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A new life
Chapter Three: It's alright, Grandpa

Arthur walked into his house. It was just past four o'clock and it would take at least an hour before Anita would come home. Arthur placed his suitcase in the hall and he walked into the living room. Anita hadn't called him, which could mean it wasn't really serious. He sat down in his chair and he grabbed a newspaper, but he couldn't just stop thinking about his daughter. Yesterday, he heard her throwing up. When he asked her about it, she said it was nothing too serious and that she was going to see a doctor the next day.

Arthur sighed. This morning, he figured that Anita could have the flu. But when the afternoon came closer, he remembered one other explanation why Anita could be sick. She could be pregnant! He stood up from his chair again. Anita pregnant? That would be nearly impossible. She wasn't seeing somebody, otherwise he would have known about it.

But still, it could be a possibility. Arthur walked to the kitchen and put a kettle on the gas. His little girl, pregnant without getting married first. Arthur shook his head; Anita wouldn't do such a thing. It was complete out of her character. He looked to the kitchen clock. Just forty minutes before Anita would come home and tell him what the doctor told her that morning.


Anita walked into her house. This time, she came home a little bit earlier than normal, because there wasn't much she could do at U.Z.Z. She told the rest that she didn't feel well and she left home early, which was a great idea, because now she could pick up a little gift she found that morning in a shop. It was perfect to help her with bringing the news to her father. She placed the bag on the floor and she noticed her father's suitcase, which could only mean one thing. "Dad, are you home?" said Anita when she walked into the living room.

"I am in the kitchen, Anita." sounded from the kitchen and Anita looked to the clock. It was a little bit too early to start with dinner at this moment.

"What are you doing in the kitchen?" she said and she walked into the kitchen where the smell of tomatoes and cheese was everywhere. For a moment, she felt the terrible urge to rush to the bathroom, but she managed to stay still. "What is…?"

"It's vegetarian lasagne, with cheese, tomatoes and pepper." said Arthur and he turned around when Anita walked towards him. "How are you, Anita? You didn't call me…"

Anita smiled. "I didn't want to disturb you, Dad." she said. "Victor was more than supportive enough today."

Arthur just nodded and he went back to the lasagne. "What did the doctor say?" he said.

Anita smiled a little bit. "Funny you mention that." she started and Arthur turned back to her in surprise. "Let me just get something." and she walked away again.

Arthur sighed and he walked after Anita, wondering what his daughter was up to. "This can't be good news." he said to himself and he stood still in the living room. He looked to Anita as she walked back into the living room again. "Anita, what are you…?" he started once he saw Anita holding a bag.

Anita gave him a little smile. "It's for you, because you take so much care of me." she gave him a gift wrapped… well… present and she sat down onto the couch. She was wondering how he would react to her gift.

"Annie, you didn't have to do this." said Arthur when he looked to the gift. "And what has this to do with what the doctor told you this morning?"

Anita's smile changed into some kind of a devilish smile. "You will see it as soon as you unwrapped your gift." she told him.

"Well, alright." Arthur took the wrapping paper carefully away from his gift. It was a brown, hard-covered book; the front cover facing him. When he saw the title, he needed to sit down in his chair. "Oh, Anita Guinevere Knight…"

Anita stood up from the couch once again and she walked towards her father. "This is a dairy, so you can write in it once you are a grandfather, or even earlier." she said to him as she knelt down. She looked to the cover of the book. With golden letters, there was 'Grandpa's Diary' written on it. Anita figured that this could be a good way to tell her father that she was pregnant. "Dad…"

"So, you are official pregnant?" said Arthur and he looked to his daughter. He started to wonder how the years could have changed her behaviour; he couldn't have guessed it that she would be actually pregnant. Anita nodded and Arthur sighed. "What happened?"

Anita could only give him a little smile. "That's what I keep wondering as well." she said.

"You don't know?"

The shock in his voice was enough to startle Anita, but she managed to keep herself together. "No, not exactly. But I do know who the father is, so you don't have to worry about that."

"So, are you going to tell me who it is or…?"

"I will, Dad." said Anita when she stood up again. "Once you have found the will to suppress the urge of killing him." She figured that her father would kill Victor once he would find out that Victor would be the father of her child.

Arthur placed the book away. "Alright, last question," he said as he stood up. "Are you going to keep it?"

"What if I said yes?"

"Then I would be happy for you, even though this is a little bit unexpected."

Anita's eyes went big; she didn't know that her father would be that tolerant. "Thank you, Dad." she whispered as she gave him a hug. "I really hoped that you would be happy about it."

Arthur smiled. What he said was true. It might be unexpected, but he figured that it would nice to have a small creature around again. And it would be nice to be a better grandfather to his grandchild then he was a father to Anita.  "Do the others know it already?"

Anita sat down onto the couch. "Well, only Victor knows it. I want to tell the news to the others tomorrow. I just need to sort this out first."

Arthur smiled. "I can understand that." He said and he stood up again. "Well, I'd be better go on with the lasagne."

Suddenly, Anita's eyes started to light up. "Dad, what do you think of inviting Mildred and Victor to our dinner?" She just had the most wonderful plan ever to tell Mildred about her unborn grandchild. That was, if Victor didn't tell her about Anita's pregnancy first.  

"How come?"

"Well, Mildred did take care of me when I needed someone around and I think that Victor is with her, like he is every Friday."

"Sure, why not? The more, the merrier, you know that."

Anita chuckled and she grabbed her communicator. Her father was a people's man. He always love to be around people. "I know, Dad." she said and she dialled Victor's number. "Hello, Victor." she said when she saw him on her screen.

"Hi, Anita." said Victor with a smile. "Is everything alright?"

"Yes, everything is alright. I just wanted to ask you something."

"Go ahead and ask."

Anita smiled. "How about a dinner at my place? My father is making a vegetarian lasagne and I figured that you and your mother wanted to join us."

"I think it's a wonderful idea." said Victor and he turned around. "What do you think of a dinner at Anita's place?"

"Sounds good." sounded from the background and Victor chuckled. Anita saw Mildred appearing into the screen. "What time do we need to come?"

"Well, it could take some time, so don't hurry." said Anita, just when she heard her father cursing the oven. "If you excuse me, I have to rescue an oven from my father."

"Well, good luck and see you soon, Anita." said Victor and Anita turned her communicator off.

"What are you doing, Dad?" said Anita when she walked into the kitchen.

"It's the bloody oven." said Arthur. Normally, he could be calm and non-cursing. But his whole day was already upside-down and he couldn't just take it anymore. The oven was the last straw.

Anita shook her head and she turned the oven on. "Are you sure that you are alright, Dad?"

Arthur looked away from his daughter. The news still needed to be processed properly. "There will be things that we need to take care of." he said while he looked back to Anita. "It's just..."

"I know it effects your life too, Dad." said Anita and she looked into Arthur's eyes. "But I will do anything to help you too."

"I know that, Anita." said Arthur and a little smile appeared. "Did I once tell you about the day that Lionel ate a worm?" Arthur figured they could talk about this whole pregnancy thing later, so a little change in the subject was welcome at the moment.

Anita laughed. "No, you never did. What happened?"

"Back when Mildred and Lionel were just married and your mother and I were engaged, we just went and ate dinner at each others places. At one of those dinners, I forgot to wash out the salad properly. It was that Mildred noticed it, otherwise Lionel wouldn't be a vegetarian anymore."

Anita smiled. "I can't believe it. You did set the worm free, didn't you?"

"Of course I did." Arthur looked to the oven and then to Anita. "Now why don't you help me with setting the table?"

Anita smiled and she gave her father a kiss on his cheek. "I love you, Dad." she whispered before she went to the dinner room.

"I love you too, princess."
No asking about names, please. I already have my mind made up.
I won't tell anything before a new chapter.

This character belong to me:
Arthur Knight

The rest of the cast come from The Secret show and belong to Tony Collingwood and (C)BBC


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