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A new life
Chapter Eleven; Christmas Time

It was Christmas morning and Arthur walked into the kitchen. He was in the mood for some old-English breakfast. "Good morning, Anny." he said and he looked around him. Normally, Anita was already making some breakfast when he would be awake. But now, she was nowhere to be found.
Then, he remembered it. Ever since Anita was pregnant, it became harder and harder for her to get out of bed on time. Not that it mattered anyways, it was a day off.

Just when he placed the kettle onto the gas, he heard someone knocking onto the kitchen door. He turned around to see what moron would be knocking at that time of day and he saw Victor standing there. "What are you doing here?" he asked as he let Victor into the house. It was around eight o'clock, so this couldn't be just a visit.

"I'm here to surprise Anita with some breakfast, made by me." said Victor with a big smile. He figured that it would be a wonderful surprise for Anita.

"Well, she is still asleep." said Arthur. He had no idea what to think of this strange idea. Before he could really think about it, his mobile started to ring. "Arthur Knight." Victor decided to explore the kitchen on his own and see what he could find, while Arthur was talking to whoever was calling him so early in the morning. "Yes, I'm on my way." said Arthur and he placed his phone away. "I have to go to my work. There was a little fire last night at the wing I work and I need to see if everything is alright. I'll be back at lunch."

Victor just nodded. "I'll tell Anita when she is awake." Arthur said a quick goodbye and Victor looked around him. "Time to surprise Anita!"


It didn't take him too long to make a good breakfast for Anita. He just hoped she would feel alright and not run to the bathroom when she would smell it. "Anita, are you awake?" he whispered. When Victor didn't get an answer, he decided to walk into her bedroom. Her bedroom had lavender coloured walls and the whole room even smelled like lavender.

And it was even the first time that he saw her asleep. He had never really paid attention how Anita slept, but now, Anita looked like a sleeping beauty.
Victor walked to her bed and sat down at the edge of it. He didn't want to wake her up. He knew Anita needed her rest now she was pregnant. He placed the tray onto her nightstand. He would just wait until she was awake.

"What time is it?"

Victor smiled and he looked to her. "Half past eight." he said and he gave Anita a kiss on her cheek. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas to you too, but what are you doing here, in my room?" Anita sat up straight and she looked to Victor. Then she noticed the tray on her nightstand. "Is that for me?"

Victor nodded. "I figured you wanted some Christmas breakfast on bed. Together with me, of course."

Anita chuckled and she placed the tray onto her lap. "Of course." she said and she looked to the tray. It had some toast, orange juice, tea and other tasty things on it. "It's looks great, Victor."

"I'm glad about that." said Victor. "How do you feel?"

"Alright. The morning sickness is finally gone, so now I can enjoy the other disadvantages of pregnancy. Swollen ankles for example."

"But you should feel the baby kick now." said Victor and he looked at her. It was such a coincidence that Anita was almost exactly twenty weeks pregnant at Christmas.

"It could be." said Anita and she looked to the tray once again. "But can we eat now? I'm really hungry."

Victor nodded and together they started their Christmas breakfast. A wonderful start of the day.


Victor walked into the living room later that day. Arthur was still at his work, but it wouldn't take too long before he would come home again. And Mildred and Melissa would come too, so it would be a real family day today.
Victor just couldn't wait to celebrate this holiday together with the whole family; to celebrate this with Anita and his unborn child. He looked to Anita and saw her reading a book about karate. Although she wanted to train, she couldn't do it too much because of the baby. Both she and Victor agreed that they would do everything to keep their child safe. And that included no more training.

Victor couldn't resist to tease Anita a little bit. He went towards the couch and he looked to the cover of the book. "How to be a good mother." he said and Anita looked up.

"What are you..." Anita looked to the title of her book. It still was 'The world of Karate', instead of 'How to be a good mother'.

Once Victor saw Anita's confused look, he gave her a smile. "I'm just teasing you. Are you all right?" He had never seen Anita's face being so pale before.

"Yes, I think so." Anita whispered and she looked back to her book.

"You don't sound so, what is it?" Victor sat down onto the edge of the couch, next to Anita. "You know you can tell me everything."

Anita sighed. "Do you really think I need a book about how to be a good mother?"

That had caught Victor a little bit off guard. He had never thought that Anita could be so insecure about her motherhood. If he had known that, he wouldn't have made a joke about it. "I think that you will be the most wonderful mother in the world." said Victor and he gave Anita a kiss on her cheek.

Anita just simply nodded and they heard the bell ringing. Victor stood up and he walked towards the front door. "Merry Christmas, Victor." said Mildred with a big smile. She gave Victor a hug and she looked to him. "How are you?"

Victor smiled. "Merry Christmas to you too, Mom. And I'm great," he started, "but I don't think Anita feels all right."

"Maybe she's just nervous about being pregnant and she still needs to get used to the idea that she carries a baby around, in her belly." Mildred walked into the living room and her smile grew when she saw Anita. "Merry Christmas, Anita." she said and she gave Anita a hug.

"Merry Christmas, Mildred." said Anita with a smile and she looked to Mildred. "Have you heard something from my father?"

"Yes, in fact, he just drove into the street as I walked towards your house." said Mildred and she looked to Anita's stomach. "How are you and the baby doing?" she asked as she sat down onto a chair.

"Well, according to the doctor, the baby is still growing and I'm doing fine." said Anita. "It might have been weird, but I think I get used to it now."

Mildred smiled. "Don't worry about it, Anita. Once the baby is full-grown, you are used to it."

Anita nodded and she looked to her stomach. "I want to ask you something, Mildred."

"Go ahead."

"What does it mean when your stomach feels like there is something… I don't know; it feels like there is a goldfish swimming inside me." It was such a strange feeling to Anita. It was something between feeling hungry and belly gas.

Mildred walked to Anita and placed her hand onto Anita's stomach. "I think it's the baby kicking." she whispered and she looked to Anita. "It means that your baby is really healthy."

"Good afternoon, everybody. Merry Christmas." sounded and Arthur walked into the room when Victor brought some hot cocoa. "How are you, princess?" asked Arthur and he gave Anita a kiss on her cheek.

Anita grabbed her father's hand and placed it on her stomach. "Come and feel your grandchild, daddy."

Arthur had no idea what he should say, but he had to admit that it had something magical. "Why don't you take a nice walk? I think you will enjoy a walk in the snow."

"Dad, I feel fine. Why should I…"

But Victor knew otherwise and he took this opportunity. "Come, it would be wonderful! It just snowed and some fresh air would be nice for you and our baby."

That was another surprise from Victor to Anita. And it took her some time to answer him. "Alright," she whispered and she stood up, "let's go."

They said goodbye to Mildred and Arthur and Victor walked behind Anita to the hallway. "Was there something wrong?" he asked, while he helped Anita with her coat.

"No, it's just…" Anita looked to Victor. "You have never said 'our baby' before."

"But it is our baby, right?"

"Anita chuckled. "Of course it is." she gave Victor a kiss on his cheek. "I need to get used to it that you can say that."

Victor laughed. "Well, get used to it, because I'll be saying a lot of times more soon."


And a little bit later, both Victor and Anita were walking through the snow-white park. The snow gave the park a beautiful, magic cover and it made both Victor and Anita feel better.

"You know, it's really wonderful to be in a winter park, just the two of us." sighed Anita. She had made up her mind, about almost everything. There were still things which needed to be sorted out, but that wasn't really important now.

Victor smiled and he looked at her. "It is great to be here with you." But there was still something he wanted to say to her. "Anita, you look wonderful right now. You really needed this, didn't you?"

There was nothing left to do for Anita then to admit. She did really need it. She needed to be together with Victor now. "It's wonderful to be out here, I needed some fresh air." They walked together over a bridge. It was a little slippery, but they managed to walk straight. Until they were on the middle of the bridge, where Victor stood still. "Is there something wrong, Victor?"

"It's just so beautiful here." Victor was right. The scene around the bridge was just simply beautiful; beautiful enough to tell Anita something important. "Anita," he whispered as he looked into her eyes, "there is something I must say."

"What is it?"

Victor took a deep breath. "Anita Guinevere Knight… I love you." Victor placed his arms around her waist and he looked at her. "I really do."

Anita chuckled a little bit. That was all she wanted to hear for some long, long time. "Victor Thomas Jefferson Volt, I love you too." Victor had no idea how hard it was for Anita to say, but now she managed to say it, she felt a lot better. Victor gave her a big smile and gave her a kiss on her lips. It was a kiss that seemed to last forever. "I really, really love you." Anita mumbled after the kiss. She had no idea if he had heard her, but she finally said it.

Victor gave her a sweet smile and grabbed her hand. "Come on, the park is big and we don't want to be late for dinner tonight, do we?" They wanted to walk through the whole park and go back home. But Anita's body had a different plan.

"You're an angel." Anita laughed as they walked down the bridge. Suddenly, she started to yawn, loudly. "Sorry, I didn't sleep well last nights."

"What do you mean?" asked Victor and he looked at her. "Is there something…"

Anita shook her head. "It's nothing, Victor. I'll manage it." She looked to the ground, hoping that Victor would drop the subject.

But Victor wasn't going to let her off that easily. "Anita, if there is something, I really want to know about it." He placed his hand under her chin and lifted her chin up. "That's why I'm here for. I really want to help you."

Anita looked into Victor's dark eyes. "I've been having some nightmares the past nights." No-one knew about it, not even her own father or Mildred. She wanted to deal with it alone. But now, it really seemed that she needed some help from Victor.

"Nightmares about what?"

Anita tried to fight against her tears. It was too painful to tell. But when she felt Victor's hand on her shoulder, she knew she had to. "I dreamt that you would leave me alone with our baby. That there would be something wrong about our baby and that it wouldn't survive." Some tears fell down Anita's cheeks. "It's really horrible.

"Come here." Victor pulled Anita into a hug. "I would never, and I mean never, leave you alone with our baby. I love the both of you too much to do something like that." he whispered softly in her ear.

Anita just nodded. "I know." she whispered. "But still…those nightmares seem so real sometimes."

Victor sighed. It wouldn't be right to keep on walking. "Let's go home, you need to catch some sleep." he whispered. Anita just agreed and they walked out of the park, back to home.  


While Anita and Victor were outside, Melissa and her little family had joined the others at Anita's place. She had to admit that it was a wonderful idea to celebrate Christmas with her brother's and Anita's family. It was wonderful to see her brother in love.

The front door opened and Melissa looked up. She had kept her little boy busy while they were waiting for the young couple to come back home. "Well, if that isn't the future-father." she said with a little laughter when Victor walked into the living room.

Victor gave his sister a big smile and a hug. "Merry Christmas, Melissa. How are you?"

Melissa looked to her brother. "Merry Christmas, little brother. We were waiting for you and…" she looked around her, but didn't see her anywhere. "Where is Anita?"

"She went to bed; she felt a little bit tired." said Victor and he looked to his sister. "Did you have any nightmares when you were expecting Thomas?"

Melissa started to think. "I believe so, why?"

"Anita had some nightmares the last nights. I really want to help her, but I have no idea how." Victor sat down onto the couch and he sighed. He couldn't think of anything that could help Anita.

"You could stay here." sounded from the kitchen and Victor looked towards the kitchen when he heard someone protest. "He has to; don't you remember how horrible Mary Lynn felt when she was alone?" Mildred walked out of the kitchen and she looked to her son.  "Anita needs you to be at her side. So she remembers that you are there to stay there with her." She looked behind her and sighed. "Just tell him, Arthur. And please get over that old fashion idea."

Arthur walked out of the kitchen too and he looked to Victor. "Alright, you can stay here for some nights. But only because Anita needs you."

Victor smiled. Maybe you didn't need much to help someone you love.


The rest of the day was really wonderful. Exchanging gifts, having a great dinner and of course there was this magical feeling. Anita figured out when she felt the baby kick and when not. And she was glad that her father agreed that Victor could sleep next to her, so she would feel a lot better if she would have another nightmare.

Anita sat up straight and she felt her heart pounding in her chest. It was another terrible nightmare. If there was anything she could take to stop that, she would grab it with both hands.

"Anita, are you alright?" sound softly next to her and Anita lay down again. She looked to Victor, who was looking back at her. "You know I'm here, right?" he asked and Anita nodded. "What was it about?"

"That you would leave me and our baby for some young girl."

Victor placed an arm around her waist and gave her a kiss on her forehead. "I love you too much to do that, Anita. I wouldn't do that in a life time."

"I know it now, Victor." she said and she looked to Victor. "It's really great that you're here."

Victor smiled. "Get used to it, because I'll be here for the rest of our lives within a week, or two." Arthur didn't get the key to his house yet and Victor found out that his contract didn't end until the second Monday of January. So they had to wait a little bit longer before they could really live together.

Anita gave him a smile back. Suddenly, she placed his hand lower, towards her belly. "Our child can't wait either."

Victor felt something and he looked to Anita. What he felt at that moment, was more than just the little kicks of his child. It was true love, for both Anita and the baby. It was the first time Victor could actually feel it. "It's wonderful, Anita."

Anita chuckled. "We should go back to sleep. It is Boxing Day tomorrow and we still need to go to work, remember?"

"No, we don't." Victor placed his arm around Anita again. "I arranged a free day for both of us." U.Z.Z. agents were allowed to take the day off on Boxing Day, since almost all villains were taking the day off too. Normally, Victor and Anita both worked on Boxing Day, but this year, they were allowed to stay at home. "And Ray won't be calling me either."

"That's really sweet of you, Victor, but why did you do that?"

"So we can be together."

Anita chuckled. "And what is the real reason?"

Victor smiled. "Alright, I'll tell you what. So we can stay in bed for the rest of the day, doing nothing." Anita snuggled into Victor's chest. "To stay like this for the rest of the day." he softly whispered in her ear.

"I'm looking forward for a day like that." Anita whispered. Just when she wanted to go back to sleep, she opened her eyes again.

"Thank you, Victor. For everything."

Victor smiled and he gave her a kiss on her nose. "For you, I'll do everything. Now go back to sleep, everything will be alright."
Especially for these holidays, an extra long chapter. Twice as long as normally.

I have been told that there are people who don't have Boxing Day. Boxing Day is the British (and other old British continents) "second" Christmas Day. Only there are no gifts involved. I have no idea what British people do at Boxing Day, but I know that I always have a wonderful day at December the 26th. :)

These characters belong to me:
Arthur Knight
Melissa Volt Taylor
Richard Taylor
Thomas Taylor

The rest of the cast come from The Secret show and belong to Tony Collingwood and (C)BBC.


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