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A new life
Chapter Seventeen; A week full surprises

It was almost officially spring. The flowers were blooming, the birds were singing and it was raining cats and dogs. So, it was time for the big spring cleaning. Well, at least it was for Anita. She was busy in the baby room, trying to think of something she could do next. Even though she got some paperwork every now and then, she couldn't really deal with the fact that she had to stay home all day. It wasn't exactly the same. She missed the lunches and the talks with her friends.

She sat down onto the rocking chair and placed her hand onto her stomach. She loved the feeling of her child kicking. It was quite magical and she really couldn't wait to get the child. Not only because she could finally hold him or her, but also because it meant she could go back to work again.

Anita looked up when she heard the front door being opened and closed again. She had no idea that Victor would going to home during the lunch and she wondered why he would do that. If that was indeed Victor who came home. "Victor? Is that you?"

It took some time before there was an answer and just when Anita wanted to walk out of the room, she noticed someone else standing there. "Not quite." said Kyrsten Kowalski with a big smile. "How are you, Anita?"

Anita gave Kyrsten a surprised look. "I'm fine, but how did you get in?"

"Victor forgot his keys and I figured that before I would return it to it's rightful owner, I would be visiting my best friend." Kowalski showed Anita the keys and laughed when Anita shook her head. "Are you in the mood for some lunch outdoors? It's on me."

"How can I refuse an invitation like that? I'd love to. It will get me out of the house."

So, the two women walked out of the house and they went towards their favourite lunch room. Somehow, Kowalski managed to get a car, so they wouldn't be soaked when they would arrive there. But there was something familiar to that car, although Anita couldn't quite see it. "How long will it take before 'Junior' would be born?" asked Kowalski once they had hit the road.

"According to the doctor, there are eight weeks left. But he also said that there was a possibility that Junior would come earlier than expected."

"Well, that ain't a disaster, right?" asked Kowalski. She'd always thought that it was alright when the baby would come a little bit too early.

"It depends on how many weeks earlier. Two could be already a little bit dangerous. So I truly hope this one stays until it really is time to get out." Anita looked to Kowalski. "What about your house? When will it be ready for you to finally move in?"

Kowalski gave Anita a big smile. ""We need to paint some walls first, but we will be able to move in next week." At the evening of their dinner with Ray and Victor, Ray got the call that he and Kowalski got the house. So they had a double celebration that evening.

"That sounds wonderful." said Anita. "You and Ray really deserve it."

Kowalski stopped in front of the lunch room and she helped Anita out of the car. "How are you managing it without work? You most be bored to bits."

"I am, actually." said Anita and she let out a deep sigh. "I'll be happy to go back to work once Junior  is born." She walked into the lunch room and she couldn't believe her eyes. Her friends were all sitting at a table. "What is going on here?"

"We figured you wanted something like a baby shower, only different." said Mildred when Anita sat down onto an empty chair. "We know you don't like to be surprised, so we figured that this was the best solution. No big party, just a lunch with some girls."

"And it gets you out of the house." said Melissa with a big smile. She knew how much Anita hated it to be trapped in a house. When it came down to work, she and Anita had the same personality. They loved to work and hated to be trapped in a house, just because their body didn't let them.

"I knew that car looked familiar to me. It was your car, Melissa!" laughed Anita and Melissa nodded. The waiter took their orders and Anita looked around her. "So, why are you all here?" Not only Mildred, Melissa and Kowalski were there, but also Eliza and Dahlia had joined this 'party'.

"We are here to give you some advice about children." said Dahlia with a chuckle and she looked to Eliza. "Although Eliza and Kowalski are mostly here for the food."

Anita chuckled. "Well, I already got some training when we're talking about advice about children."

"What do you mean?"

Dahlia chuckled. "Anita helps me out every now and then. When Kent is at work, it's nice to have someone who looks after Dean and Kevin while I'm working in the store." She looked to Anita and squeezed her hand. "It gives me some peace and Anita has some knowledge about how to be with kids."

"And it gives me some company when I feel alone." said Anita. Victor made some long hours and that wasn't always easy for the young mother.  

"So, how is your relationship with Victor?" asked Dahlia, once they got their lunch. She had heard that Victor and Anita were going to get married, but she was curious how Anita could cope with the fact that Victor was away most of the time.

Anita gave her good friend a small smile. "It's going alright. But there are times when I want Victor home and be just together with me. Now he works every Saturday and sometimes even on Sunday. And when he's not working on Sunday, he's too tired to do something together with me."

"Maybe that might be my fault." said Kowalski and the others gave her a surprised look. "Ray works over too now and since I have no-one else to go to after work, I decided to work on those days as well. Victor thought that was a good idea, since you two would need some money too."

Anita sighed. "We don't need more money. I still get paid, only it's not as much as when I would work. And the wedding can wait."

"We will talk some sense into him." said Eliza with a smile and she looked to Kowalski. "He just needs some good girl to man talk."

"What he needs is a good mother to son talk." said Mildred with a smile. "You can save your breath, Eliza. I will talk to him."

Anita looked to Mildred. "You do?" she whispered. She knew Mildred would help her, but this was more a thing between her and Victor. But, then again, she could use some help. "Thank you."


The days had passed after the lunch and it was Sunday once again. Anita groaned. Victor didn't say a thing about stopping at the weekends or taking more days off. She decided to turn around once more when she felt Victor getting out of the bed. Normally, Anita would get out too, but she wasn't in the mood right now.

After some turning, Anita decided to give up. Just when she wanted to get out of bed, Victor walked into the room. "Good morning, sleepy head." he said and he stepped into the bed again. "How do you feel?" he whispered as he laid closer to Anita.

"Alone." whispered Anita back and she looked at him. "Why are you still here? Shouldn't you be going to work?"

"No, I'm not going to work for the next upcoming Sundays, until Junior is born." said Victor and he gave Anita a hug. "Mom told me how you felt about it and I promise you that I will stay with you the next Sundays."

"You are a sweetheart, Victor." whispered Anita.

Victor smiled and he looked to Anita. He forgot that there was someone else to look after. It wasn't just him any more. Anita snuggled closer to him and he started to stroke her hair. "I just forgot that you needed me too." he whispered back and Anita gave him a little smile. "You are my fiancée for heaven sakes. And the mother of my child."

Anita chuckled as she looked into Victor's eyes. "I did miss you when you were away, Victor. And at night..."

"I'm sorry, Anita. But I promise you that I will be here for you. Maybe I can ask for lighter work for the time being. So I won't be coming home late and we will have some more time together." Victor gave Anita a kiss on her lips. "You know, right now, the world is just about us and Junior. Nothing else."

Anita placed her head onto Victor's shoulder and closed her eyes. "What do you say of just staying in bed and do nothing right now?"

"Sounds perfect to me." Victor placed an arm around her and placed a kiss on her forehead before he closed his eyes too. Just eight weeks before his and Anita's child would be born. He just couldn't wait for it.
Just as promised to :devvoltiathemajestic:, I updated it now.

Finally, finished a new chapter!

The Secret Show with most of the characters belong to Tony Collingwood & (C)BBC

These belong to me (~Eszies-Eszie):
Dahlia Trusted
Melissa Taylor
Eliza Fox


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