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A toast to our future
Evening 2

It was some minutes after eight and Victor and Anita were enjoying a night out together that night. And it wasn't just in any place. Oh no, it was even better. They had dinner at 'The Golden Lion'.

Anita still couldn't believe it. She was at 'The Golden Lion', together with Victor. 'The Golden Lion' had a reputation of good food and Anita was curious about that. Even though she didn't live far away from the restaurant, she had never there to have dinner. "So, why did you take me here?" she asked Victor.

Victor smiled. "Because I had to make it up to you, didn't I?"

Anita chuckled. So he did keep his word to her and took her to a nice place, even though she didn't help him with his sky-bike. "Yes, and I'm glad that you took me to this place."


"No 'buts', I am really happy to be here with you."

Victor gave her a devilish smile. "I'm just teasing you, Anita." he said and he looked to her glass. "Should I refill it?"

Anita looked to her champagne glass. It was empty now and Victor had already refilled it once. "Well, alright. But not completely full." Afraid what would happen when she would drink too much, she didn't want to take any risks. Summer holiday may start

Victor nodded and he filled half of her glass with champagne. "Anita," he said, while he was refilling his glass, "do you want children?"

Anita blinked. "Why... What makes you ask that?"

"Well, I am an uncle now and I'm just curious what you think of children." He was still happy about the fact that his sister got her baby that morning.

Anita smiled. "Well, I guess I want children. But I want to get married first and then I'll see. "

"How many children?"

"Two, maybe three, but four would be the maximum."

Victor smiled. "I wouldn't go further than three. But I need a wife first to get children." When he saw how Anita looked at him, he gave her a apologizing smile. "I didn't mean it like that. I really want to have a wife and children."

Anita grabbed her glass and took a sip. "You know, Victor, it's been some time that we have gone out together."

"I think we can say a year or so since our last... Well...." Victor wasn't sure if he could call it a date. It was together with his mother, sister and his brother-in-law. So it wasn't technically a date.

"It was a great dinner with your family, Victor." said Anita. "But it was indeed the last thing we did together, outside work." It had been more than a year ago when they had that dinner. It was really great to meet the complete Volt-family, but it wasn't technically a date.

"But we did have fun, didn't we?"

Anita smiled. "Yeah, we did have fun." It was a nice night out and Victor and Anita even had some time alone, just to talk about things. "We should do this more often, Victor."

Victor nodded and he raised his glass. "Well, to the future then."

Anita chuckled and she clinked her glass to his. "To the future."


Kowalski and Ray just got their dinner and they started eating. While they were waiting for their dinner, they had the chance to talk a little bit about each other's lives. Ray found out that Kowalski would love to become a Secret Agent one day. Not that she didn't like to be an U.Z.Z. Agent, but being a Secret Agent was her goal.

"I hope you'll become a Secret Agent soon." said Ray with a little smile. "You really deserve it." He hated that she wouldn't be in his team any more, but he did whatever he needed to do to support his love of his life.

Kowalski laughed. "You're not saying that only because I love you, do you?"

Ray started to laugh with her. "Of course not. You are one of the best agents I have."

"One of the best?"

"Yes, Kent is really working hard now too, ever since he's married to Dahlia."

Kowalski nodded. "That is true." Kent had never worked that hard before he saw Dahlia again. It was like she changed him, in many ways. "You know, I really should go and visit her. I haven't seen Dahlia and her boys for some time."

Ray smiled. "Kyrsten, would you like to have a family?" Ray himself, he would love to have a family. A few kids, maybe a dog and a nice house, that's all he wanted someday.

"Yes." said Kowalski with a big smile. "I can't wait to be a mother someday. And hopefully soon too."

"Well, we need to know first if we truly love each other before we rush into things." said Ray and he stood up.

"Oh no, you are not going to..." Kowalski's eyes became big and her mind started spin around. This is too soon, he can't ask me now! We barely know each other!

"Going to what?" asked Ray when he stood still next to her. He knew exactly what the love of his life was thinking, but he wanted to hear it from her.

"To ask me..."

Ray didn't let her finish her sentence. "If you love me." he bended towards her and gave her a kiss. It was a true lovers kiss. Fireworks, butterflies, everything that a man and a woman in love should feel was what they felt at that time. And that's when they knew it for sure; they loved each other for real.

"I love you, Ray." whispered Kowalski after the kiss.

"I love you too, Kyrsten."


Meanwhile, Victor and Anita got their dinner. While Victor was enjoying his vegetarian meal, Anita was enjoying her fish and chips.  

"I still can't believe why people should eat meat." said Victor while he looked at Anita's plate. Of course, his own mother wasn't a vegetarian either, but he still kept wondering about why someone would eat meat. He always felt sorry for the animals who turned into meals for the people.

"Believe me, Victor. It's sometimes good to have something fishy on your plate." said Anita with a chuckle. But immediately, she regretted what she just said. Why would I make a remark like that? It wasn't even funny... Anita looked to her fish. It was a good piece of fish, so she couldn't understand why she would make a joke about that. "I'm sorry, Victor. I didn't know..."

Victor laughed. "Don't you worry, Anita. I thought it was a good reply." He'd never expect that Anita would be like that, but it was funny to hear things like that from her.

Anita shook her head. "It's the champagne that's talking for me now, I'm afraid." Besides the fact that it had been a long time since she and Victor did something together outside work, she hadn't been gone out at all. Work asked too much of her spare time and she never had been the outgoing person anyway. "I don't think I should be drinking more."

"Well, just eat something and you'll be much better." said Victor with a smile. He had the same experience before. But in his case, after some dinner, you would feel 'normal' again. "Beside, you just finished your third glass. I always thought you could handle more."

"Haha, very funny, Victor. But apparently, I can't." Anita took a bite of her fish and she looked at him. "What about you? Can you handle more?"

"Is that a bet, Miss Knight?" said Victor, his voice sounding very much defiant. He was curious if Anita would bite.

"No bets, Victor." Anita growled at him and Victor started to laugh. Anita sighed. "Alright, you had me, now what?"

"Let's just finish our dinner, okay?"



"Would it be too early to ask if you would come with me for some coffee or something like that?"

Kowalski looked at Ray. They just finished their coffee and Ray was waiting for the waiter to bring the bill, so he could pay and they could leave. But Kowalski didn't want to be left alone already. She wanted to be together with Ray a little bit longer.

Ray looked back at Kowalski. That was the last thing he'd expected from her. An invitation to her apartment. "I don't know, Kyrsten. As long as it won't go further than drinking coffee." Ray wanted to be sure if their love was real and if they really would be together for the rest of their lives before he would take the next step.

Kowalski laughed. "No, it won't. But I always think it's nice to have a little talk in private. You know, together on the couch, just talking or just holding each other." She couldn't wait to be alone with Ray. All the things they could talk about, being romantic without showing it to the rest to the world. That was all she wanted right now.

Ray smiled. He had to admit that it would be nice to hold the woman you love near. "Well, in that case, I'd love to come along." he looked to his watch. They had been there for almost four hours right now; it had to be one of the longest dates, already. "Would you believe me if I would tell you it was ten thirty already?"

"Are you serious?" Ray nodded. "That's amazing. Did it take them that long to bring us the coffee?"

"No, it took us that long to order something." said Ray with a smile. They had been talking about so many things, that they forgot to look at their menu and pick out a meal every time the waiter was at their table. "But we did enjoy it, didn't we?"

Kowalski smiled. "Well, I did enjoy it. What do you think of our date."

"I loved it." whispered Ray, once waiter arrived at their table. He paid the bill and he looked at Kowalski. "So, shall we go now?"

Kowalski nodded and she stood up from her chair. Just when she wanted to put on her coat, she noticed something. "Aren't that Victor and Anita?"

Ray looked to the door of the restaurant. And indeed, Victor and Anita were both walking through the door, getting out of the restaurant. But something seemed a little bit odd about them. "Do they look drunk to you?"

Kowalski laughed. Victor and Anita were walking like two giggling, almost like drunk teenagers. "I think they're hammered, yes." she shook her head. She had never seen Anita hammered, let alone that she had ever seen Anita drunk. "Well, they will be alright, or at least I hope they will be alright."

Ray nodded and he walked towards Kowalski. "Shall we go, miss?" he offered her an arm and Kowalski accepted it. "I can't wait to see your apartment."

Kowalski chuckled. "You'll love it." she said and they walked outside. "But what about work?"

"As long as we don't show the others that we love each other, it isn't a problem."

Kyrsten smiled and she stopped in front of Ray's car. "I'm glad about that." she said. "I don't want to quit working for you just yet." she leant forward and she gave Ray a kiss on his cheek. "I love you."

Ray gave her a big smile back and kissed her on her lips. "I love you too." He looked at her. "Shall we have a toast at your place too?"

"To what do you want to toast to?"

"To our love," Ray opened the car door for Kowalski, "and to what the future may bring."

"I couldn't agree more..."
The last chapter of 'A toast to our future'

Hoped you liked it.


First Chapter: [link]

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Previous Chapter: [link]
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Nessie222 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hon, don't write at night....
This is why:

....she had never there to have dinner....
she didn't want to take any risks. Summer holiday may start What... Am I missing something? ;P

Just don't write at night, Es! :XD:
VictorVoltfan1 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Student Photographer
Victor and Anita are drunk? XD I'd never expect that was coming :XD: good thing Vic left the car at home :) Drunk driving kills.
Eszies-Eszie Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Hahaha, I guess that's what will happen when you haven't drink some alcohol for some time ;) Besides, it's never a good idea to drink and drive. I know I won't drink and drive. It's either drink or drive.
VictorVoltfan1 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011  Student Photographer
Same here. NEVER EVER!! No sir! I stay away from every single beer and achohol even if it has the word in it I freak out!
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I do drink alcohol, once in a while, but not when I have to go away with the car. Only when I'm home or when I'm traveling by bike.
ImperialHope Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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ImperialHope Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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