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A new life
Chapter Eight; Happy Halloween

It was the day before Halloween. Just like every year, some agents were busy decorating the canteen for the big party they would have the next night. It was a big event, which every agent loved to go to every year.
This year, Ray and Kowalski who were decorating. Kowalski was standing on the ladder, while Ray held the ladder back. "So, what will you be wearing this year?" asked Ray as he looked up. Kowalski was just hanging the last cobwebs onto the ceiling as a finishing touch.

"I was thinking about something traditional, like a witch." said Kowalski as she stepped down the stairs. She looked to Ray and gave him a loving look. "Why don't you be my wizard?"

Ray chuckled. Every year, he was dressed up like Elvis, complete with the big wig and suit. "It would be weird if I would change my costume suddenly." What the other agents didn't know, was that Kowalski and Ray were in love. Ever since their first date, they have been going out and seeing each other after work.

Kowalski smiled. It could be wonderful if they could be going as a couple, now that they were a couple. Even though their colleagues didn't know that. "They don't have to know that it was you, right?" she looked into his eyes. Being together with him at work was exciting enough. But kissing him at work would be much more exciting...

"What are you doing?" whispered Ray as Kowalski bended towards him.

"Kissing you."

Ray smiled and he placed his arms around her waist to pull her closer to him. "I love you." he whispered before they started to kiss.

"I love you too, Ray." Kowalski looked at her lover. "Do you know if we are able to have a relationship while I am a Secret Agent now?"

"At the moment, I don't care." Ray figured that it wouldn't be that bad, but then again, he didn't know for how long Kowalski would be a Secret Agent. He let Kowalski go. "I'd better go and see what's going on at the Control Room. I'll see you after work." he said goodbye and Kowalski looked how he walked away. It was wonderful to be in love with someone so special. Ray had been nice, sweet and warm towards her. After work, that is. At work, he was still the same man he had always been, but she didn't mind that.

A female voice brought her back to earth. "What are you thinking about, Kyrsten?"

Kowalski shook her head and she noticed Anita coming into the canteen. "What are you doing here, Anita?"

Anita smiled. "I was just wondering what the decoration would be like." she said and she walked towards Kowalski. "It looks already beautiful."

Kowalski gave Anita a smile back. "Thanks. Ray and I worked hard for it." she looked around her before she looked to Anita. "Do you have a costume already?"

Anita nodded. "I'm going to be Miss Moneypenny again, just like a few years ago." Anita remembered how Victor reacted to the costume and she was curious if Victor would still love the suit. "What about you?"

"I'll be going as an old-fashioned witch." said Kowalski with a big smile. She looked to her communicator. "I think I should be going now, I promised Ray I would help him when I had the time to do so."

Together, they walked out of the canteen. And there was actually one question Anita couldn't wait to ask. "Are you and Ray together, as a couple?"

Kowalski turned to Anita. "No, why... what makes you think that?"

Anita smiled. "Well, you two really looked like you are in love with each other." she looked closer to her best friend. She had the feeling there was something going on between Ray and Kowalski, but she wasn't really sure what it was.

"Ray and I might have been on a date or two, but I'm not sure if I can call it love." It wasn't the complete truth. She knew it was love, but she couldn't say it to Anita. Kowalski was still afraid that she or Ray could lose their jobs if they would show their relationship in public.

"I hope the two of you will take it slow, unlike me and Victor." said Anita with a smile and she looked to her friend. "Even though the pregnancy was just an accident."

Kowalski chuckled. "Ray and I are just going out together. We aren't really sure if we are in love, but we have more than enough time to think about it." Suddenly, she smelled something terrible. "What is that smell?" Anita took some breath and suddenly, she didn't feel good. She rushed to the bathrooms and left Kowalski behind. Kowalski didn't know what to think and she figured she should go after her friend. Once she walked into the bathrooms, it didn't take her long before she figured out where Anita was. She opened the door and looked to her friend, who was sitting in front of the toilet. "Is there something I can do?"

"You can get me some water to get this terrible taste out of my mouth." said Anita as she turned around. "What is that horrible smell?"

Kowalski grabbed a bottle of water out of her bag. She still carried her bag with her, since she didn't have an official Secret Agent suit yet. She gave the bottle as Anita stood up. "I wouldn't know, Anita. But I think it would be better for you if you went to your bunker."

Anita looked at her. "They decided to paint my bunker, since I wouldn't be there for some months." She took a sip of the water. "But I think Victor is near too."

Kowalski nodded and together they walked to Victor's bunker, when Kowalski's communicator started to ring. "I should be going now; Ray needs me in the Control Room. Good luck, Anita."

Anita just nodded and she walked into Victor's bunker. Well, that is what she wanted to do, but instead, she stood still in the doorway. In the room was Victor, wearing the same tuxedo he was wearing a few years ago, at Halloween. "Victor?" said Anita and Victor turned around. "Or do I need to say; Mr Bond?"

Victor smiled. "You caught me, Anita." he said and he walked towards her. "What do you think, Miss Moneypenny? Care for a little dance tomorrow?"

"How did you know…?"

"Honestly, I saw the suit at your desk a few days ago." Every now and then, Victor visits Anita at her new workspace. At one of these days, he noticed the same suit Anita wore as Miss Moneypenny. Apparently, she wanted to see if it would still fit her now she was pregnant.

Anita gave him a little smile. "And you figured you could wear the old James Bond suit again. It suits you well, Victor." She remembered the first time she had seen Victor in the suit. He looked so handsome, that she wasn't able to get that image out of her head for some time.

"What are you thinking about?" Victor looked at her. He was curious how Anita would look like now she was pregnant and wearing the suit. He remembered that he told her the last time that she should wear the suit more often, because she looked so beautiful in it. "I hope it was something good."

Anita chuckled. "Don't you worry, it was something really good and it was about you." I can't believe it! I'm flirting with Victor, at work! It was so strange. She wasn't even a hundred per cent sure if she loved him.

Victor pulled her closer to him. "Just a few months left before we will be living together." He still couldn't believe it. The woman, with whom he was in love with for years, was finally going to live together with him.

Anita didn't know what to say. And when she knew what to say, she had that same urge to rush to bathroom just like a few minutes ago. She struggled out of Victor's grip and she rushed to the bathrooms once again. And again, she hung above the toilet to throw up. It was horrible to be pregnant. Hormones, throwing up and even not being sure if she was loving the father of her child. "I hate my life."

"It'll be better soon, Anita. I've heard that it doesn't take too long before you would stop throwing up." sounded behind her and Anita turned around.

"I'm not in the mood to get some good advice, Victor." she said and she rose on shaky feet.

Victor supported her back to his bunker. "I'm going to look where that smell comes from. Why don't you stay here, get some sleep and do nothing?"

"But my work…."

Victor stopped her protest. "I'll call them and let them know that you don't feel alright. I'll come back within an hour or so to see how you're doing." Victor walked away and he closed the door behind him.

Anita sighed and she walked to the bed. She had to admit that it sounded wonderful to go to bed and get some sleep. She lied down and tried to get some sleep and some nice dreams before the pregnancy would mess up her mind once again.
My latest chapter!

I'm off to bed now....

The only thing I own (I guess) is the name 'Kyrsten'
The rest of the cast come from The Secret show and belong to Tony Collingwood and (C)BBC


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