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Anita's Secret 2
The wedding is near!
Chapter 13

It was the last day in August and Victor step out of his bed. It was one of the warmest nights, even though it was the end of summer.

Because of the warm night, Victor couldn't sleep. But that wasn't the only thing that was wrong. He'd felt something weird. It felt a little bit like an earthquake, but it wasn't that. It felt... wobbly.

Suddenly, he got it. It can only be... he thought and suddenly, the eyes of his teddy started to light up. "Dad." said Victor as he rushed to his teddy. "Dad, is it you?"

"Victor," sounded from the teddy and Victor grabbed the teddy bear, "Victor are you there?"

"Dad, what's going on?"

"Son, the Wobblemen are going to earth!" said Lionel and Victor just nodded. "I'm able to open a Dimension gate. But not long enough for me to come out. I need you to come into Dimension Ten."

Victor thought for a moment. He knew that Anita would kill him if he would do that, on the other hand, it could mean that his father would be with him at his wedding. "Give me the coordinates, Dad."

Lionel gave Victor the coordinates. "The gate will be opened at ten past ten! So don't be late, son."

"I won't be, Dad." said Victor and the eyes of the teddy bear became normal again. "I'm getting you out of there."


The next morning was an early morning for the women in the house. Both Anita and Hannah got up early. It was one of the last holidays for Hannah and it was Anita's time to stay home. So they decided to do something useful that day and they figured that they could go to one of the gardens not far away from their home.

"Mommy," said Hannah and Anita looked up. She was busy preparing breakfast for Victor, since he still wasn't out of his bed, "did you feel the earthquake?"

Anita gave Hannah a surprised look. "What earthquake?" Anita tried to remember when that could be. As far as she knew, there wasn't an earthquake, or she didn't feel one. It was very rare that England had an earthquake.

"Tonight! I felt an earthquake!" said Hannah and she looked to her mother. "Really, Mommy!"

Anita shook her head. "I think you dreamt that, Hannah."she said and she went on with the last preparations. "I think you should drag your Daddy out of his bed, sweetie. Otherwise he'll be late for work."

"She doesn't have to." sounded sleepily and Anita looked to Victor. "I'm already awake."

"Are you sure?" said Anita as she walked towards him. "You look pretty..."

"Messed up, I know." said Victor and he gave her a little smile. "I couldn't sleep because of the warmth that night."

Anita shook her head and she grabbed Victor's plate. "I think you shouldn't go to work today."

Victor sat down onto his chair and smiled. "No, I go to work. I don't think it'll be busy today, so I can get some sleep there."

"I hope you're right." said Anita and she sat down onto her chair. "Well, we won't be home until five o'clock."

Victor looked up in surprise. "Where are you going to?"

"We're going to the gardens, Daddy!" said Hannah and she gave Victor a hug. "I can't wait to see all the pretty flowers!"

Victor smiled and he gave Hannah a kiss on her cheek. "Well, I hope you have fun then." he said and he started with his breakfast.

"See you tonight." said Anita and she bended forward to give him a kiss. "Don't rush yourself and don't do foolish things."

Victor smiled. "I won't." he said and he gave Anita a kiss. "I'll see you tonight." Anita and Hannah both left the kitchen and Victor smiled a little bit. "I know you will love your surprise tonight."


At ten o'clock, Victor was at the place his father told him to be. He told his boss that he needed to take care of something and he could go.
It would be the first time in some long time that he could see his father again. And he couldn't wait to see him again.

Exactly ten minutes past ten, a dimension gate opened and Victor took a look into the gate. He saw a lot of Wobblemen, but he couldn't tell who could be his father.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed him and pulled him into the Tenth Dimension. "What.. Who...?" Victor couldn't understand what was going on.

"Be quiet Victor, it'll safe your life for now." said a voice, which sounded very familiar to him. "Let's go!"

Victor went after the man who saved him and not too much later, they were both standing in a hiding-place. "Thank you, Dad." said Victor and he looked to his father. "You look good."

Lionel Volt smiled and he looked to his son. "You don't look bad either." he said and he gave Victor a hug. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, I just hope I can get you out of here now. Mom can't wait to see you back home."

"I can understand that." said Lionel and he gave Victor a suit. "Now get changed before the Wobblemen suspect something."

Victor pulled on the suit, just like his last visit to the Wobblemen. "What's going on, Dad?" he said once he was in his suit.

"The Wobblemen are making a machine that will make a dimension gate that will be large enough to get all of the Wobblemen to earth."

Victor just nodded and he thought of something. "How did you get me here, without the other's knowing?"

"I'm part of a testing team, so I had to see if it worked alright." Lionel walked towards the group of Wobblemen. "It won't take long before they will go to earth."

"And we will be the firsts who are going up." said Victor and Lionel nodded.

"Being part of the testing team, also means that I have to go with the first group of Wobblemen." Lionel and Victor walked to the first group, which were waiting for the instructions. "We stay quiet until we are on earth. We might have to fight, but I guess that U.Z.Z. will be standing ready for the Wobblemen."

Victor sighed. "I hope so." he said and he listened to what one of the Wobblemen had to say. After the speech and the sheering, the machine went on and the first group of Wobblemen went towards earth. A small hundred of the men entered earth, with Victor and Lionel at the end of the group. Once the Wobblemen had reached earth, Lionel turned around and with steady hand, he threw something to the machine. It hit the right button and the machine started to explode.

But it had one downside too. All Wobblemen knew they had a traitor in their midst. And it didn't take them too long before they knew who the traitors were.
Both father and son started to fight against the hundred Wobblemen.

At some point, Victor got the chance to take off his suit and to call Ray for backup. "Ray, we need a big army of U.Z.Z. agents!"

"Why?" sounded from the other side.

"The Wobblemen are on earth and they are trying to take over!"

"We are on our way, just try to keep holding on!"

Victor shut down his communicator and he looked around him. "Dad, where are you?" It was difficult to find his father in the sea of red suits.

"I'm alright!" sounded, not far away from him and Victor fought his way towards his father. "Are they coming?"

Victor nodded and he gave a Wobbleman a nice kick and made him fall down. "I just hope they won't take too long!"

"Me neither! Something tells me that it might take a while before we win this war."


And it did take a while. After Ray and his army of U.Z.Z. agents had joined Victor and Lionel in their war against the Wobblemen, it would take some long hours before they were finally winning.

At the end of the war, both Victor and Ray were surrounded by the Wobblemen. And before Victor knew it, he felt a sharp pain in his right leg and the world turned black to him.
Yay! Finally! I've updated Anita's Secret 2...
It's been a pretty hard chapter for me to write, especially since I didn't have good Internet to do some good research...

But it's been done eventually...

Hannah belongs to both me ~Eszies-Eszie and Sara ~MSKM2001

The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and BBC.


First Chapter: [link]

Previous Chapter: [link]

Next Chapter:
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