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A toast to our future

Kowalski looked to herself in the mirror. She was wearing a black summer dress and black heels. She didn't wear make-up, in case it was just a business date. Ray wasn't really clear about... well, anything. Where they would be going and about what they should be talking about.

I hope I'm ready for it, for any kind of date. She looked to the clock. It had been already six o'clock, and it wouldn't take long before Ray would be at her door.

Just when she wanted to go to the kitchen to get something to drink to calm her nerves, her doorbell started to ring. That must be him, she thought and she rushed to the front door. She opened the door and she felt her breath being taken away. Ray was standing in front of her, looking quite smashing in his dark blue suit. He was still wearing his sunglasses, but his earpiece was out. "Hi, Ray." she stumbled.

"Hello, Kyrsten." said Ray with a little smile. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw her standing there, wearing a short black dress. "You look beautiful."

Kowalski blinked her eyes. First he called her Kyrsten for the very first time and he thinks that she looks beautiful! "Thank you." she whispered and she looked at Ray. "Shall we go now?"

Ray's smile grew and he offered her his arm. "Are you ready?"

Kowalski nodded. I'm curious how this will be, she thought once she walked towards Ray's car. She already knew that this would be a night she wouldn't forget so easily, but she didn't know what the night would bring.


While Ray and Kowalski just started their date, Victor was still at his mother's place. He was in his room, fuzzing with his tie in front of the mirror when his mother came to the room. "How is it going, honey?" Mildred asked when she walked into the room. It wouldn't be long before Victor would be going on his date with Anita, and Mildred just wanted to talk to him before she wouldn't see him for the rest of the night.

"Alright, I guess." said Victor and he looked to his mirror image. His tie was all messed up and Victor sighed. "I'm just having troubles with my tie." He never wore a tie, but he wanted to look the best for Anita that night. But because he had never wore a tie, he also didn't know how to tie it.

Mildred chuckled and walked towards Victor. "Don't you worry about the tie. Your father didn't know how to handle that even after we were married." Mildred tied the tie and she looked at Victor. "Are you nervous, Victor?"

"No... well..."

Mildred smiled. "Just a little bit?"

"Yes, I think so." Victor looked to the mirror once again. He was wearing black trousers, light-blue shirt and a dark tie. "Won't a tie be too much of it?" he asked.

Mildred shook her head. "You don't know what you want, do you?" she said and Victor removed the tie. "Where are you going to take Anita to?"

"To the 'Golden Lion'." was the answer. 'The Golden Lion' was a restaurant not far away from their neighbourhood. Is had great food and it had a nice atmosphere. A perfect restaurant to have a perfect date.

"You made a great choice, Victor." said Mildred and she looked to her son. "You are going to tell me when you and Anita are having a relationship, don't you?"

Victor laughed. "Of course I will, Mom!" he said. "Also when I'm getting married and when you will get your next grandchild. I wouldn't dare not to tell you the most important things of my life."

"I know, honey." Mildred sat down onto the bed and she looked to her son. "You know that I want at least half a dozen grandchildren." she said with a big smile. "Especially if they are all going to be just like Thomas." Even though Thomas was just a few hours old, he was already a sweet kid. And Mildred couldn't wait to get more grandchildren.

Victor sat down next to his mother. "That could mean that I would get five children if Melissa is going to stick with just one." Having five children would be too much. "I think I'll stick it with two or three, Mom."

"Well, I could be happy with three or four grandchildren." said Mildred and she looked to the clock. "At what time are you going to pick up Anita?"

"I'm going within a few minutes." Victor stood up and he looked to his mother. "Just don't wait up for me."

Mildred smiled and she stood up as well. "Just be careful with my car, Victor." she said and she gave him her car keys.

"Of course I will be careful, Mom. Good night!"

Mildred smiled when Victor walked out of the room. I wonder how long it would take until they will tell us that they are a couple...


Meanwhile, Ray and Kowalski arrived at their restaurant. Ray parked the car and he helped Kowalski out of the car.

"So, what do you think?" said Ray, once Kowalski was out of the car.

"The Golden Lion?" said Kowalski, sounding very surprised. In the weekends, it was pretty hard to get a seat there.

Ray smiled. "I had booked a table earlier this week." he said as they walked to the entrance. He had made this plan some time ago and because he figured that Kowalski deserved the best of the best, he had booked a place a few days before.

After Ray announced to one of the waiters that he had booked a place, they were brought to their place and they sat down.

"So, what do you mean that you booked it earlier?" said Kowalski. Until now, she was still doubting if it would be a business or a love date. The fact that Ray had booked a table, days in advance, made her feel more certain that this would be a lovers date.

Ray looked at her. "There... it's just..."

Kowalski shook her head. She had never seen her boss so nervous and she knew for sure that this wasn't about U.Z.Z. any more, it was about the two of them. "What is it?"

Ray took a deep breath. "Kyrsten, there is something I want to tell you. I wasn't sure if I was right, but now we're here, I know I am right. Kyrsten Kowalski, I love you."


Arthur looked at the clock. It was half past six and he was in the living room, reading the newspaper. It wouldn't take long before Victor would be at the front door.
Arthur placed his newspaper away. He couldn't concentrate right now. He was happy for Anita that she and Victor were going on a date, but she was still his little girl. He had missed many years of Anita's life, so it wasn't so strange that he sometimes couldn't believe that Anita was a grown woman now.

The doorbell rang and Arthur stood up. Anita was still getting herself ready for the date, so Arthur decided to open the door.

Once Arthur had opened the door, Victor was standing right in front of him. "Good evening, Arthur." said Victor with a little smile.

Arthur gave him a smile back. "Good evening, Victor." he said and he let Victor inside. "Anita is still getting ready, but you can wait inside if you want."

"Thank you."

Arthur and Victor walked to the living room and they sat down. A moment of silence fell. Both didn't exactly know what to say. "Victor," Arthur suddenly said, "I don't mind if you two make it late tonight, but I have to go to a lecture tomorrow. So if you two are going to make it late, could you..." Even though it was legally his daughter's house since Anita turned eighteen, Arthur was still her father and Anita respected that. One of the rules was that the other shouldn't come home too late if one had to get up early the next day.

"I'll take her to U.Z.Z. when we make it too late." said Victor. "My mother asked me the same thing. She has a karate class tomorrow morning, so I can't come home late either." Victor looked outside and suddenly he began to smile. "Is it alright if I would keep my mother's car here?"

"Yes, but why are you asking that?"

"Because the 'Golden Lion' is on a few minutes walking distance from here. Plus I wouldn't have to worry about drinking too much." It wasn't like that he and Anita would drink lots of alcohol that night, but when it came down to drink and drive, you could never be sure. So a walk back would be much better than to hope that nothing would happen when they would drive around. And to make things even better, U.Z.Z. H.Q. wasn't far away from the 'Golden Lion' either.

"I'm glad that you are so honest, Victor." said Arthur. "Even though I didn't have to know that you two are going to drink."

Victor smiled. "You don't have to worry, Arthur. We will be fine."

"Why didn't you tell me that you were waiting?" suddenly sounded and Anita appeared into the door opening. She was wearing a knee-length, lilac summer dress and black pumps.

"I didn't want to rush you." said Victor and he stood up. "You look beautiful."

Anita smiled. "You look handsome yourself too." she walked to her father. "Don't wait up for me, Dad. I'll see you tomorrow." she said and she gave her father a hug.

Arthur nodded. "Enjoy your night out, princess." Princess was one of the many nicknames for Anita, but Arthur was the only one who could use it.

Anita smiled and she looked to Victor. "Where are we going to?"

Victor smiled and he offered her his arm. "Just wait and you'll see. The only thing I'm going to say is that it won't be too far away from here."


Kowalski blinked with her eyes. "You love me?" she whispered and Ray nodded.

A silence fell between the two of them. Kowalski had to put it all together. Ray, her boss, her supervisor, just told her that he loves her.  It was like every little piece fell at its place. The way he looked at her, how he talked to her, everything...

"I can understand it if you need some time." said Ray.

Kowalski smiled. She didn't need more time, she knew exactly what she needed to say. "Ray," she whispered, "as far as I know, I think that I'm in love with you too."

Ray smiled. "Well, we both have all the time of the world..."

Like he came out of nowhere, a waiter stood still next to their table, holding a serving tray with a champagne bottle and two glasses. Without saying a word, the waiter poured some champagne into the glasses and he left again in silence.

Kowalski chuckled and she grabbed a glass. "I don't think that we would need the all the time, but some time would be nice."

Ray smiled and he grabbed a glass too. Suddenly, he noticed two familiar people walking into the restaurant. "Aren't that Victor and Anita?" he said and Kowalski turned around. Victor and Anita did walk through that door of the restaurant, but they didn't seem to notice them. Not that it mattered, in fact Kowalski was glad that Victor and Anita were only focussing to themselves.

"What a coincidence." she said with a big smile and she turned back. "But I do hope we won't be talking about them the whole time, are we?"

"No, we won't." Ray raised his glass. "I would say: To our future."

"To our future."
Well, it took me some time, but I've finished this chapter!!

I truley hope it won't take another week before I finish the next one, but I'm not sure, especially now I'm back at school.

I don't own a lot of people. Those I don't own belong to Tony Collingwood & (C)BBC.

This is what I ~Eszies-Eszie own:
:bulletpurple: Arthur Knight
:bulletpurple: Kowalski's first name 'Kyrsten'


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