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A toast to our future
Afternoon 2

Victor brought his nephew to Melissa. "He is a cute baby. I just hope for the two of you that he'll sleep at night." He was curious if Melissa and Richard would be this happy to have a family once they had some sleepless nights.

Melissa chuckled and she took her son from Victor. "I wouldn't mind it and Richard and I would take turns about who would take care of him at night." Melissa looked from Victor to Anita. "Do you want to hold him?" she asked Anita.

Anita blinked with her eyes. "Are you sure about it? I mean, I don't..." Anita was surprised to hear that Melissa would trust her with the newborn baby. She wasn't any family of Melissa and ...

Melissa interrupted Anita's thoughts. "You'll see, it'll feel natural to you." Melissa placed the baby into Anita's arms and immediate smiled when she saw that her son fell asleep in Anita's arms. "See, he likes you already."

While Anita was holding his nephew, Victor couldn't help but staring at her. He had never seen Anita being so... so motherly and... She's so beautiful while she's carrying a baby, she would be a great mother. Suddenly, he could see how his life could become one day. If he would tell Anita that he loved her, they  could get a family together. Then Anita would be holding his children and things could be wonderful. Victor shook his head. There will be only three words to make that dream come true, he thought.

While Victor was thinking about his future, Anita started to chuckle and she looked at the baby. Melissa was right, it did feel almost natural to her. "I think you should be lucky with a son like that. And Mildred would defiantly love him."

"I think that too."

"I love him already!" sounded from the door opening and Mildred Volt walked towards the bed. "He looks wonderful and how are you feeling?"

"I'm wonderful and he's healthy." said Melissa and she looked to her mother. "Do you want to hold him, Mom?"

Mildred nodded and Anita placed the baby into Mildred's arms. "What's his name?" asked Mildred, once she was holding her grandson. She had waited some years, but now she finally had a grandchild. Before Melissa and Richard had announced that they were going back to the United Kingdom, Mildred was afraid that she would have to travel to Australia to see her her grandchild. But luckily, they decided to come back and now Mildred had the chance to see her grandson whenever she wanted and even babysit him.

"Thomas Zachary Taylor." said Melissa with a smile and Mildred looked at her. "Thomas will be his nickname."

"Thomas?" said Mildred in surprise. "But you... why did you...?" Thomas wasn't only the middle name of Victor, it was also the middle name of Lionel. Once Victor was born, Lionel figured it would be great to give Victor the same middle name as he had.

"Because Dad is still at the Tenth Dimension and it is a great way to remember him." said Melissa and she looked at Richard. She had her mind made up once she knew that she was pregnant. She was going to name her boy after her father.

"And I always thought that it is a great name for a boy." said Richard with a smile. "So I didn't mind that he would be named after his grandfather."

Mildred smiled. "I know Lionel will like it, once he will come back from the Tenth Dimension." she whispered and she looked to Thomas. "He is such a sweet baby." Suddenly, she looked up to Victor. "Are you going to stay at my place tonight, Victor?"

"I guess so, if Anita and I won't stay till late at the restaurant." said Victor with a smile. He had to spend some nights at his mothers place, because his apartment was being invaded by vermin. "If we make it too late, I'll just go to my night bunker at U.Z.Z."

"I'm glad you already decided that way, because I have to give a karate class tomorrow morning." Mildred had been back at work for a year now, since she figured that staying at home all day was something she didn't want to do with her life. So now she was teaching karate at the local community centre and she loved it.

"I should be going to home now." Anita suddenly said and she looked to Melissa. "I'll come and visit you once the holiday is over." she said and she said goodbye to the others before she walked out of the room.

Once Anita was out of sight, Melissa turned her attention to Victor. "I'll tell you one more time, Victor. Tell her you love her, maybe even tonight while you two are on the date. But tell her before it's too late."

"Melissa, please. I'm a grown man. I know what I..."

"No, Victor, you don't!" said Melissa and she looked at him. "I saw how you looked at Anita when she was holding Thomas. You love her Victor! And  you have to tell her before she thinks that you don't love her."

Mildred placed Thomas into his cradle, since he was still fast asleep. "I agree with your sister. I've never seen you so happy since you know Anita. It's clearly obvious that you love her, Victor. And you'll have to tell it to her soon."

Victor let out a deep sigh. "Okay, maybe I will tell her that I love her tonight. But only when the moment is perfect."

"You won't regret it, Victor."


Some fifteen minutes after Anita left the hospital, she got back home. She wanted to get a shower and be all dressed up before Victor would be picking her up. Anita wanted to look the best for Victor. This was their first 'date' they had in years. They did go out a few times, but that never felt so formal as it was now.

"Hey Anita, back already?" sounded from the living room.

Anita walked into the living room and was surprised to see her father sitting in his chair. Arthur was an old fashioned man. He had his own chair and he smoke a pipe once or twice almost every day. Just like now. "Dad? What are you doing home so early?" She hadn't expect him to be home now. Maybe around six o'clock, but not now.

Arthur laughed. "I forgot that my class was on a history trip to the US. So I figured I should be going home and relax some before I would make some dinner for myself." he looked to Anita. "So what is that about your date?" The only he had understand about it,was that Anita and Victor were going out on a date, but that was all. He was curious if that would mean that Victor and Anita were a couple now.

"It's not a real date, Dad." said Anita with a sigh and she walked to the couch. She figured she had some time to talk to her father. "It's just... well..." She had no idea how she could explain it to her father. She didn't know if she truly loved Victor, not yet.

"Don't you love, Victor?" asked Arthur and Anita looked to him in surprise. "You love him, don't you?" After being back with Anita for a year now, he had the feeling there was something going on between Victor and Anita.


Arthur shook his head. "Anita, a 'maybe' won't help you further. And I've never seen anyone being so stubborn as you. I've been back for a year and even I see that you love Victor. You should stop denying and say Victor that you love him."

Anita sat down onto the couch and sighed. "I don't know if I love him, Dad. It's just, I don't know if I should call it love or not."

"You will only know if you love him when you tell him that you love him and he will tell you that he loves you. The first kiss you will share will tell you if the two of you love each other or not."

Anita stood up again and she looked to her father. "Maybe that will happen soon." she said. "I'm going to take a shower." She didn't want to talk about love with her father; it didn't feel natural. "Let me know when Victor is at the door."

Arthur just shook his head when Anita walked out of the room. He had seen the same thing between Lionel and Mildred. They both denied that they loved each other, but a week after Arthur and Mary Lynn were married, Mildred announced to Mary Lynn that she and Lionel were going to get married. Arthur and Mary Lynn knew that it would be a matter of time before there would be a wedding between Mildred and Lionel, only they didn't know it would be that quick.

Suddenly, Arthur's mobile started to ring and he grabbed it. Before he answered the call, he looked to the screen and was surprised to see that his old friend was calling him. "Mildred? Why are you calling me?"

"Didn't Anita tell you? I'm a grandmother now!" sounded from the other side. Mildred and Arthur had been friends for years and they came and visit or called each other every now and then.

"No, she must have forgotten about that while she was thinking about her date. So Melissa has her child then?"

"A boy and they named him Thomas." a silence fell at the other side. "Do you think that it would be nice if Victor and Anita fell in love with each other?"

Arthur chuckled. He remembered how Mary Lynn and Mildred talked about their children and how funny it would be if they would fall in love with each other. "They already love each other, but I think they are afraid to tell it to the other. Just like two other people I once knew."

He heard Mildred laughing. "To be honest, Arthur, Lionel and I were a couple for some time before your wedding. We didn't want to ruin your fun and a week after you two got married, Lionel asked me to marry him." Mildred stopped laughing. "But you are right. I just hope Victor and Anita will tell it to each other soon, before it's too late."

Arthur nodded. "I'm going to hang up, Mildred. I have to make my own dinner tonight. I'll see you later." he hung up and stood up from his chair. His only wish was that Anita would be happy for the rest of her life. And he knew that Victor was the one who could make her happy and he hoped that Victor would stay with Anita for the rest of their lives.


While Anita hit the shower and Victor went to his mother's house, at some other part of London, Kyrsten Kowalski walked into her apartment. She had her own apartment since she started to work for U.Z.Z. and she loved it. It was her own place and she had no-one to look after to. But also no-one who would look after her.
It had been a long day at work. Mostly about filling and completing the earlier reports. And it were days like these which made her feel lonely when she would come home and there was no-one there to cheer her up.

Before she could even think of getting a shower, Kowalski sat down onto the couch. This whole day had  been a mess. Ever since Ray asked her to go out with him, she couldn't stop thinking about how their date would be. She didn't know if it would be formal or informal. Just to talk about work or about their private lives. All these questions and she didn't have any answer.

Ray was different than any other man she had met. She liked him and sometimes, she had the feeling that she loved him. He was nice and sweet to her and he made her laugh when they were alone after work. Maybe it was love, but she had never been in love before.

Kowalski stood up from her couch. There was only one way to find out about it. Getting showered, pick out a nice dress and go to that date.
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