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A new life

It was the last week before the summer holiday. Just a few more days before the agents of U.Z.Z. would have a month off and didn't have to worry about the bad guys. And this was the week where the last things were being checked and the last files being put away.

Agents Scott and Todd just arrived at the runway of the sky bikes. They were just finished with the last test drive and it was time for some break. So the two of them sat down at the edge of the runway. There was enough that they could do, but they wanted to enjoy the sun before it would be gone. The English summers could be so changing sometimes.

"Scott, did you feel that?"

Scott looked to his friend. "It was probably nothing."

But Scott was wrong. A few seconds later, two water balloons fell down and the two agents were wet till the bone. When they looked up, they vaguely recognized the agent who threw them.

"Get your lazy behinds up here! You need to file your reports and I ain't going to do it for you!" The voice of U.Z.Z. agent Eliza sounded from the Control Room.

The two men got up from their place, knowing that it would get worse if they would stay there. They wandered through the hallways of the U.Z.Z. base and suddenly saw a group of women standing around something.

Todd looked to the women. He could never understand why they all came in groups. "Any idea what that could be?"

Scott shrugged. "It's better not to interfere with what women are doing, I've learned that the hard way."

"Scott, Todd, to the Control Room. Your files aren't properly filed." Special Agent Ray walked to the two agents and soon he noticed to group of women. "Ladies, back to work and leave Secret Agent Knight alone, will you?"

"Yes, Sir!"

Anita let out a sigh once the women were gone and she looked to the man who had saved her. "Thank you, Ray. They didn't want to leave us alone." Anita was still on maternity leave, but she had promised the others that she would come and visit them before the holiday would start, together with Timothy.

Ray gave her a smile. "They are probable overwhelmed by his charm."

Anita chuckled and they walked towards the Briefing Rooms. "Maybe. What about you and Kyrsten? The two of you are married now, but have you any plans yet?" Just a few weeks ago, Ray and Kyrsten got married. It wasn't a big wedding; it was just a small simple wedding. Just their closest friends and that was all. They both didn't have families any more and they just wanted everything to be official.

"We don't have anything planned, but you know how things like that go. You are the living proof."

"Yes, I know. Well, who knows, maybe it will be soon." Anita looked to Timothy. He was looking around him, being interested in almost everything he saw.  He was now almost three months old and things were getting better. No more waking up in the middle of the night as much as he used to was the most important change.

Ray looked to Timothy as well. "He looks a lot like Victor. His eyes, his nose and even his hair. And he has his father's curiosity."

"Hm, I'm not sure about his hair; it's getting lighter now." Anita stopped and knelt down next to Timothy in his pushchair. "But he indeed looks a lot like his father, and he likes him a lot too."  added Anita with a laugh when Timothy started to laugh.

Ray had to admit that he could never imagine that he would see Anita like this. He knew that she would be a loving mother, but she looked so happy. It wasn't that hard to be happy with a little boy like Timothy. "So, you and Victor ready for a second one?"

"Oh no, this time, we are going to wait until we are married and not sooner." Anita noticed something to her little boy and looked to Ray. "I have to leave you, Ray. It looks like Timothy is a little bit hungry."

Ray nodded and he said goodbye to Anita. "We'll see you at lunch then."

And while Anita went to her bunker, Victor arrived with his sky-bike at the U.Z.Z. base. He had taken his sky-bike out for a flight to make sure everything was alright, which was the case. It wouldn't take long before it would be lunch time and now would be one of the last times to have lunch with all of his friends and colleagues before the summer holiday would start.

"Hi Victor! I was looking for you."

Victor smiled and walked to his partner. Kyrsten had been his partner for some months now and they did get along just fine. "Well you are the one who was late this morning. Didn't Ray tell you that I was outside?"

"Yes, I decided to wait here and finish the last reports." Kyrsten gave Victor a smile. "How is your life at home?"

"Wonderful. Timothy slept almost the whole night last night, so that was one breakthrough. But he still is a loving boy. I can't wait to spend some more time together with him and Anita."

"You know that you will have to work a few days during the holiday, right?"

Victor nodded. He took some days off during Anita's pregnancy and after Timothy was born. But that wasn't a problem. He figured that Anita wanted to have some time alone too and this would be good for both of them. Working during the holiday mostly meant that you had to do some desk jobs, because the bad guys were on a holiday, most of the time. "Anita and I both don't mind it. And maybe it will be nice to be away from each other a few hours per week."

Kowalski and Victor went to the Control Room when Anita got out of her bunker. She had to admit that she had missed this. It was wonderful to be a mom, but she missed her work too. When the holiday would be over, she could finally go back to work. She loved her Timothy, but Victor would want to spend some time with his son as well. After a little walk from her bunker, she passed a door which she couldn't just pass without saying hi. So she knocked on the door and opened it carefully. "Hello, sir."

Her boss was sitting behind his desk when he noticed her. Changed Daily smiled and he stood up. "Hello, Anita. How nice to see you again. And your Timothy."

Anita gave him a smile and sat down onto one of the chairs which were in front of Changed Daily's desk. "It's nice to be back again."

Changed Daily sat down next to Anita. "How are you, Anita? Anxious to go back?"

Anita nodded. She just couldn't wait to the thing she loved to do; working for U.Z.Z. "Timmy is sweet, but I want to go back to work." She and Victor had it all figured out. While one was at work, the other could take care of Timothy. Once Timothy would be one year old, they might even go work together once a week.

"I can understand that." Changed Daily looked to Timothy who was looking around him. "Could I...?"

"Sure." Anita got Timothy out of his pushchair and gave him to Changed Daily. Timothy was good with strangers most of the time and he had seen Changed Daily a few times before.

"So, are you getting used to be a mother?"

"A little bit. Timothy doesn't have a clear routine yet. So I have to get out some times of the night." That was only in weekdays. In the weekend, Victor took care of Timothy during the nights, because he  had a weekend off.

"I hope it won't take too long for you before he will get a routine then."

A knock on the door sounded and Lucy Woo walked into the room. "Oh, I'm sorry, Spicy Hair." said Lucy once she noticed Anita, "I didn't know you had a visitor."

"It's alright." Spicy Hair looked to Anita, who was still laughing since she heard Spicy Hair's name. "Anita is here to show Timothy around."

Lucy chuckled and she gave Anita a hug. "How are you?"

"I'm doing fine. I promised a few people that I would come and visit before the holiday would start."

"That's really sweet of you, Anita." Lucy walked towards Spicy Hair and carefully touched Timothy's cheek. "He is a sweet little boy."

"Hm, until it's late at night and he feels hungry."

"You will get used to that and you still have Victor to help you out."

Anita smiled. "Of course was Victor there to help her. He was just wonderful as a father and a lover. Something she didn't always expected. "Talking about Victor, it's almost lunchtime and I promised him that we would lunch together."

Spicy Hair placed Timothy back in his pushchair. "Enjoy your holiday and we will see you back in September."

Anita said goodbye to Spicy Hair and Lucy and walked towards the canteen. She and Victor got a little bit used to the fact that they didn't work together anymore, but the lunches apart were sometimes still hard. Even when Anita worked at the other building, they got the opportunity to lunch together.

Anita's thoughts were disturbed by a small noise behind her. She knew who it was, but she decided to play dumb and let him play his game.

"Guess who." sounded when two hands covered her eyes.

"Hi, Victor." Anita turned around and she looked to Victor.

Victor smiled. "I knew I couldn't surprise a Secret Agent, but I still like to try it." He placed his arms around Anita's waist and looked deep into her eyes. "I still like to think that I can surprise Anita Knight." And he did, because Anita never expected that he would kiss her in the middle of a hallway at U.Z.Z. HQ.

"Why did you kiss me like this?" Her voice had a mix of loving and surprised tone in it.

"Because you are the love of my life and I wanted to surprise you." Victor let Anita go and he glanced at Timothy. "Has he been sweet today?"

"Very sweet. And very charming towards the ladies." said Anita when they continued their trip to the canteen.

Victor chuckled. "Well, if ladies are attracted by him now, I'm curious how that would be in the future."

"He would be just like his father; a real player sometimes."

"Ha-ha, very funny, Anita."

"I thought so too."

Victor placed an arm around Anita's waist. "Well, I have the most beautiful woman as fiancée." He stopped and made Anita stop too. "You know, what if I will take care of dinner tonight? So you don't have to worry about it."

Anita shook her head. "I don't think so. I still need to lose this so-called 'baby fat' and  a take-away dinner won't help."

Victor sighed. "You look beautiful like this. There is nothing wrong with it." he gave Anita a kiss. Anita had been talking about it for some time now, but he couldn't see the problem. She might have put on some weight, but you could barely see it.

"Okay, but when this holiday is over, there will be no more take-aways in our house."

"I can't promise you that."

The couple walked into the canteen and while Victor was going to get lunch, Anita was looking for a place to sit. And soon she found one; a place at the table of their friends. "Mind if I join you, Mr and Mrs Kowalski?" she asked.

Kyrsten smiled and stood up. "Of course not. How wonderful to see you." She gave Anita a hug and then went down on her knees to take a look at Timothy. "Hello, cutie."

Anita chuckled and she sat down onto an empty chair. It had been some weeks since Kyrsten and Ray had seen her and Timothy. Since their wedding to be exact. Almost three weeks ago, Kyrsten and Ray got married. It was something really simple. They got married at the register office. Only their closest friends were there. Kent and his family, Scott, Todd, Eliza, Professor Professor, Spicy Hair, Lucy Woo and of course Victor, Anita and Timothy. Both parents of Ray and Kowalski didn't live anymore, so Lucy Woo and Spicy Hair were the witnesses. It didn't take long, but it was a sweet ceremony.

"So, are you exciting for the holiday, Anita?"

Anita nodded and she looked at Ray. "It'll be great and we might even go on a holiday for a few days. How about you?"

"We are going on our honeymoon next week. We are going to Kos." Ray looked to his wife. "And after that, we come back home for a week and then go to Germany."

Anita was a little bit surprised. "You mean you will have two honeymoons?"

Kowalski looked to Anita and gave her a big smile. "We couldn't really make up our minds, so we decided we would go on two honeymoons, now we are still able to." she added when Victor sat down at the table as well.

"What do you mean; while we're still able to?" asked Anita.

Kowalski looked to Ray and Ray sighed. Of course, he knew it would come this far one day, but he felt it was still a little bit too soon. He grabbed something out of his pocket and showed it to Victor and Anita.

"Oh my, are you pregnant? This fast already?" Anita looked to the picture again. There was no mistake. It was a  black and white picture of a small human creature. "For how long?"

"Almost ten weeks at the moment." was the answer.

"So you two couldn't wait a few weeks after you were married?" asked Victor with a teasing smile. But he immediately understood why Kowalski didn't work so hard the last weeks. "How long did you know this?"

"Just a few weeks." Kowalski gave her partner a smile. "I thought it was just the excitement of getting married was the reason why I didn't have my period. But a day later, we decided to get a test and it was positive."

"I'm very happy for you." Anita stood up and gave Kowalski a hug. "And you can always come and visit us when you feel alone."

"Yes, but what about us?"

Ray looked to Victor. "Don't worry, we solved it already. You or Anita can work in my team as long as you are going to work apart. When Timothy is old enough and you two work together again, you can be a Secret Agent Team again."

Anita smiled, she was very pleased with this news. "That is just wonderful. No late nights for the time being and when Timothy goes to daycare, we can work together full-time again." Anita looked at Kowalski. "What about you then?"

Kowalski took a deep breath. "I already talked to Spicy Hair about it. We decided that I would take a few years off so I can concentrate on our child."

"So we won't see you around then?" asked Victor. It was some kind of sadness that he would miss a partner to work with, but it was for a good case.

"Maybe every now and then, to bring Ray's lunch to HQ. And of course I'd stop by at your place from time to time."

Professor Professor sat down on a chair next to Kowalski. "I heard the happy news." he looked to Ray and Kowalski. "This sounds like a baby-boom at U.Z.Z. Kent, Melissa, Victor and Anita and now you two."

Kowalski chuckled. "Well, it was just coincidence. At least we didn't do it on purpose."

"Nor did we."

"And what about you, Professor Professor? Isn't it time that you started a family?" Victor gave the Professor a teasing smile.

"Why yes! With someone like Doctor Doctor maybe." added Kowalski.

"What!? No! You are crazy! I will never end up with her!"

The others started to laugh and Anita stood up from her chair. "I'd better be going. Timothy isn't really used to be surrounded by too many people for a long time.

Victor stood up as well and walked to Anita. "So, what are you and Timmy going to do now?" asked Victor after he gave Anita one last kiss on her cheek.

Anita looked to her son. "I promised your mother that I would visit her. She can't get enough of her grandson."

Victor chuckled and looked to Timothy as well. "Well, he is truly adorable"

"Just like you, my dear Victor." said Anita and she gave him a kiss on his cheek. "I'll see you tonight. Don't fight too hard and don't let Professor Professor drive you crazy."
Yay, the very last chapter of 'A new life'. It's been really great to write it and now it's time to focus on other stories. (Maybe I even rewrite 'Pretty Little Agent' again, even though it was only just for this: [link] )

The Secret Show with most of the characters belong to Tony Collingwood & (C)BBC

These belong to me (~Eszies-Eszie):
Timothy Thomas Jefferson Knight/"Junior"
Arthur Knight
(Kowalski's first name: Kyrsten)

PS Thank you all for the :+fav:'s! I love it! :tighthug:


First Chapter: [link]
Previous chapter: [link]
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