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A toast to our future

It was lunchtime for most of the U.Z.Z. agents. Those who weren't on a exhausting exercise on one of the training fields, had a peaceful day. There were no Impostors, no Reptogators and no T.H.E.M.

"Don't you have any idea what your nephew's name could be?" asked Anita, as she and Victor walked towards the canteen. It was also lunchtime for them, and it was a nice time to catch up with their friends.

Victor shook his head. "Melissa and Richard were very secretive about the name. They told no-one about it." They walked to the line to get something to eat.

After Anita paid for their lunch, they went to one of the many tables. It was already occupied by Agent Kent B. Trusted. "Hey, how are you?" said Kent with his southern accent.

"Wonderful!" said Victor with a big smile, as he sat down onto the seat across Kent. "I just became an uncle."

Kent smiled. "Congrats, and when are you going to start with a family?"

"That depends, how are your boys behaving?" A few weeks after Kent married Dahlia Smith, they found out the they were getting a baby. And almost two years later, they had two boys.

"They are angels." said Kent with a smile. "Only Kevin seems to be a night person, he sleeps almost all day and is awake all evening."

Anita chuckled. "Well, he is a few weeks old. Maybe he'll change later." she said as two blond women sat down at the table as well.

"About who are you talking about?" asked Kowalski and she looked to her co-workers. They had been working together for years now, and she saw them as close friends.

"About my sons." said Kent with a proud smile. There was no way that you could tell that this proud father of two sons was a secret double agent. He still worked for T.H.E.M., but he didn't like it anymore. He got more friends at U.Z.Z. than he had at T.H.E.M, so it was hard to betray his friends. He already told Doctor Doctor that he worked less at U.Z.Z., because his family took more time. He didn't mind that Doctor Doctor threat him to take him off his assignment, it would make things a lot easier for him. But until now, it was still an empty threat and Kent was still a double agent.

"You know, Kent, there is always one thing I've wondered about you." said the other blond agent. It was Eliza Fox. She had been an U.Z.Z. Agent for more than two years now and she still loved her job.

Kent looked up. For a moment, he was afraid that he had been seen near T.H.E.M. or Doctor Doctor, but he hadn't been near them for weeks now. "What is it, Eliza?"

"For what stands the 'B' in Kent B Trusted?"

Before  Kent could answer that, Victor gave an explanation. "It means that you can't trust Kent."

"Very funny, Victor Volt." said Kent and he looked back at Eliza. "It stands for 'Benjamin'."

"I can see why you don't use that name." said Kowalski with a teasing smile.

"What about you, Kowalski?" said Kent, stretching the name 'Kowalski'. "We don't even know your first name."

"That is because I have a common name." said Kowalski, as Ray sat down at their table too. Even though Ray was the boss of Kowalski, Kent and Eliza, he still had lunch with them, when it was possible. And just like the other agents, he had never heard about her first name. Not even when he had met her for the first time. It was up to the agents if they wanted to use their first or last name.

"Well, what is it then?" asked Anita. She was Kowalski's best friend, but she had never heard about Kowalski's first name either.


Victor and Anita looked to each other. "I don't think I can recall an agent who's called 'Kyrsten'." said Victor and the others nodded.

Kowalski laughed. "Watch this." she stood up and called: "Kyrsten!" A few other women looked up and they waved at Kowalski. She sat down again and looked to her friends. "That's why I let you call me 'Kowalski'. There are too many Kyrstens around here, and just one Kowalski."

"Alright, good point." said Eliza. "But what if you are getting married? We are used to calling you Kowalski."

"I'll just keep my name." Kowalski looked to Anita. "But how about you, Anita? Do you have middle name?"

Anita smiled. "Why do you want to know?" she said.

"Well, we are best friends and best friends tell each other everything."

"I didn't know your first name."


"But you got us wondering as well." said Ray with a smile.

"It's 'Guinevere'." said Anita and she saw her friends surprised looks, she decided to explain her middle name. "Because my father's name is 'Arthur', he figured it would be fun to call his first daughter after the queen who married the old, British and legendary King Arthur. Even though she cheated on him."

"Well, I think it's a beautiful name." said Victor with a comforting smile. Just when he wanted to say more, his communicator started to ring once again. "Victor Volt." he said when he answered the call.  

"He's a wanted man today." said Anita with a sigh.

"Is he seeing someone?" asked Ray surprised. The bond between Ray and Victor was almost like brothers. They told each other almost everything that seemed important to them. Like new girlfriends, new releases of comics and games and things like that.

"No, Melissa just got her baby and right in the middle of our training, Richard decided to call Victor."

"With what result?" asked Eliza with a big smile. She could see it all happen. Right in the middle of an intensive training and Victor takes a call.

"I missed Victor and I think I still have some bruises everywhere." said Anita. "But, to make it up to me, he asked me to go on dinner together. To celebrate the fact that he's an uncle now."

Victor turned off his communicator. "I just spoke to Melissa." he said with a big smile. "She's feeling a lot better now, but the doctors are going to keep her for the night, to make sure everything is alright."

"You know, it makes me wonder..." started Kowalski and she looked to Anita. "How big would his smile be when he would become a father?"

The others started to snicker and Victor laughed. "Much bigger." he said and he looked to Anita. "Melissa can't wait to see you too, so do you want to come along with me after work?"

Anita smiled. "I'd love to. I can't wait to see her son." she grabbed her communicator and she stood up. "I just going to call my father, explaining why I'm not able to make dinner tonight." and she walked away, so she could make the call in peace.

"So, when are you going to tell her?" said Kowalski and Victor looked at her.

"Tell who what?"

"Tell Anita that you like her, and not just as a friend or partner at work." the others nodded. They had the feeling that Victor loved Anita, but didn't know if Anita loved Victor or not.

Victor let out a deep sigh. "You know that I just can't tell her that. I don't want to ruin our friendship, not yet."

"Do it quick before someone does." whispered Kent once Anita had finished the call to her father. "You don't want to loose her, do you?"

"Well, my father doesn't mind it." said Anita with a smile once she sat down at the table again. "So at what time do you want to go?"

"I figured we could go to Melissa after work, go back home to get changed and then I would pick you up at... well... let's say around seven."

At that moment, a communicator went off. All six of them checked their communicator, but it was Kent who had to answer a call. "I'll be right home, honey." said Kent and he stood up. "I have to go home, there is something going on in the store and the boys need some attention too."

"Tell Dahlia we will come and visit her soon." said Kowalski. Kent nodded, waved goodbye and walked out of the canteen. "I don't think I would have believed it if someone would have told me that we would be friends with 'Delilah' when she still worked for U.Z.Z. and T.H.E.M." Before Dahlia started her flower shop and got married to Kent, she was known as 'Delilah'. She was a double agent for T.H.E.M. and drugged Victor with a love potion. But things didn't turn out well for T.H.E.M. and both Victor and Dahlia were saved from an unwanted marriage.

"She's a wonderful woman once you know her a lot better." said Anita with a smile. Once the whole thing was over, the women became best friends with Dahlia and the women saw Dahlia mostly when they came to her store to buy flowers.  "But I believe that it's been since Kevin is born that I've visited her. I haven't even bought a flower out of her store."

Ray finished his lunch and he stood up. "Well, I have some reports to write." he said and looked to the two blond women. "Don't talk for too long."

"We won't, sir." said Eliza with a smile and Ray walked away. "He is in a good mood today."

Victor smiled. "I've heard he's going on a date tonight." he said. "So maybe he's going with a girlfriend."

Kowalski almost choked on her lunch. "Do you think?" she asked, once she regain her breath again.

"Well, why else would he be so happy?"

Kowalski shrugged. She had no other explanation, than a date with a girlfriend. But that would mean that she was the girlfriend. Kowalski thought for a moment. She really liked Ray. He was different than any other man at U.Z.Z. He was sweet and kind and... He might be in love with me.

"Are you alright, Kowalski?" asked Eliza, once Kowalski's face turned a little bit pale.

"Yes, I'm alright." said Kowalski and she stood up. "I'd better be going. Otherwise Ray would be on my back."

While Kowalski walked out of the canteen, Eliza brought her face closer to the others. "I get the idea that she has an eye on Ray." she whispered.

Victor and Anita looked to each other. "It could explain why she almost choked when I said something about 'girlfriend'." said Victor. Ray and Kowalski, that could be a great couple.

Anita smiled. "I think they would be a sweet couple. The boss and his..." Anita stopped for a moment. Suddenly, she remembered one of the U.Z.Z. regulations. It was almost impossible to have a lover who works for U.Z.Z. too. "But what about the regulations?"

"I wouldn't worry too much about it." Lucy Woo sat down next to the others. "A Special Agent and an U.Z.Z. Agent can get a relationship, as long as they won't show it in public, at the workspace and their relationship shouldn't interfere with their job." Being an U.Z.Z. Agent for years, Lucy knew the regulations by heart.
She wasn't an Agent any more, of any kind. Lucy was now a Gym Instructor and mostly helped the new agents with the karate training.  

"What about...." Victor stopped in the middle of his sentence. Both his parents were U.Z.Z. Agents too, but they got married, so it had to work somehow.

Eliza stood up. "I should be going too, otherwise I'll get the crappy chores today." she said goodbye to the others and walked away.

"I guess we should be going too." said Anita and she looked to Lucy. "We'll see you later this afternoon." Victor and Anita had agreed that they would help Lucy with training the new U.Z.Z. agents.

Lucy smiled. "Take care." she said as the Secret Agents walked away. She knew that the relationship between Victor and Anita could go deeper than just partners. And somehow, she had the feeling that it wouldn't take long before Victor and Anita found out that they loved each other.
Yeah, I know it's fast, but I managed to do it :)

I'm not sure what the 'B' would stand for in 'Kent B. Trusted', but I take this as a good guess.

These people belong to me ~Eszies-Eszie
:bulletpurple: Melissa Volt - Taylor
:bulletpurple: Richard Taylor
:bulletpurple: Eliza Fox
:bulletpurple: Dahlia Smith - Trusted
:bulletpurple: Kevin Trusted
:bulletpurple: Dean Trusted
:bulletpurple: Kowalski's first name 'Kyrsten'
:bulletpurple: Anita's middle name 'Guinevere'


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