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Anita's Secret 2
The wedding is near!
Chapter 11

It had to be one of the most quiet days in a certain house. Three people were still in bed and two of them didn't even have a reason to set their alarms.

But there was one alarm that kept on going, and it looked like it wasn't going to stop soon.

Anita groaned. She just got out of her bed, because it was her day off. The summer holidays already started for Hannah, so now either Victor or Anita had to stay at home for Hannah. And now, while she could stay in bed longer and he had to work, Victor let his alarm ringing. "Victor Volt," she said as she opened the door of Victor's bedroom, "you turn that thing off before I throw it out of the window!"
Normally, she wasn't this cranky, but there was a good reason for it. That day, she would go to a bridal store for her wedding dress. And she wanted some peace before the madness would start.

Victor groaned and he looked to his alarm. "What time is it?" He didn't sleep well that night. It was caused by the same nightmare that had been haunting him the whole week.

Anita shook her head and she turned the alarm off. "Time to go to work, Victor." she looked at him and helped him up his feet. "Is there something wrong, Victor?"

Victor gave her a little smile. "Just promise me you won't get a black wedding dress, Anita."

Anita chuckled. A few days ago, U.Z.Z. had a fight with T.H.E.M. And together with the knowledge that Anita would get a wedding dress, Victor had this strange dream ever since. In his dream, Anita would walk down the aisle in a black dress. And at some point, Anita would turn into Doctor Doctor. Anita knew about that and she figured that it was really funny, even though Victor couldn't really laugh about that.
"I promise you that I won't get a black wedding dress, Victor." she said and she gave Victor a kiss on his cheek.

"Thank you, now go back to bed, it's still early in the morning."

Anita smiled. "Good luck at work, Victor." and she went back to her bedroom to get dressed and be ready and awake before the other women would be there.


It was around ten o'clock when Anita and Hannah were both sitting at the kitchen table. Because the alarm awakened Hannah too, the women decided that they should make some cookies to kill the time.

"Mommy," Hannah said as Anita stood up, "can I get a dress too?"

Anita smiled and she grabbed the plate with the cookies. "Of course you can." she said as she placed the cookies into the oven. "It'll be your big day too." Hannah gave her a big smile and the doorbell rang when Anita turned on the oven. "Why don't you go and open the door? It'll probably will be Granny or Auntie Krista."

"Okay!" said Hannah and she rushed towards the front door. "Auntie!" she said as soon as she saw Krista standing there.

"Niece!" said Krista with a big smile. Even though she had seen Hannah a couple of times, it was still hard to believe that she was actually an aunt. "Where's your mother?"

"She's in the kitchen, making cookies. Where is Granny?"

Krista laughed. "She'll be here soon, she's parking the car." she turned around and noticed Jocelyn getting out of the car. "Why don't you wait for Granny to come in while I go to the kitchen?" when Hannah agreed with it, Krista walked into the house. She had to agree that her sister had it all. A nice house, a nice fiancé and a wonderful daughter.

"Good morning, sister." said Krista as she walked into the kitchen. "How are you?"

Anita laughed and she walked to Krista. "I'm alright, Krista. How are you?" she said after she gave her younger sister a hug.

Krista smiled. "Just figuring out what I have to do now I finished school." Just before Hannah's birthday, Krista got her diploma and now she didn't know whether she wanted to continue school or go to work. Just like her sister, she knows a lot about karate and she did already had a job as a karate trainer for kids.

"Well, as long as you follow your heart, everything will be alright." said Anita when Jocelyn walked into the room. "Hello Mum."

"Hi honey, ready for your big day?" said Jocelyn as she gave her daughter a hug.

Anita chuckled. "Well, it is just my wedding dress we are going to buy." Anita looked around her. "Where is Hannah?"

"I believe she saw Mildred coming as well, so she waited for her at the front door." said Jocelyn, just when they heard the front door getting closed.

"Hello everyone." said Mildred with a smile and she looked to Anita. "So, ready for the most beautiful dress you are going to wear in your life?"

Anita laughed. "Now we're all here, let's go before I get more nervous then I already am."


Together with her family, Anita walked into the bridal store. The moment Anita walked into the store, an older woman walked towards her. "Ah Ms. Knight. I see you brought your family with you." the woman said with a smile. "So, ready to show your dress?" What nobody knew, was that Anita went to the store before. She made an appointment for trying a dress and she asked if she could take her family with her. And she figured that now she already was in the shop, she could look for a dress already. And she found one.

Anita gave the woman a little smile. "Not yet. I let my mother and mother-in-law pick a dress to, to see what they want me to wear." she looked to the women. "Mom, Mildred, this is Mrs. Breckenridge."

Jocelyn shook Mrs. Breckenridge's hand. "I'm Jocelyn, mother of the bride."

Mrs. Breckenridge smiled and she looked to Mildred. "That makes you the mother-in-law."

Mildred nodded. "My name is Mildred." she looked from Mrs. Breckenridge to Anita. "Did you already pick a dress?"

Anita nodded. "But I want you to pick a dress too. Just for fun." Who knows, maybe her mother or mother-in-law picked one she actually liked more than her own dress.

Mildred and Jocelyn looked to each other and shrugged. "Sure, why not?" said Jocelyn and she walked towards the wedding dresses.

After Mildred decided to find a dress as well, Mrs. Breckenridge looked to Anita. "Do you want a cup of tea?"

Anita smiled and she sat down onto the couch. "I'd love to have one." she said and she looked to her sister and daughter, who were searching for their own dress. Anita and Hannah discussed what colour the dress should have. Anita didn't mind it if Hannah wanted a white dress, since the wedding would be in the winter and any other winter colour would do too. Hannah didn't want to have a black dress, so that was one concern less.

"Here you go." said Mrs. Breckenridge and she gave Anita a cup. "So, how long are you and your fiancé together?"

Anita smiled. "Almost a year now, but I know him for four or five years." she looked to Mrs. Breckenridge. "It's not that we hesitated our wedding, but we'd never really told each other what we felt for each other until last year." Anita looked to Hannah and smiled. "And he is a wonderful father for my daughter."

"Anita," suddenly sounded and Anita looked to Krista, "what do you think of this dress, for me?" Krista showed Anita a white dress with a golden waistband. The band was held together with a silver flower on the side.

"It looks beautiful!" said Anita with a big smile. "Why don't you already try it on? It'll take a while before either Mom or Mildred has a dress."

Krista smiled and Mrs. Breckenridge showed her the fitting rooms. "You have a nice sister." said Mrs. Breckenridge when she walked back to Anita.

Anita chuckled. "She's a true sweetheart. And she loves her niece enough to spoil her when my family comes to visit us."

Just when both Mildred and Jocelyn walked to Anita and Mrs. Breckenridge with a dress in their hands, Krista walked out of the fitting room. "So, what do you think?" Krista turned around and she looked from Anita to her mother.

"You look beautiful!" said Jocelyn with a big smile. "You look like a princess."

Krista laughed and she looked to her niece. "What do you think of it?"

"You look great!" said Hannah.

"Thank you, honey!" said Krista and she gave Hannah a hug. "I'll take this off and we'll find a beautiful dress for you." and Krista walked back to the fitting room.

"Well, we found a dress for you." said Mildred and she looked to her daughter-in-law. She was more curious about which dress Anita picked.

Anita smiled and she took the dresses. Then she looked to Mrs. Breckenridge. "Would you like to help me with them?"

"Certainly." Mrs. Breckenridge stood up from the couch and together with Anita, she walked to the fitting rooms.
Hannah, Jocelyn & Krista belong to both me ~Eszies-Eszie and Sara ~MSKM2001

The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and BBC.


First Chapter: [link]

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Next Chapter: [link]
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