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A toast to our future

"Are you coming, Anita?"

Anita could swear that even a five year old who was going to the zoo couldn't be this enthusiastic as Victor now was. Their workday had just ended and Victor couldn't wait to see his sister and new born nephew. "Yes, I'll be right there. Just give me a second!" Anita was in the changing room, getting changed into something more comfortable than her U.Z.Z. suit.

Outside the room was Victor waiting. He just couldn't wait to get out of there and see his nephew. He already got changed while Anita was talking with Kowalski about something.
The door of the room went open and Anita walked to Victor. She was wearing a purple T-shirt and a pair of jeans. "Finally! Come on, let's go!" Victor rushed towards his sky-bike and didn't even bother to wait for Anita.

Anita just shook her head. "I'll be glad when the holidays start." she said to herself and she walked to her sky-bike. It was the last week before the U.Z.Z. Summer Holiday would start. A whole month no baddies, no dirty jobs and no weird experiments.
"What are you waiting for, Victor?" asked Anita when she sat down onto her sky-bike. Both Victor and Anita didn't have a car. They figured that a sky-bike was more than enough to get around. It was way easier in the mornings, while the other commuters were stuck in the traffic jam.

"It won't start!" said Victor while Anita started her sky-bike. "Can't you take me with you?"

Anita gave him a devilish smile. "I don't know, what do I get in return?"

"What do you want in return?"

"A good restaurant tonight." Anita was curious if she could let Victor do whatever she wanted, as long as he could come with her.

Victor sighed and he turned back to his sky-bike. "I don't have the money for that, Anita!" he whined and he looked at his sky-bike. "I'll try to fix it. Why don't you go ahead?"

Anita let out a deep sigh and she stepped off her sky-bike. "Alright, let me see." she said. Somehow, she couldn't just leave Victor alone with his sky-bike. She got the feeling that it would go completely wrong. She looked at Victor's sky-bike and smiled. "Did you even check your battery?"

"I thought I did..." said Victor and he looked to the dashboard of his sky-bike. "Apparently I did forget it."

Anita shook her head. "If you charge it now, you'll be ready in no time." she walked back to her sky-bike and stepped onto it. "I'll see you at the hospital!" Before Victor could even protest, Anita had started her bike and flew away.


It didn't take Anita long before she reached the hospital. When she walked into the lobby of the hospital, she saw someone sitting there she didn't expect to be there. "Richard, what are you doing here?"

The blond man looked up and smiled when he saw Anita approaching him. "Hey Anita." he said and Anita sat down next to him. "Where is Victor?"

Anita gave him a smile. "I left him at the U.Z.Z. base. His sky-bike needed to be recharged, so I decided to go to the hospital already."

Richard chuckled. "What did he do to deserve that?"

"He didn't want to take me to a nice, expensive restaurant."

"And therefore you leave him at U.Z.Z.?"

"Well, yes, and for the fact that he let me fall during our training, so he could answer his communicator." Anita looked to Richard. "The next time something happens, please wait until Victor and I are finished with practising."

Richard laughed. "I will." he said and he grabbed his book again. "Why don't you go to Melissa, I'll wait here for Victor."

Anita stood up. "Where is Melissa's room?" she asked as she looked towards Richard. She couldn't wait to see Melissa and her son.

"Second floor, B wing and third door on your right. But I'm not sure if she's still resting." Richard showed Anita his book. "They threw me out of the room a few hours ago, so Melissa could get some rest alone."

"I'll go and see if I can disturb her."

"Good, I'll wait here for Victor."

Anita just nodded and she walked towards the stairs. After a – what she experienced as a nice exercise – run upstairs, she walked to Melissa's room. After she knocked onto the door, she opened it. "Can I come in?" Anita asked once she saw the light-brown haired woman being fully awake.

Melissa Taylor smiled. "Of course you can!" Anita was one of her best friends, despite the fact that she had the same age as Melissa's little brother. She still figures that Anita and Victor would end up together, maybe even soon. "How are you?"

"Well, I'm good." said Anita with a big smile as she sat down onto the edge of the bed. "But how are you? You are the one who just got a baby."

"I'm great. I had some good rest for a couple of hours and that little sweetheart over there didn't make one sound." Melissa nodded towards the little hospital cradle, which was at the other side of the room.

"How was the whole childbirth thing?" There always has been one thing Anita had been curious about. She never really got to know how it was to be in labour and every other things that happens during that.

"It could have been worse." Melissa started. "Around eight o'clock I felt the contractions, but I wasn't sure it was the real deal or not. So Richard called the doctor and he told us that he would come and check. Once he arrived, the contractions got worse and he told me to go to the hospital, because my water didn't break yet. To make a long story short, they broke my water as soon as I was ready to do the hard work. It took some good hours before my little boy was born."

"And how could it be worse?"

Melissa laughed. "You don't want to know how it could be worse. I've heard stories which have been much worse than my own misery."

Anita gave Melissa a little smile and she stood up. "Mind if I take a look at your little boy?" Now she had heard the story, she was very curious about the baby.

"Sure, go ahead. But don't wake him."

"I won't." said Anita as she walked towards the cradle. She looked over the edge and she smiled. The little boy was fast asleep and he looked really cute. He was a little bit bald, but there were already some brown hairs showing. Suddenly, a thought came to her mind. Her son could look like that too, when she and Victor would have a child together. The last year, Anita had been thinking about having a family. For some reason, she couldn't stop thinking about getting children and being married, not specific in that order.

"You and Victor would get a sweet baby once you two got hooked up together." sounded from the bed and Anita turned around. Melissa was one of the few who thought that Victor and Anita would be together someday.

"Victor and I aren't made for each other. To be in love with each other I mean." said Anita as she walked back to the bed. "We are great partners, but I don't think we would be a great couple when we're talking about our private lives."

Melissa shook her head. "Alright, lets do a little test." she said. Even while she was on maternity leave, she was still the psychologist. "When I say a word, you have to say the first thing that comes into your mind."

Anita sighed once she sat down onto the bed. "Okay, lets do that test."




"My father"

"Victor Volt..." said Melissa with a devilish smile.

Anita sighed. There was just one word that came to her mind. "Gentleman."

Melissa laughed. "Gentleman? Victor? I didn't see that coming." she looked to Anita and placed her hand on top of Anita's hand. "You can deny what you want, Anita. But I really do think that you love him."

Anita shook her head. "I don't think..."

"Besides, you two would make cute babies too."

"Who would make cute babies?"

Anita groaned. During her talk with Melissa, she didn't see Victor and Richard coming into the room. Please don't tell me you've heard everything I just said, she thought and she looked to Victor. "No-..."

"You and Anita." said Melissa with a big smile.

That startled Victor. He thought that he had heard it wrong, but apparently, he hadn't. "How are you Melissa?" he said, trying to avoid being the subject. He walked to the other end of the bed, gave her a hug and whispered in her ear: "I thought we wouldn't talk about me and Anita anymore."

"I'm great Victor. I got some rest now and your nephew was really quiet."

"Why can't we know his name?" asked Victor. He had been waiting more than seven months before he could see his nephew, but he still didn't know the name.

"Take a guess." said Melissa with a big smile. It would take a week before her smile would fade away.

Victor thought for a moment. "Richard Junior."

"Why?" said Richard, who was with his son. He turned towards Victor. "Why would I do that? It would be such a..."

"Cliché?" said Melissa and she looked to Victor. "You know that, even if Richard would say something like that, I wouldn't let my son be called 'Richard Junior'."

"It could be a possibility." said Victor and he walked to his nephew. "Besides, has Mom seen him already?"

"No, and that's why I'm not telling his name to you. First I want to tell it to Mom before I would tell it to anyone else."

Suddenly, Richard's mobile went off and he looked to the screen. "Well, talking about the devil... You're mother is probable waiting in the lobby."

"Richard! My mother is not..."

"I hope you know that it's a saying, dear." said Richard with a big smile and he walked towards her. "Besides, your mother is wonderful.

Melissa chuckled as Richard gave her a kiss. "Well, go and get her. I bet she can't wait to see her first grandson."

"Yes, dear."

Richard walked out of the room and Melissa looked to Anita. "You should find a humble husband like that too, Anita." she said and looked to Victor. "Maybe someone like..."

"Melissa!" groaned Victor and he looked to Anita. "It's the drugs...."

"There were no drugs involved, Victor! I've felt every little pain that sweetheart gave me!" Melissa grabbed Victor's arm and pulled him closer to her. "Tell her before it's too late, Victor." she whispered and she let him go again.

"Okay, I believe you." said Victor, when a sound came from the cradle. "I think he misses his Mommy. Should I bring him to you?"

"Just be careful with him." said Melissa once Victor walked towards the cradle. It wasn't meant to be harsh, but knowing her little brother, everything could happen to her little boy if Victor would pick him up.

"I'll be very careful with him." said Victor once he picked up the little boy.

Anita looked to Victor once he had his nephew in his arms. And it felt like the world melted away. Victor was so careful and wonderful, that he looked so... so... He looks so handsome, I wonder if he would be like that when he would become a father...

"He would be even more handsome, believe me." whispered Melissa and Anita looked at her. "Don't let him walk away, Anita."
Some belong to Tony Collingwood and (C)BBC...

These people belong to me ~Eszies-Eszie
:bulletpurple: Melissa Volt - Taylor
:bulletpurple: Richard Taylor


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