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A new life
Chapter Four; It's nothing, Grandma

It was almost near dinnertime when the doorbell rang. Anita walked towards her front door and she opened it. "Hi, Mildred." said Anita with a smile. "How are you?"

Mildred smiled. "I'm great." she said and she walked into the hall. "Victor will be here soon. He's searching for a place to park my car." Victor and Anita both didn't have a car. It seemed useless to both of them to have one, since they both had a sky-bike. "Why did you invite us, Anita?"

Anita smiled. "My father was almost ready with the lasagne, so I figured it would be nice to have you here too. And Victor of course."

Mildred walked into the living room and she sat down on the couch. "I heard that your father wasn't his normal non-cursing self today."

"Sometimes, you hear too much, Mildred." said Arthur when he walked into the living room. He looked to Anita. "Have you been talking?"

"No, you cursed the oven loud enough to let the neighbours hear that you didn't like it." said Mildred, and she looked to her old friend. "What happened?"

Arthur looked to Anita and just shook his head. "It's been a long day and the oven is one of the few things around here that doesn't curse back."

Anita chuckled. She was already happy that her father didn't already spoiled the fun. The doorbell started to ring, just when Anita wanted to sit down. "I'll go." she said and she walked towards the front door. "Hi, Victor."

Victor smiled and he looked to her. "How are you?" he softly asked. Somehow, the knowledge of Anita carrying his child, made him softer towards her. "How did your father react?"

Anita smiled. "I'm still okay, Victor. And my father just need to get used of the news." she let Victor into the house and looked at him. "Does your mother know it?"

Victor shook his head. "I was just home when you called me, so I didn't have the chance to tell her." he said as he took off his coat. "Besides, I figured that you wanted to tell it to her. Or at least we would tell it together."

"Victor, Anita? Dinner is ready!" sounded from the dinner room and Victor and Anita walked to the dinner room.


After they finished dinner, everyone went to the living room.
Anita and Victor both sat down onto the couch while Mildred sat down in one of the chairs.

"Well, this reminds me of the old days."said Arthur when he sat down onto his chair. Arthur Knight was an old fashioned man. He had his own chair and his own little corner table, where his pipe would be lying, like always. Just when he wanted to light up his pipe, he remembered something and placed the pipe away. "I just hope you enjoyed dinner"

Mildred smiled. "Well, the oven still worked perfectly after you cursed it." she looked to the rest of the group. There was something going on, but she couldn't quite figure out what. "Is there something wrong?" she said, after she saw Victor and Anita looking to each other.

Anita gave Mildred a little smile. "There is something I have for you, Mildred." she said and she stood up from the couch to get it.

"You do?" said Mildred in surprise. "But what for?" As far as she could tell, there wasn't a reason to get a gift.

Anita walked to Mildred with the gift in her hands. "I never told you how much I appreciate that you looked after me when I needed it." she gave Mildred the gift and smiled a little bit. "Thank you for that."

Mildred opened her present. Inside was a book, just like the book Arthur got from Anita. Only this time, there was something else written on the cover. "Granny's Dairy?" said Mildred, sounding even more surprised than she already was. "Anita, what's the meaning of this?"

Arthur looked to Anita. "Did you forget to tell me something else?" he said. This could only mean one thing...

Anita ignored her father's question and she knelt down in front of Mildred's chair. "Mildred," she started, "I'm pregnant."

Mildred looked in surprise to Anita. "You are?" she asked her and Anita nodded. "But what does this book has to do with it?"

Victor couldn't just sit and wait what would happen. "Because I am the father of the child." he said as he stood up from the couch. "You are going to be a grandmother again, Mom."

Mildred didn't say anything. She just couldn't believe it. "Are... are you sure?"

Anita smiled a little bit and she stood up. "Yes, Mildred, I'm sure. The signals are all there and Victor..."

"Aren't you happy?" said Victor before Anita could finish her sentence. "I always thought you wanted to have at least a half a dozen grandchildren."

Mildred sighed. "Well, this isn't exactly the way I was thinking of once I would become a grandmother, but..." she looked to Victor and Anita. "I'm really happy for you guys." she finally said. She had never thought that Victor and Anita would get a child together, without getting married first. Of course, it wasn't a sin any more, but it was still strange.

Arthur stood up. He'd heard more than enough and he just couldn't take it any more. "Just excuse me." he said and he walked away. While he walked away, he grabbed his pipe and he walked to the back garden.
My dear little princess, so young and already pregnant. Arthur shook his head. He and Mary Lynn were married for several years before they could finally enjoy the happy moments of pregnancy. But his daughter, she was already pregnant before she was married.

"Mr. Knight." suddenly sounded, just when Arthur had lit his pipe. He turned around and he saw Victor approaching him.

"What happened with 'Arthur'?" asked Arthur when Victor stood still next to him. Normally, Victor would address him as 'Arthur'.  

"Well, I figured that it would be better to call you 'Mr. Knight' in this kind of situation" Victor looked to Arthur. "I can understand if you want to kill me right now, but..."

Arthur shook his head. "You are truly the father of my daughter's child." It was more a statement than a question.

Victor nodded. "We both don't know what happened that night, but we are both sure that I am the father."  Victor looked away from Arthur. "It wasn't the plan we both had, but we will do everything within our powers to make this work."

Arthur sighed, there wasn't much that he could do now. "I take this that you want to live with Anita together." he said and he looked to Victor.

Victor smiled as he looked back to Arthur. "I want to be there for her and for our..."

"Your what?" said Arthur when Victor stopped so suddenly. He had a small idea what Victor could be thinking, but he wanted to hear it from himself.

"Our baby." Victor whispered. "I still can't believe it, we are getting a baby, a small human creature." Victor stopped for a moment. "A new life."

"You'll get used to it, Victor." said Arthur and he patted Victor on his shoulder. "Why don't you go back inside and tell Anita that her father didn't kill you? I'll be back in the living room in a couple of minutes." Victor gave Arthur a sheepish smile and he walked away. Arthur just shook his head. "You're not the only one who need to get used to all of this, son. But we'll get through this."


While Victor went after Arthur to talk to him, Anita and Mildred both stayed in the living room. Anita was back on the couch and she looked to Mildred, unsure what to say.

"I still can't believe it." said Mildred as she stood up. "My Victor and you..." she flopped into the couch, next to Anita. "I have to be honest, Anita. I sometimes hoped that you two would be a couple someday."

Anita smiled. "Well, I've always been too stubborn to admit that I love Victor."

Mildred looked to Anita. "Do you think you know for how long you have loved Victor?" she asked. She got a little bit curious about it. Mildred had always thought that it was love at first sight for both Victor and Anita, but she wasn't always sure.

"I don't know, actually." said Anita with a sigh. "I think I really started to think about my relationship with Victor once Alphonse was gone." Alphonse, who had taken her on several dates, was now in America, showing his exhibition. He did ask Anita if she wanted to come along, but Anita told him that five years apart would show them if their love was real or not.

"I still don't understand why you dated Alphonse."

Anita chuckled. "Well, now I think about it, I don't know it either. I think it was because he told me that he loved me, unlike Victor."

"Anita," sounded and Victor walked into the living room, "as you can see, your father didn't kill me. He told me that he would be back within a few minutes."

"Good," said Anita and she looked to Victor, "we still have to talk about the future, Victor. What are we going to do now?"

Victor smiled. "We'll talk about that once Arthur is back. Do you want something to drink?"

"Some water would be nice." said Anita as Victor approached her. "Victor, what are you...?"

"I can't wait to share my life with you." Victor whispered in her ear, only loud enough for Anita to hear it. He gave her a kiss on her cheek and he looked to his mother. "Do you want something to drink, Mom?"

"Some wine would be nice." said Mildred and Victor left the living room again. "What did he say?"

Anita just smiled. "It doesn't matter, Mildred." she whispered. "The most important thing is, that it took away all my doubts about our relationship."
No asking about names, please. I already have my mind made up.
I won't tell anything before a new chapter.

These character(s) belong to me:
Arthur Knight

The rest of the cast come from The Secret show and belong to Tony Collingwood and (C)BBC


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