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A new life
Chapter Fourteen; Birthday present

It was a cold Friday afternoon when Anita was getting ready to go home. She grabbed her backpack and looked to her computer. All files were complete and there was nothing she had to do for the next week. The only thing she needed to do was to think how she was going to spend her weekend.

"Anita!" sounded and Sonya walked towards her. She finally got her prosthesis, but she decided to stay at the desk for some time longer. "There is something I wanted to give to you." Sonya gave Anita a kiss on her cheek and gave her a present. "Happy birthday, my dear friend."

Anita gave her friend a big smile. It was her birthday today and she wanted to celebrate it with her friends and family. "That's really sweet of you, but I thought you were coming to my birthday party."

Sonya smiled. "I really wish I could be there, but you know that Friday afternoon is the afternoon my prosthesis and I have to exercise. But I know you will have a wonderful afternoon."

Anita looked to the present. She decided to open it and she started to laugh. Inside were a few photo frames, but there wasn't any pictures in it yet. "That's really sweet of you, Sonya. I'll take some pictures with me this Monday." Anita knew that this was a silent hint to her that she should make her desk more personal. She promised Sonya every week that she would bring some pictures, but this time, she had to do it. "I'll see you Monday." The two women said goodbye and Anita went outside. Victor would pick her up with his sky-bike.

"Hello, my dear. How was work?" Victor was standing next to his sky-bike, waiting for Anita to come outside. He gave Anita a kiss on her cheek and he helped her to get onto the sky-bike. She was almost thirty weeks pregnant, time just flew. And a lot of things had happened the past thirty weeks, if you didn't only count the fact that Anita got pregnant.

"It was quiet, so I could finish my paperwork." said Anita with a smile and she hold onto Victor's waist. She wasn't allowed to get to fly with the sky-bike, but she could fly along with Victor, as long as he stayed low to the ground.

"It's a good thing you are on maternity leave within three weeks. I don't think we could fit on this bike together."

Anita laughed. Victor was the only one who could make jokes about her body. "You know that I can make you sleep on the couch tonight if I wanted to." she whispered in his ear as he started the sky-bike.

"I know, Anita. I promise I won't do it again." said Victor with a smile. He knew that he wasn't going to sleep on the couch that night, because he had something totally different in mind.

Once they came home, lots of people were already waiting for them. Not only their families, but also their best friends. Ray, Kowalski and Eliza were already waiting for them. Kent and Dahlia would arrive later with the boys after they had closed the store.
After Anita had received all the gifts from the friends and family, it was Victor's turn to give her the birthday present. He gave Anita a little box and Anita couldn't wait to open the box. But once she had opened the box, she didn't know what to say. "Victor, when do you think I should do that?" Inside the box was a little note. A note that stated that Anita was going to a health-care hotel, alone, so she could relax during her pregnancy.

"Today, till this Sunday." said Victor with a smile.

Anita looked around her. "And you all knew about it?" Her friends and family nodded. "And how am I suppose to get there?"

"I'll bring you, dear." said Mildred with a smile. "You'd better go and pack your things. We will be leaving within two hours."

Anita sighed. "I have no choice then." she looked to Victor and gave him a kiss. "Thank you for the gift, Victor. But please, don't you do that ever again." Anita didn't like a bit to be away, alone and pregnant, but she had no choice now. Maybe she could use something like this to relax and to be away from everything at the moment.


A few hours later, when Mildred took Anita to the hotel, Victor looked to the others. That weekend would be a special weekend. Because he wanted Anita out of the house to give her the biggest birthday surprise he could think of; turning the guest bedroom into a baby room. With the help of his friends and family, it would be easy to do that within two days. "Alright, if we are going to start now, we won't have any troubles later."

The rest nodded and while the most went upstairs, Dahlia and Melissa stayed at the living room. They had to look after their boys, so they couldn't help in the baby room, but they were in charge of the dinner. "So, you are the famous Dahlia." said Melissa with a smile once they were alone.

Dahlia chuckled. "I have to admit that I am curious what Victor, Anita and even your mother told you about me."

Melissa laughed. Yes, she had heard the whole story about what happened between Dahlia and Victor, but it wasn't really horrible. "All the best parts." Dahlia laughed with Melissa as Melissa grabbed her little Thomas and put him on her lap before he could crawl away from her. "I know your a good woman, Dahlia, that's all what counts. Besides, Anita and I didn't have a great start either."

"What do you mean?"

"She thought I was married to Victor. She was jealous and that was almost two years ago, I believe."

"It's really weird that they just found out that they love each other and that while Anita was pregnant." Dahlia shook her head and she walked to Dean, who wanted to walk upstairs. "No, Dean. Daddy needs to do something, you stay here with Kevin and me."

Melissa chuckled while she heard Dean sputter. Her boy was almost seven months old and he already tried to say some words. Well, words... It wasn't nothing most of the time, but you could see that he was trying to say something. "How are your boys?"

"They are angels, most of the time. Kevin sleeps a lot at night, so his father and I don't really have to get up at night. And Dean wakes us at six or seven o'clock in the morning. We are a perfect little family." Dahlia knew they weren't that perfect; her husband was still a double agent, but that wasn't for long now. Kent was going to stop with T.H.E.M. and work for U.Z.Z. permanently. "What about your little one?"

"He's cute and his grandmother adores him, just like his uncle. Richard and I have to get out in the middle of the night most of the times, but it is a lot less now." Melissa shook her head. "It won't take long before Victor and Anita are getting a little one of their own."

"Girls, could you take care of dinner already?" sounded from the second floor and the two women laughed. This was going to be a long and fun weekend.


The weekend had passed fast and soon everybody was making sure that everything was in place by the time Anita got back. Mildred was picking her up and Ray and Kowalski had offered to look after the boys in the living room while their parents were helping upstairs.
Ray sat down onto the chair. "The things we do to help our friends." he said with a sigh and he looked to his girlfriend. "Let's hope they will help us when we need them."

Kowalski chuckled and she sat down onto Ray's lap. "I know they will." she said and she fondled with his hair. "It'll take some time to get that green paint out of your hair." She brought her head closer to Ray's face. "Would you care if I would kiss you now?"

Ray laughed and he gave Kowalski a kiss. "Do you mind if others would see us like this?"

Kowalski shook her head and they kissed once again when someone walked into the room. "I hope the two of you had the time to look after the boys while you were busy." said Dahlia with a smile and she walked towards Kowalski and Ray.

"Don't worry, Dahlia, they were real sweethearts." said Kowalski as Dahlia walked to Kevin to pick him up.

"So, how long have you been together already?" asked Dahlia, once she sat down. She had to admit that she didn't see that coming and she was curious how much the others knew about this relationship.

"Six, seven months, maybe even longer." said Kowalski with a smile while others walked into the room too, which could only mean one thing. "Is the room finished then?"

Victor nodded and he looked to Ray. "You could have told me then that Kowalski was your blonde girlfriend. I'm glad you finally have someone who cares about you."

"So am I." said Ray with a smile and he gave Kowalski a cuddle. "But we are going to take things really slow."

"I can understand that." said Victor as he looked out of the window. He noticed his mother's car coming up onto the driveway and Victor decided to welcome Anita back home. "How was it, Anita?" he asked as he helped Anita out of the car.

"It was relaxing." answered Anita and she looked to Victor. "But promise me you won't do that to me ever again. Or you should go with me."

Victor smiled. "I promise." He wanted to grab Anita's bag, but his mother already got it. "Let's go inside."

The couple walked hand in hand into the house. But Anita stopped when she saw her friends and her father in the living room. "What's going... Why are you all here?" She turned back to Victor and when she saw his smile, she knew what was going on. "Victor! Did you finish it? In two days?"

Victor nodded as Anita went to the stairs. "Can't wait to see it, can you?" he asked her teasingly.  Anita went upstairs, not bothering to answer Victor's 'question'. Victor went after her and smiled when he saw his love standing in front of the room. "You can go in, Anita."

Anita took a deep breath and she walked into the room. She was amazed when she saw the room. The bottom half of the walls were painted green, with small sheep and other animals on it. The top half of the walls were coated with white wallpaper, where blue clouds and a big yellow sun were painted. There was a changer dresser, a crib,  some drawers and even a rocking chair. "It's even more beautiful than I imagined, Victor." she whispered as she turned to Victor. They had planned this for some time, but she couldn't imagine that he would do this for her. "Thank you, Victor. I love it."

Victor smiled and he placed his arms around Anita. "You're welcome, my dear. But I couldn't finish it without the help of our friends and family."

"Let's go downstairs then." Anita walked out of the room, but before they went down, she turned back to Victor. "When do you think that Kowalski and Ray will tell everybody that they are in love?"

Victor shrugged. "I don't think it'll take long before everyone knows about it." he gave her a kiss and they went downstairs to thank everyone who had helped Victor with the baby room.


The evening fell when Victor walked upstairs. Anita went to their bedroom thirty minutes before and she promised him that she would be back before dinner would be ready. But dinner was almost ready and she still wasn't back, so Victor decided to see what was going on.

Just when he passed the baby room, Victor noticed Anita and he walked into the room. Anita was standing in front of the window, with her hands on her belly. The sunset made this whole scene really beautiful and Victor stood still behind his partner. "What are you thinking about, Anita?"

"I don't know. About the baby, about the future..." Anita turned to Victor. "About us."

"I have been thinking about that as well." whispered Victor into Anita's ear. He turned Anita around and he looked into her eyes. "Anita, there is something I must tell you."

"Tell me? What do you mean?"

"Anita, I know we don't have any rush, but I still need to ask you this." Victor knelt down onto one knee and Anita knew what he was doing. While she was trying to swallow her tears, she let Victor finish his 'act'. "Anita Guinevere Knight. There is just one question I want to ask you. Do you want to marry me and stay with me for the rest of our lives?"

Anita nodded, feeling the tears running down her cheeks. Victor grabbed something out of his pocket and placed it around Anita's finger. He stood up and he wiped her tears away before he kissed her. "I do." whispered Anita, once they broke the kiss.

"I'm glad you do, my dear Moneypenny." whispered Victor with a Scottish accent.

"I would always say 'I do' when you ask me a question like this, my dear James." said Anita with a big smile. It was their little act, ever since the Halloween party of U.Z.Z. They were each other's Moneypenny and James Bond.

"Can we still be James Bond and Moneypenny now that we are going to get married?" asked Victor a few moments later, while they were enjoying the sunset.

Anita snuggled against Victor's chest. "Why not? You will always be my James Bond, Victor."

Victor smiled and he gave Anita a kiss onto her temples. "And you will always be my miss Moneypenny, Anita."
Just a little something Nessie and I share at the moment. We are both in love with the James Bond movies and Miss Moneypenny is just wonderful.

Such a weird incovience that I had Victor and Anita in their James Bond and Miss Moneypenny suit one or two years ago.

Anyways, there are characters I do own in this chapter:
* Arthur Knight
* Dahlia, Dean and Kevin Trusted.
* Melissa Volt-Taylor
* Thomas Taylor
* Richard Taylor
* Eliza Fox
And I never intended to give Sonya a role in another chapter, but it is always nice to have a 'back-up' OC. ;P

The rest of the cast of this chapter from The Secret Show belongs to Tony Collingwood & (C)BBC


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VictorVoltfan1 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2012  Student Photographer
Naww at the ending =3 so sweet ^^ btw who's James Bond and Moneypenny?
Eszies-Eszie Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You don't know the famous James Bond, 007, womanizer and licened to kill?
He works for the MI6, the British Secret Service.
Miss Moneypenny is the secretary of M, the boss of James Bond. She is kinda in love with James. Well, I and ~Nessie222 think that she is in love with James. They flirt all the time at the office when James is around.
They are both characters from a writer called Ian Fleming and Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore played James Bond in the first twenty or so movies some years ago.
VictorVoltfan1 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Student Photographer
cool! can you give me a link to a video of them or something? and from the sound of it they do sound like Victor and Anita.
Eszies-Eszie Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer


VictorVoltfan1 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Student Photographer
cool, thanks =D they do act a bit lit Victor and Anita =) how old is this show? it looks like it's from the 80's or early 90's
Eszies-Eszie Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Even earlier. The first movie was in 1962.
The woman who played Miss Moneypenny went on with that role till 1985.
VictorVoltfan1 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Student Photographer
oh ok =)
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