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A toast to our future

It was just another day at the end of July in the United Kingdom. The day just started and people started to go to work and those who had children, had to stay home or bring the kids to someone else. But it was also another day to save the world for the U.Z.Z. agents.

Which meant that Anita Knight should be going to work now. She went to the kitchen to see if her father was there.

Before she was born, Arthur Knight had been a Special Agent at U.Z.Z. But once Anita was born, he decided to give up the dangerous job and become a teacher. By the time Anita turned eight, her father had been abducted by the Impostors. Nobody could found them, but a year ago, Victor Volt and Anita Knight rescued him.
Ever since the rescue, Arthur stayed at Anita's house and things were almost back to normal.

Arthur was at the kitchen table, reading the morning paper and finishing his breakfast. "Ah, good morning, Annie!" said Anita's father with a big smile and Anita chuckled. Annie was his nickname for her, ever since she was young.

"Good morning, dad." said Anita and she gave her father a kiss on his cheek. "Do you need to work today?"

Arthur nodded. "Three lectures today." he said. Since Arthur was back on the surface, he decided to go back to his old job. Being a history teacher was something he loved to do. "So I don't think I would home in time for dinner."

"That's alright. It's been quiet the last few days, so I'm guessing that it would be a busy day for me too." Anita looked to the clock. "I'll better be going. I'll see you tonight!"

"Be careful!" was the last thing Anita heard from the house and Anita smiled. It was so great to have her father back home.


While Secret Agent Knight went to her work, the U.Z.Z. agents of Ray's team just finished their briefing. The U.Z.Z. agents always started a little bit earlier than the Secret Agents. Debriefing the last working day and the briefing of that day. To see if there would be any possible threat to the world.

While most of his agents walked out of the room, Special Agent Ray looked to one of his female agents. Agent Kowalski. She was his female agent for three years now. "Kowalski, I'd like to talk to you." said Ray when he noticed that she wanted to leave the room.

"Yes, sir!" said Kowalski. She looked to the other blond, female agent. "I'll see you later, Eliza." she said and walked to Ray. "Why do you need me, sir?" she asked.

Ray took a deep breath. He had no idea how to say it and no idea how Kowalski would react to it. "Kowalski, would you like...well..." he started to stumble. "To go on a dinner with me?"

"A dinner, sir?"

"Well, to celebrate you being in my team for three years now."

"Just you and me, sir?" asked Kowalski and Ray nodded. "Isn't that strange?" Ray had no idea what to say to that. All he could do, was hoping that Kowalski wouldn't mind going on a date. "I'd love to go, sir." Kowalski eventually said.

"Good. I'll pick you up at six."

"Can I go now, sir?" asked Kowalski and Ray nodded.

After Kowalski left, Ray had to sit down for a moment. For the couple of months, he had the feeling he missed something. His agent Kent Trusted already started a family and even the sister of his best friend Victor Volt was pregnant. Ray missed someone when he was at home alone.
And he started to look to women differently. And Kowalski made his heart beat faster when he saw her after work.

"A penny for your thought." sounded and Ray looked up. In the door opening was Secret Agent Victor Volt. "Did you meet a new girl, Ray?"

Ray gave Victor a little smile as Victor approached him. "Something like that. But how is your sister?"

"It won't take long before the baby is born." said Victor with a big smile. He sat down onto the chair and looked at Ray. There was no way that he was going to drop the 'girlfriend-subject'. "But tell me about that woman. What does she looks like?"

Ray sighed. "She's blond and has blue eyes. And she is sweet." He couldn't tell Victor that he was in love with Kowalski. Both his and Kowalski's jobs would be at risk if someone would find out about it. Especially if Kowalski wouldn't love him back. But now it was time to turn the tables. "How about you and Anita?"

Victor looked at Ray with big eyes. "How do you know...?"

"Almost all Secret Agents pairs fall in love with each other and get together."

"Well, I haven't told her yet, and I'm not planning to tell it to her soon. I don't think she is a woman who wants to get married and get children and things like that."

"And you are ready for that?"

"Well, sometimes, I do wonder about having a family and having a wife. But I'm not sure if I would be ready for it." Victor started to chuckle. "Well, at least I'll have a nephew or a niece soon, so I will get a little bit of practice." Suddenly, his communicator went off and Victor answered the call. "I'll be right there, Anita." he said and he stood up. "I'll see you later, Ray. And I want some more details about your mystery lady!"

Ray just shook his head as Victor rushed out of the room. This was going to be a long day. He just hoped that at least one bad guy would attack U.Z.Z., so Victor didn't have the time to ask about the date.


Victor Volt rushed into the Briefing Room. He thought that he was at U.Z.Z. on time to talk to Ray a little bit about things, but apparently, his communicator was a little bit behind. "I'm sorry I'm late." he said as he walked to his seat. Anita Knight, Professor Professor and his boss Changed Daily were there already. "I don't think my communicator shows the right time."

"It's alright, Victor." said Changed Daily. Like always, his arm rested on the corner of the mantelpiece, waiting patiently to get his briefing started. "I just wanted to start, so you are just in time."

"Thank you, chief." said Victor and he sat down. "Is there any news today?"

"Well, as you know, for reasons of the tightest security,  my name is Changed Daily. And today, you may call me...." his communicator bleeped and Changed Daily grabbed it out of his pocket. "Oh...Potted Cyclops."

The agents and the professor started to laugh. "So, Potted Cyclops," Anita started, once she stopped laughing, "are there any signs of attacks from some bad guys?"

"As far as Ray and his team are concerned, there is no threat." said Potted Cyclops. "So I suggest that you two use your time good and get some training."

"Yes sir!" said Victor and Anita and they stand up from their chair.

"Victor, I will call you when I need you for some experiments." said the Bavarian professor and Victor groaned, but he didn't get the chance to defend himself. "Well, you are the best person to test my inventions with." Professor Professor hopped out of his chair. "I'm going to work onto that time-machine. Maybe I can make it work someday soon." and with that, he walked out of the Briefing Room.

Victor looked to his boss. "Can't you tell him that I'm not a labrat?" Ever since he started to work for U.Z.Z., Victor had to do a lot of strange things. From getting his blind spots removed to getting Lucky Leo's DNA. And not to forget that his DNA got mixed up with an evil cat and he got sent down to the Impostors. Even though he worked for U.Z.Z. more than five years, he felt more like a labrat than a Secret Agent.

"I'm sorry, Victor." said Potted Cyclops. "But Professor Professor does what he wants. I can't tell him what he can and cannot do."

Anita grabbed Victor's arm. "Come on, Victor. It's time to get some training." she said goodbye to Potted Cyclops and dragged Victor with her to the Training Room.

Potted Cyclops sighed. There was a time where he was part of a team, a team which looked a lot like Victor and Anita. He and Lucy Woo were a great team. They could stop every villain when they were working. No crime during their shift. That was, until that evil Hamster Man came along and Lucy went with him to his secret hiding place.
Even though they have found Lucy a couple of years ago, Lucy didn't completely forgave him for not looking for her all those years.

But they were friends again, and Potted Cyclops hoped that they could become lovers one day, so they wouldn't be alone at their old age.


While Potted Cyclops was thinking about his past, Victor and Anita were in the Training Room, practising some of their karate skills.
At a quiet day like that, most agents were practising or having a day exercising outside at one of the training fields.

"So, are you giving up already?" said Victor with a big smile. He was standing in the middle of the room, while Anita was standing a few feet away from him. While Anita was training her attacking skills, Victor was training his defence skills. And most of the time, attack was more exhausting than defence.

"I don't think so!" said Anita. She took a run, ready to attack once again. Once she was close to Victor, she jumped and ready to give him a nice kick.

Only, Victor communicator was a little bit faster than Anita and Victor rushed to his communicator, which lead to a big mistake for Anita. "Hi, Richard! So is..." said Victor, once he answered the call.

"I can't believe you just let me fall!" Anita said while Victor was talking to his communicator. A few moments later, Victor ended the call and he walked to Anita. "You big, lousy, terrible....Why did you leave your communicator on?"

"I'm sorry, Anita." said Victor and he helped her back on her feet. "But I got a call this morning from my mother." he looked into Anita's eyes. "Richard told her that Melissa's contractions started and that it wouldn't take long before I would be an uncle."

Anita gave him a surprised look. Melissa was Victor's older sister and, after an awkward start, also Anita's friend. Melissa was married to Richard Taylor for a little bit longer than a year now and she had been pregnant for more than nine months. "So you just became an uncle then?"

Victor nodded. "I have a little nephew." he said. "Richard didn't tell me the name yet, but I'm allowed to come and visit them this afternoon."

"Well, congratulations." said Anita with a big smile. "But is Melissa getting back to U.Z.Z. or is she going to stay home now?"

Victor laughed. "Apparently, you don't know my sister that well, Anita. Melissa hates it to be home all day, so she will be back as an U.Z.Z. psychologist soon." Victor started to think and then he gave Anita a little smile. "What do you say of going on a date tonight?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"To celebrate the fact that I'm an uncle now." said Victor. "Just getting some dinner somewhere, nothing more."

Anita thought for a few moments. "Well, sure why not?" she said and she gave Victor a little smile. "As long as you pay for dinner."

"Okay, if you are going to pay for lunch." said Victor with a big smile and Anita nodded. "Good, that's a deal, then. Lets go back to practise."
Yes, finally had the time to write something!!!!

This is the sequel to 'I won't let you down' and most of my earlier stories.

I'll place a journal about my stories soon, to make it more sense, but for now, I hope you enjoy it!

These people belong to me ~Eszies-Eszie
:bulletpurple: Arthur Knight
:bulletpurple: Melissa Volt - Taylor
:bulletpurple: Richard Taylor
:bulletpurple: Eliza Fox


Next Chapter: [link]
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