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A new life
Chapter Six; Who's your daddy?

Two weeks had passed and Anita walked through the hallways to clean out her locker. Since she wouldn't be working in the main building of U.Z.Z., she decided that she should clean her locker. And it gave her a opportunity to see her friends again.

"Hi, Anita!" sounded and Kowalski and Eliza approached her. "How are you?"

"I'm good, thank you." Anita looked to her friends. "But what are you doing here? I thought you had to train outside."

Eliza smiled. "No, they moved it, so we have it this afternoon."

"Ah, I see." This wasn't what Anita had hoped for. The past few days, she has been bothered by her colleagues with the question who the father was. But Anita had the feeling that she wasn't ready for that yet.

"But, while we're here..."

Anita shook her head. "I don't think so." she said. "Not yet, at least."

"Ladies," sounded from the Conference Room, "it's time to come at the briefing and leave Agent Knight alone, will you?" Ray looked to his agents as they went into the Conference Room. It was their Briefing Room and Ray wanted his agents to talk about the previous week. "I'll try to keep them off your back for today." he said to Anita with a big smile.

Anita chuckled. "Thank you Ray." she said and she passed the room. This was going to be a long day...


After Anita cleaned her locker, she walked towards the Training Room. As far as she knew, Lucy was training new agents that day, and she didn't really had the chance to talk to her.

Just when she wanted to enter the room, the new agents walked out of the room and Lucy followed them close. "Don't forget, keep practising your moves!" she called after them. Then she turned to Anita. "Ah, Anita, how wonderful to see you!"

"It's nice to see you too, Lucy."

Both women walked into the Training Room. "So, rumours have it that you are pregnant." said Lucy, once they sat down onto the bleachers.

"Yes, I know I should have told you, but I didn't quite find the time to see you." There was a lot going on in those last weeks. Anita had to get used to her new, temporary job and of course all those official papers which needed to be signed.  

Lucy laughed. "Don't worry, Anita. I've been quite busy too." Lucy and Anita were very good friends. Thereby, there was nothing Lucy didn't know when it came down to the agents of U.Z.Z. She knew everything about everybody. "So, how did Victor react when he heard the news?"

"Surprised, just like I was." Anita wasn't sure if Lucy was talking about either founding out that she was pregnant or that he was the father.

"And how are you two going to face the future together?"

Anita smiled. She knew that Lucy would know about it. "In the new year, we will be living together. And we'll see what will happen next."

"Do you love him?"

There was no immediate response. Of course, Anita knew that the two of them could get a wonderful future together, they were really close when it came down to working. But in love, she wasn't really sure. "He told me that he couldn't wait to share his life with me, but..." Anita sighed. "I don't know."

"Don't you worry, Anita. It took me some time before I defiantly knew that I loved Joyful Jubilee."

"Do you still love him?"

Lucy gave Anita a little smile. "Well, it did take him some long years before he finally rescued me. But I think that my heart keeps telling me that, even though he can be an idiot most of the times, he still has his heart at the right place."

"So, the two of you...?"

"Who knows, Anita. Who knows..." Lucy shook her head. "But we are not going to talk about that now. I have to go now. Maybe I'll see you at lunch."

"Alright. Goodbye, Lucy."

Lucy said goodbye to Anita. She was happy for her and maybe it was about time to forgive Joyful Jubilee.


It was about lunch time, when most agents of U.Z.Z. walked into the canteen. It had been a quiet day, so everyone had the chance to chat up and to gossip.

Which was also the case for some agents, who were already enjoying their lunch.

"I swear, there is no other candidate." whispered Kowalski.

Eliza chuckled. "Why are you whispering? Victor and Anita aren't even near us."

"You never know."

Agent Kent Trusted shook his head. "There is no other option here. I mean, they are partners at work and they seem to get along really good." Suddenly, Kent's communicator started to ring. "Kent here."

"I'm guessing it's his wife." said Ray with a smile. Kent had been married for a few years now and when Kent got a call, it was mostly from his wife Dahlia Trusted. Sometimes, she needed some help in her flower shop, she called Kent. U.Z.Z. understood his position and gave him the possibility to work part-time.

"It was my dear wife." said Kent with a smile as he hung up. "She needs my help, so I'd better be going now." he said goodbye to his friends and walked away.

"I think I can't think of a better husband and father like Kent." said Kowalski with a smile, just when Eliza spotted something.

"Guys, don't turn around too quickly, but I think Anita and Victor are holding hands."

"They wouldn't do that at work." said Ray as he turned around. But he saw it too. Victor and Anita were holding hands. "So, that was the end of that gossip."

But once Victor and Anita arrived at their table, they weren't holding hands any more. "Any seats free for us?" asked Anita with a smile.

"Sure." the others said and Victor and Anita sat down.

"So, where is Kent?" asked Victor once he sat down.

"Back to the shop. Dahlia needed him." said Kowalski. "Let's hope your future-wife won't be that demanding."

"Dahlia isn't that bad, right?" said Anita. Even though Anita and Dahlia had a really bad start, they became good friends after some time. "Besides, she's still recovering from her last pregnancy."

"I think I'm going to pay her a visit this afternoon." said Kowalski with a smile. "It's been a while."

Eliza nodded. "I'm going with you. I can't wait to see those little guys again. Well, aside from Kent then." she added with a chuckle.


The bell of the store rang and Dahlia looked up. She just finished the balance of her store when Kowalski and Eliza walked through the door.

"Hey, Dahlia!" said Eliza with a big smile. "How are you?"

"I'm doing fine, I'm just glad I'm back behind the counter." said Dahlia and she gave her friends a hug. "How are you two?"

"Couldn't be better." said Kowalski. "I guess Kent wasn't a great help during your pregnancy and maternity leave."

"Very funny, Kowalski." said Kent. He looked to his wife. "If you want some break, I'll take it over from you."

"Thank you, Kent." Dahlia walked away to the doorway to her house. "Do you want some tea?"

Kowalski and Eliza looked to each other and shrugged. "Why not?" they said and they walked to the living room.

They sat down and waited for Dahlia to bring the tea. "How are the kids doing?" asked Kowalski, once Dahlia came back.

Dahlia smiled. "Kevin is an angel and Dean is really sweet."

"Don't get used to it. They'll be grown up before you know it." said Kowalski.

"I know." said Dahlia with a big smile. "But I've heard something else too."

"Like what?" asked Eliza.

"Is it true that Anita Knight is pregnant?"

"Yeah, it's true." said Eliza. "But she refuses to tell us who the father is."

"Well, I can think of one candidate." Dahlia looked to her friends. Even though they had a rocky start and  she didn't know them that long, they did become best friends.

"Well, I did see Victor and Anita holding hands during lunch." said Eliza.


The three friends looked towards the doorway and saw Victor and Anita standing there.

"Hey, it's been a while since I saw you the last time." said Dahlia and she stood up from her chair.

"I know." said Anita with a smile. "And I'm sorry, but you know how much work we have and I needed to get home on time because of my father." she gave Dahlia a hug.

"How are your boys?" asked Victor after Dahlia gave him a hug

"They are with their grandmother now." said Dahlia. Kents mother moved to England once she heard about the pregnancy. And every once in a while, she offered to look after the boys.

"Victor looked to Anita. "Maybe your father..."

"Victor, I won't be using my father as a babysit."

"Maybe the parents of the father of your baby will look after it." said Dahlia.

Anita blinked with her eyes, but Victor answered before Anita had a chance to. "Maybe my mother would love to look after the baby. It is her grandchild after all."

Silence fell in the room. After a few moments, Dhalia was the first one to speak. "You are the father..."

Victor looked to Anita, who just sighed. Damage was already done, so there was nothing else left to do then to tell the others the whole story. "Yes, Victor is the father of my baby."

Dahlia smiled and she gave Victor another hug. "You do understand that you are a lucky man, don't you?" she whispered.

Victor smiled. "Yes," he whispered back and he looked to Anita. "I might be the luckiest guy in the world right now."

"Well, that means that Todd and Scott lost their bet." sounded from the store and Victor and Anita looked to each other.

"What bet?" called Victor back to Kent.

"Give me a moment, I'll be right there in a second." sounded back and a few moments later, Kent walked into the room. "Scott, Todd, Eliza and I made a bet on who the father would be." he said with a big smile.

"You did what?" said Anita. She couldn't believe that their own friends had placed a bet on who the father would be.

Victor chuckled. He had the idea that some agents of U.Z.Z. were placing a bet, but he didn't really mind it. "Come on, Anita. It means that Kent and Eliza can buy us some nice drinks this weekend."

Anita looked to Victor. "You know that I can't..."

"It doesn't mean that I can't drink some alcohol." said Victor with a smile and he placed an arm around Anita's waist. He chuckled when he saw Anita's face. "And don't you worry. I won't touch any alcohol when you are pregnant."

"Hm, how thoughtful of you."

"I think Victor is right. We should celebrate this, with all of us." said Dahlia. "And Kent and Eliza are paying."

Kent and Eliza looked to each other. "Well, I guess we have no other choice then to do so..."
There is something I really need to say first.
How much I'd love to place a new chapter online every week, I can't do that. For now at least.
I have a major project coming up, which takes up a lot of my time...

Second, I have to apologize for some crappy endings... I'm exhausted at the moment. To have a terrible headache and lack of sleep is horrible.

And third:
These characters belong to me ~Eszies-Eszie
:bulletpurple: Eliza Fox
:bulletpurple: Dahlia Trusted
:bulletpurple: Dean Trusted
:bulletpurple: Kevin Trusted

The rest of the cast come from The Secret show and belong to Tony Collingwood and (C)BBC


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