he looked to the newspaper. He figured that he could read some news, while Mildred was at the front-door. When Mildred still didn't return after a few minutes, he started to wonder what took her so long. Maybe it's one of her best friends at the door, and now Mildred tries to get rid of her, he figured and he continued reading the newspaper.

Just when Lionel finished the newspaper, Mildred walked back into the dinner-room. "Do you want some more tea, Lionel?"

"I thought you would never ask."

Mildred chuckled and she walked back to the kitchen. "I'll bring it to the living room." she called to him and she disappeared into the kitchen.

Lionel stood up and he walked to the living room. But once he reached the living room, he stood still when he saw what Mildred's surprise was. Anita and Hannah were both sitting on the couch in his living room. "Erm... Good morning." he said. Mildred must be... What on earth is her plan?

"Good morning, Grandpa Volt!" said Hannah and she jumped off the sofa. She rushed up to Lionel and gave him sweet puppy eyes.

Lionel gave her a little smile and knelt down. "Good morning, Hannah." he said and he allowed her to give him a hug. "So, what are you doing here?"

"Where is Granny gone to?" asked Hannah, before Anita could answer.

"She's in the kitchen." said Lionel and Hannah rushed to the kitchen. Lionel stood up and he sat down next to Anita. "I still want an answer."

"Well, first of all, I'm not a suspect, so you don't have to interrogate me." said Anita and she looked to her father-in-law. "Second, it was Mildred's idea, so we could get to know each other better."

"Well, that says a lot." said Lionel. He rather wanted to be alone with Mildred that day, but he couldn't just send Anita away, especially now she was going to be Victor's wife soon."

"So, what do you want to know?" Anita asked and she gave him a little smile. "You can ask me a lot."

"Alright, how long are you and Victor engaged?"

"Seven months, but we know each other for almost five years now."

"And Victor lives together with you already?"

"We sleep separately."

"And how did you get pregnant?"

Anita took a deep breath. Hannah was just in the other room and Anita always figured that Hannah was too young to hear the full story. Afraid that Mildred and Hannah would come back before she finished her story, she decided to tell Lionel the short version. "When I was seventeen, I went home with the wrong guy. Few months later, I discovered I was pregnant. I raised Hannah practically on my own, and I was lucky that Mildred was more than willing to help me out. Last year, Victor found out about my little secret. He told me that he had always loved me and he didn't mind that he would get a daughter, once he would marry me."

"So, Victor sees Hannah as his own daughter, then?" Lionel asked. He had to admit that he didn't expect a story like that.

Anita nodded. "I have to admit that I had loved Victor ever since I met him for the first time. So I was really happy when he told me that he felt the same for me and that he loves Hannah as his daughter."

Mildred walked into the room with tea and biscuits. "Hannah is a great help." she said with a big smile. "She helped me to arrange the cookies on the dish and to place everything on the tray.

Anita laughed and she looked to Hannah. "I'm happy to hear that you are such a great help to your Granny."

Mildred poured the tea in the cups and she looked to Anita. "Did you already visit Victor this morning?" she asked as she reached a cup to Anita.

Anita shook her head. "The doctor told me that he needed a lot of rest, so I called him this morning and told him we would come around noon."

"Well, you can come with us as we go to Victor." said Lionel. If Mildred really wanted him to get to know Anita and Hannah better, he figured that this would be the best opportunity.

Mildred gave him a surprised look. "I think Victor wouldn't mind that." she said and she gave Lionel his cup of tea. "And you can come along in our car."

Anita smiled and she looked to Mildred. "But you'll have to go to our home first, so I can pick up his clothes and other things he will need."

Hannah looked to her grandparents. "Can I play outside?" she asked.

"Sure, why not?" said Mildred and Hannah rushed outside. "But don't go to the street, honey!" Mildred knew she didn't have to warn Hannah, but she still wanted to be sure that Hannah wouldn't go out of the garden. "Do you want to have lunch with us, Anita?" Mildred asked Anita once Hannah was gone.

"I would love to." said Anita and she took a sip from her tea. "That is, if you two don't have any plans for today."

Mildred shook her head. "Besides, Lionel and I have the rest of our lives to be together."

Anita stood up to place her cup onto the coffee-table, when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." she said with a smile. "Maybe it's Hannah." and she walked away.

"So, what do you think of them?" Mildred asked as she sat down onto the sofa, next to her husband. She was curious what her husband thought about their granddaughter and daughter-in-law.

"Anita is a nice woman and Hannah is a true sweetheart." said Lionel. "Victor is a lucky guy to have such an understanding wife."

"They both love each other, that's all what matters."

"Granny, who is Mommy talking to?" Hannah walked to her grandparents. She came into the house via the back-door, since she closed the front-door behind her.

Suddenly, two voices came from the hall. Which meant that whomever Anita was talking to, it meant that they didn't agree with something.

Lionel stood up. "I'll go and see if everything is okay." and he walked to the front-door. At the door was Anita, together with a tanned, dark-haired and heavy man.

"Alphonse, I'm telling you for the last time. I don not want to see you ever again. So don't come near me, or I will..."

Alphonse smiled. "Come on, Anita. Just one more date. You know, for old times sake."

Lionel walked forward and he looked to Alphonse. "I think that the young lady asked you to leave. Besides, you are not allowed to date her."

Anita turned towards Lionel. "Lionel, I can handle this myself." she said, but Lionel didn't leave her alone.

"I don't think so, Anita. You are going to get married and when this man will hurt you, I will hurt him." He had to confess that it sounded better in his head, but he figured that the man would be getting scared by now.

Alphonse looked to Anita. "You are going.... to whom?"

"None of your concern, Alphonse." said Anita, just when Hannah walked into the hall.

"Mommy, are you coming?"

Both Anita and Lionel turned around and they looked to her. "Honey, Mommy is busy right now." said Anita and she turned back to Alphonse. "You have just one..."

Before Anita could even think of finishing her sentence, Alphonse interrupted her. "You have a daughter?"

"Yes, you have a problem with that?" That startled Alphonse. And he seriously needed to think about that.
But he didn't response fast enough. "Apparently, you do have a problem. Therefore, I bid you goodbye and farewell." She slammed the door into his face and she turned towards Hannah. "I'll be right with you, Hannah. Why don't you go back to Granny?"

Hannah nodded and she walked back to the living room. "Who was that man, Anita?" Lionel asked when they were alone.

"An old boyfriend. Alphonse is a sculptor and I dated him once or twice. The last time I dated him was before Victor and I got together. I haven't heard from him ever since and I wasn't eager to get back in touch with him."

"Did you tell him before that you never wanted to see him?"

Anita nodded. "I did, after our date. I wanted some time alone and I told him that I didn't want to see him for some time. I just hope that he will stay away from me for the rest of my life."

Lionel figured that Anita just didn't want to talk about it any more and he decided to leave her alone about that matter. "Come on, if that guy ever comes back at you, you just call me and I will take care of it. Either the easy or the hard way."

"I will be alright, Lionel. I'm a strong woman and I won't need your help." Anita walked into the living room. "Alphonse will stay away from me."

"Everything alright?" Mildred asked once Anita and Lionel sat down again. "Why did it take you so long?"

"Nothing to worry about, Mildred." said Anita and she drank her tea. "And what did you wanted me to ask, Hannah?"

"Can we buy Daddy a gift when we visit him?"

Anita smiled. "Of course we can, sweetie. But only because you're such a sweet daughter to him."


Lionel walked into the hospital room. Anita, Mildred and Hannah were looking for a last minute gift for Victor. So Lionel figured that he would go ahead.

"Good afternoon, Dad." sounded from the bed and Lionel smiled.

"Good afternoon, Son." said Lionel and he sat down onto a chair next to the bed. Victor looked a lot better than the day before. "How are you feeling?"

"I've been worse." said Victor and he looked to his father. "Where is Mom?"

"In the hospital gift-shop, together with Anita and Hannah. Your mother set me up today and made me listen to Anita's history."

"Dad! Please tell me you just said it like that so you can get a rise out of me!"

Lionel smiled. "Yeah, I did. You found a wonderful woman, Victor. She's really sweet and even Hannah is a loveable girl."

Victor let out a deep sigh. "I'm glad about that, Dad." he said, just when Mildred, Anita and Hannah walked into the room.

"Daddy, are you awake?" Hannah asked as she went to the bed.

"Yes, I'm awake." said Victor and he helped Hannah onto the bed. "So, do you have something for your poor Daddy?"

"You can get a kiss from us." said Anita and Hannah gave her father a kiss. "And your stuff." Anita showed Victor a bag and then looked at him.. "You look a lot better."

Victor smiled and he kissed Anita. The kiss seemed to last for some minutes and Lionel smiled. He knew for sure that this love would last for ever.
I'm really glad that I finished this chapter before today, so I could post it to Sara on her birthday! :D

Happy Birthday Sara, and may many years follow.



Hannah belongs to both me ~Eszies-Eszie and Sara ~MSKM2001

The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and BBC.


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