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A new life
Chapter Seven; A new Secret Agent

Some weeks had passed again when Anita walked through the hallways of the U.Z.Z. H.Q. She did like it to be at work in the other building, but it was great to be back again.
But today she was back at the H.Q. because it was a special occasion. Today would Ray choose a new partner for Victor.

"Hey, Anita, how nice to see you again." said Ray when Anita walked into the Control Room. It had been a few weeks since the last time she saw him. "And the suit still fits you."

At the other building, Anita didn't have to wear her U.Z.Z. suit. But when she had to be at H.Q., she had to wear her uniform. "According to me, I think I already start to show that I'm pregnant." said Anita as she looked to her stomach. A small bump started to show already.

Ray chuckled. "You do show it a little bit. And I think it suits you." he looked to Anita's stomach more closely. "Even though you are just a few weeks pregnant."

Anita chuckled. "Well, I do feel the hormones run through my body a couple of times per day, but I have to admit that it can feel really great to be pregnant."

"What are you doing here, Anita?" asked Victor once he walked into the Control Room. He wanted to speak to Ray, but now he saw Anita, he forgot what he wanted to ask him.

Anita chuckled. "Did you already forget that you will get a new partner today?"

Victor gave her a little smile. Ever since Anita told him that she was pregnant, he started to forget things. And he remembered what he wanted to ask Ray. "Yes, I forgot." Victor looked to Ray. "Do you have any idea who it will be?"

Ray gave him a little smile. "There are a few agents left, and they need to finish the course before I can be sure." He looked to the clock and smiled. "I guess it's time to see them in action."

The three of them went to the Training Room. The whole course had been set out and they sat down onto the bleachers. Anita looked to the agents, who were getting ready to start. "I didn't know Kowalski wanted to become a Secret Agent." said Anita in surprise. As far as she knew, Kowalski loved being in Ray's team.

"Oh, she loved being in my team, but she wanted something more. And she was the best at some of the previous tests." said Ray. What the others didn't know, was that he and Kowalski were seeing each other after work. But that didn't mean that he would make things better for Kowalski. If she really deserves to be a Secret Agent, she had to show it with this last test.

"Where's Eliza?" asked Victor. In his opinion, every U.Z.Z. Agent wanted to be a Secret Agent.

"I hate the irregular schedule you'll have once you are a Secret Agent, so I decided not to do it." said Eliza, once she sat down next to Anita. "Besides, I'd love to see how the others have to struggle to get this right."

Anita chuckled. "I'm wondering who could be the winner here." she looked to the agents. Besides Kowalski, there was also Kent and Scott who were left. "Where is Todd?"

"He failed a few tests, so he couldn't join the rest." said Ray. "I don't think he felt good the previous days and he didn't show up at work today."

"Poor Todd." said Eliza. But while she said it, her face had something devilish. "Well, that's one bet he lost already, again."

Anita looked to Eliza. "You didn't poison him, just to..."

"Please, I'm not the bad guy here, Anita. It was Scott, not me."

Ray's eyes became big. "Are you sure about that."

Eliza smiled. "No exactly, but who know how far Scott will go to get the title."

Victor shook his head. "Scott wouldn't do that, Ray. I know that for sure. He might be weird sometimes, but he wouldn't let the others fall so he could win." he looked to Eliza. "You will be so dead if Scott hears that."

"Yes, if he hears that, but he won't."

"Eliza, don't forget that I need Victor for some time longer than just today." said Anita and she looked to her friend. "Besides, no-one is going to hear anything from either of you if you keep on going like this."

"So, hormones eh?" said Eliza with a big smile and Anita gave her a deadly glare. "Just saying."

"You are saying too much, Agent Fox." said Anita and she looked the other way.

Eliza rolled with her eyes. "Look, I'm sorry, Anita. I'm not always as sensitive as you are. You know me."

"Yes, I know you, that's the worst part of it." Anita looked back to Eliza. "I just don't want to hear anything about my body right now."


Right at that moment, a signal sounded and the agents started to run. Kowalski and Kent outran the rest of the agents. And they stayed at the first places. Kent was the first one to finish and Kowalski followed right after him.

"Not that I don't like Kent," started Victor, once all of the agents had passed the finish line, "but would it be wise if Kent would get a job with a demanding wife like Dahlia?"

Ray shrugged. "We will see what will happen. Besides, it doesn't have to mean that he has a better score than Kowalski."

Victor smiled. "Alright, let's see what the score is then." he stood up and helped Anita onto her feet. "Do you have anyone in particular who should be my new partner for now?"

Anita gave him a little smile back. "I trust you, Victor. Don't worry."

Victor laughed. "I wasn't asking you if you trusted me, but I take that that you wouldn't mind that Kowalski would be my partner." he looked to her. "And I like them both, but I'd rather work with you, Anita."

Anita gave his hand a soft squeeze. "You know that it will take some time before we can do that again." After the pregnancy, Anita still had to stay home for some time to take care of the baby. It was a thing they didn't talk about, but all Anita knew was that she wanted to go back to work as soon as possible.

"We'll figure it out." said Victor as they walked down to the others.

"Well, Kowalski, Kent... The two of you came here real quick, and now we are going to see what the overall grade of your tests is." said Ray as the others gathered around.

"Agent Kent Trusted.... B." said the computer and Kent smiled. He had figured that he would get a grade like that. He did his best to get this far and he hoped that he would get the job.

"Agent Kyrsten Kowalski... B...Plus."

Kowalski couldn't believe her ears. "Does that mean that I would work as a Secret Agent now, then?" she whispered and her friends nodded. "I don't know what to say."

Kent shook his head. "Well, I did my best." he sighed and he looked to Kowalski. "Congrats, girl."

Kowalski smiled. "You still have Dahlia to look after. So you have plenty to do." she gave Kent a hug. "But you were really good."

Kent smiled. "But not good enough. And you are right. Dahlia needs me too, just like the boys."

Anita gave Kowalski a hug. "You've been great, Kowalski." she looked to Kent. "You too, Kent."

"Yeah, I know. Well, at least I have one other female colleague who could beat me up every now and then." Kent was referring to one of the first meetings he had with Kowalski. She managed to beat him up pretty hard in one of their first training sessions. A few years later, Eliza did the same thing. And so did Dahlia, a few years earlier at T.H.E.M. "Somehow, I'm the boxing ball of female agents."

Eliza patted him on his shoulder. "Don't you worry, Kent. We will be more careful with you, now you're married to Dahlia. Because she will kick our buts if we would hurt you."

Anita looked to Kowalski. "Promise me you will look after Victor now I'm not there. Before you'll know it, he'll cause some troubles."

Kowalski smiled. "Don't you worry, Anita. I won't let him do something stupid."

When the women turned around, they saw Victor giving them a look as if he had been hurt. "I thought you trusted me."

Anita walked to Victor and gave him a little smile. "I do trust you, around other women. But not at work." she whispered and she gave him a kiss on his cheek. "I'd better be going. I have an appointment with the doctor."

Anita said goodbye and a siren started to wail. Victor and Kowalski looked to each other. "Well, we'd better go and start working together now."
Yes, finally, the next chapter :)

I, ~Eszies-Eszie, own only Eliza Fox, Dahlia Smith-Trusted and her boys. Just like Kowalski's first name; Kyrsten...

The rest of the cast come from The Secret show and belong to Tony Collingwood and (C)BBC

No asking about names, please. I already have my mind made up.
I won't tell anything before a new chapter.

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