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A new life
Chapter Fifteen; The day after

Anita blinked with her eyes. It all felt like a dream to her. The weekend away, the present from Victor; it all felt like a dream. She looked to her hand. Well, he gave her two presents. First the baby room and then the engagement ring. It felt too good to be true, but it was true. She was going to marry the father of her child. The man she truly loved.

"Good morning, dear." sounded next to her and Anita looked to Victor. "Have you slept well?"

"It couldn't be better." whispered Anita and Victor placed his arms around her. "When are we going to tell it to the others?"

"Hm... How about that we are going to tell it to our parents first? I'll pick you up at five, we'll go to my mother's place first and then we'll go to your father to tell the news."

"What about Melissa?"

"She can wait a day or two." Victor looked to Anita. "I'm guessing that you want to be there too when I tell it." Anita nodded. Melissa has always been the one who told Anita that she was going to get married with Victor, ever since they know each other. "You know, there have been others who told me the same thing." whispered Victor. "Eliza, Kowalski and Ray have been asking me for years now when I was going to tell you that I love you."

Anita gave Victor a surprised look. "Have you loved me for years already?" she asked and Victor nodded. "How could I be so blind that I have never seen that?"

"You thought you were in love with Alphonse. I decided to take a step back and wait until you would see that he wasn't the one for you." Finally, Victor got the chance to tell what was on his heart. He never dared to tell Anita what he thought about her relationship with Alphonse, but it felt great to get that off his chest.

Anita shook her head. "I can't believe it." she whispered. Alphonse had been gone for almost two years now and she hadn't really missed him. It meant that their love wasn't for real. Unlike Victor's love. "You know, it makes more sense now."

Victor pulled Anita closer to him. "What does?"

"The way you reacted. When we were alone together or when Alphonse was around. You have always been sweet and a gentleman when we are together. But you took your distance when Alphonse was around. You always seemed to be..." Anita stopped and Victor looked into her purple eyes.  "You always seemed to be jealous."

"I was jealous. I couldn't imagine how my life would be if you would stay with him forever." Victor gave Anita a kiss. "I'm glad we could say this, Anita. But we really need to get up now."

Anita nodded and they both got out of bed. They went to the bathroom to brush their teeth. They always did that together; it was their morning ritual. Victor smiled when he saw the notes at the mirror. When Victor and Anita just started to live together, they were talking about couples at U.Z.Z. One thing led to the other and they ended up making a list. They both made a list about who was going to get married first. "Do you think our lists are still up to date?" asked Anita with a smile, once she was finished. They had both quite different lists, but they hadn't really decided what the winner would get.

Victor chuckled. "You know, I think I have a price for the winner." he said as he placed his toothbrush away. He placed his arms around Anita and gave her a kiss in her neck. "The winner should pick out the destination of our honeymoon."

Anita laughed. "I really love that." She started to think. "I was thinking about Paris. You know, the city of love." They walked out of the bathroom and they got dressed. "What about you, Victor. Do you know where you want to go to?"

"I'm not sure." said Victor, while he got himself into his suit. "But I have some time to think about it."

Anita smiled as she pulled on her sweater. She knew Victor was right, they won't get married soon. They wanted to save their money and with a child on the way, it would take some time before they would have enough to pay their wedding. "Do you have any idea when..."

"After the baby is born, that's for sure." Victor walked to Anita and gave her a kiss. "But we don't have any hurry, do we?"

Anita shook her head. "We have all the time of the world."


It was lunchtime and Anita had promised Victor that she would come to the H.Q. to have lunch together with him and their friends. That is, if they didn't have any outdoors training. She did see them sometimes, but never really after work. They all had someone else to go to and barely made time to be with friends. Not that it bothered Anita, but she figured that they had to do something together one time at least.

"Why, hello, Anita! What brings you..." Anita turned towards the sound and smiled when she saw Lucy looking to the clock. "It's almost lunchtime?"

"Time flies sometimes." said Anita with a smile as Lucy approached her. "How are you, Lucy?"

Lucy gave Anita a hug. "I'm doing wonderful, Anita. But I have to admit that I sometimes miss you when I need someone to help me with those new students." Lucy looked down to Anita's tummy. "The baby keeps on growing, isn't it?"

Anita chuckled and she placed a hand on her stomach. "Well, according to the doctor, it should stop growing any time soon." They walked towards the canteen as Anita finished her sentence. "Before I explode."

Lucy laughed and she looked to Anita. "So how are things between you and Victor?" She knew that Victor and Anita told each other that they loved each other, so things should be better between the two of them. "Any wedding plans already?"

Anita just smiled, but didn't say a thing. She promised Victor they wouldn't tell anybody about it, but Lucy was one of her best friends. And sometimes, she saw Lucy as her mother. "Well, something like that." she whispered.

"What do you..." Anita showed Lucy her hand and Lucy smiled. "He proposed?"

"Yes, yesterday in the baby room." said Anita and she looked to her hand. "But it's so unreal. Luckily I have this ring as evidence."

"The two of you really deserve it. I know you will be happy together."  

Anita smiled. "You know, I was wondering something." she started and she looked to Lucy. "You could be a wonderful grandmother..."

"It is really kind of you, Anita. But your mother can be still be there somewhere and you have two people who will look after you already." Lucy shook her head. "Besides, someone else had asked me already."

Anita laughed. "You make it sound like you could be only a grandmother for one agent." she said and she looked back to her stomach. "But I'm really happy for you."

"Of course I would love to see your child after it's born." said Lucy, once they walked into the canteen.

"Of course." Anita looked around her. "Shall we see how long it would take before Victor would be here?"


It would take some time before Victor would be there. He and Ray were working on some papers before they would have some lunch. It wasn't a very busy day. There were no bad guys who wanted to take over the world, no threats to the human life or anything else of big importance. So there was no excuse why they shouldn't do the paperwork.

"I'm glad this is almost over." said Victor with a sigh. He didn't like paperwork; he didn't like it at all. But, there were days were he had to do them.

Ray chuckled. He knew how much Victor hated it. He hated it as well, but if he wouldn't do it, no-one would do it. "Well, we should take a break soon." said Ray and he looked to the clock. "When would Anita be here?"

"I don't know. I think around noon. Why?"

"Because it's already half past noon." said Ray as he stood up. He was really hungry now and wanted to get some lunch. And knowing Anita, she would be in the canteen already.

Victor looked up and noticed the time. "Oh no! Not again..." he groaned and he went to the door. "Let's go before Anita will be gone again."

Ray started to laugh and they walked to the canteen. "She would never kill the father of her child." he said and looked to Victor. "Without a trace that is."

Victor smiled and shook his head. "She would never kill her fiancé." As sudden as he said it, as soon he realised that he didn't keep his word.

"What did you say?" Ray stopped immediately as he heard that. As far as he knew, Victor nor Anita had proposed to each other. Well, Anita wouldn't do it like that; she'd rather wait to Victor to propose to her. So it could only mean one thing. "Did you propose to Anita?"

Victor nodded. "Yesterday evening. It was the perfect setting. Me, Anita and our unborn baby in the baby room during sunset. And Anita thought it was wonderful." he looked to his best friend. "But please, don't tell anyone. We promised each other that we wouldn't tell it to anyone else before tomorrow."

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. It's up to you to tell it to the others." said Ray as they walked into the canteen. They picked up their lunch and went to the table where Anita and Lucy were sitting. "Good afternoon, ladies." said Ray with a smile as he sat down. He looked to Anita; he was curious if Anita told someone about the engagement already. "How do you feel, Anita?"

"I feel wonderful." said Anita with a smile and she looked from Ray to Victor. "Where is the rest?"

"Training outside." said Victor and he looked to Ray. "Why couldn't I go to the training field?"

Ray smiled. "Because you had to help me with the paperwork. It were your missions too, you know."

Victor mumbled something. He knew it were his missions too, but he didn't become a Secret Agent to do all the paperwork. "It's almost done now." he said with a sigh. "Just a few more things left to do." He looked to Anita. Knowing her, she wouldn't have said anything to anyone else. "How was your work?"

Anita chuckled. "It was alright. It wasn't too busy, so I could relax a little bit." Anita placed her hand onto her belly. "And this little one kept me busy. It really starts to kick now." Her child did kick for a couple of weeks now, but she could feel it better and so could the others.

Victor gave Anita a kiss. "It keeps you awake during work." he said teasingly and Anita gave him a punch. "I'm just joking, my dear."

"Hm, it's a good thing you said that, otherwise you would sleep in the spare bedroom tonight." Anita stood up and she looked to her friends. "I'd better go back to work now. I'll see you tomorrow." And she walked away from the table. When she was in the hallway, she placed her hand onto her tummy. "Let's hope granny and granddaddy will be home when daddy and I want to tell the news today."


Luckily for Victor and Anita, Mildred was at her home that day. She had done the groceries, had some high tea with her karate friends and now she was busy with tonight's dinner. Just when she wanted to turn on the oven, her doorbell rang. Mildred let out a sigh and wondered who that could be at that time of the day. She was surprised when she saw Victor and Anita standing there. "What are you doing here?" she asked, once she let them into the house.

"We won't be here for too long." Victor started, as he sat down onto the chair. "But there is something you need to know."

Mildred gave her son a surprised look. "What do you mean?" she said and she looked from Victor to Anita. "Is everything alright between the two of you?" She was afraid that this would be it; that Victor and Anita wouldn't have a relationship anymore and they were going to split up.

Anita nodded as she walked closer to Mildred. "We are engaged." she whispered and she showed her mother-in-law her ring. "Victor asked me the question yesterday and I said yes."

Mildred had no idea what to say. She was truly happy for the couple. They needed a good and solid relationship and now they had one. "I am really happy for you, guys." she whispered and she carefully gave Anita a hug. "Does your father know it?"

Anita shook her head. "We are going to him right now. And then we are going back home, celebrate this together with our baby."

"Well, I wish the three of you lots of fun and I'll see you soon." Victor stood up again and Mildred gave him a hug. "You did a great thing, Victor."

Victor smiled and he gave his mother a kiss onto her cheek. "I know, Mom."


Anita looked to the apartment of her father. It was a nice, sweet apartment. It had of course a bedroom, kitchen, living room and a bathroom, but it had also a study. It was something Arthur wanted and now he could still work at home.

"Come on, Anita. He won't bite." said Victor with a smile and he knocked onto the door. Arthur opened the door and Victor gave him a smile. "Hello Arthur."

"Victor, Anita, what are you doing here?" They just came at the wrong time. He had a meeting within some time and he needed to attend it.

"Don't worry, Dad. It won't take long." said Anita and she looked to Victor. "Why don't you tell it?"

"Arthur, we are engaged." said Victor with a smile and he grabbed Anita's hand. "We are going to get married some day."

"Is this true?" asked Arthur and he looked to Anita. Anita nodded and he started to smile. "I am happy for you." he gave Anita a kiss on her cheek and he looked back to Victor. "Please take good care of my daughter. Because I know..."

"Dad!" said Anita and she saw her father's smile. "You're horrible."

"Just enjoy your time together and we will talk about his later." Arthur gave Anita a hug before he closed the door behind him and went to his car. He knew that Victor would be a great husband and a good father. He couldn't wish for something else than to see his daughter happy with the man she dearly loved.  
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The Secret Show with most of the characters belong to Tony Collingwood & (C)BBC

These belong to me (~Eszies-Eszie):
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