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A new life
Chapter Nineteen; Not now!

It was just a lovely day in spring. The sun was shining, so Anita had the opportunity to dry the wet clothes outside. Most things didn't come as easy as it used to come, but she could still manage to do most things in and around the house, including washing dirty clothes and Victor's dirty suits.

And, like she was used to, her mother-in-law walked into the garden. Mildred came to visit Anita twice a week, just to be sure everything was alright. "Hello, Anita." said Mildred as she approached Anita. "How is everything?"

"Well, everything is going well. I get the idea that Junior is finally set to be born. I do feel him, but not as much as I used to." Anita placed a pincer onto a shirt and she turned to Mildred. "I don't think I need to wait three more weeks."

"Why is that?"  

"I did some maths and if I'm right, it is now almost thirty-nine weeks ago since Victor and I went on that date." It wasn't until a few days ago that Anita got the idea that the doctor could have it wrong. She knew that the result the doctor had couldn't always be completely accurate and a few days earlier, she decided to see how much weeks she actually had left.  

Mildred smiled. "Did you pack your suitcase?" she asked. She knew that Anita wanted to go to the hospital once it would be time. She wanted controlled environment just in case something would happen.

"Don't worry, Victor made me do that last week. He is afraid the baby will be born too early." Anita let out a sigh.

It was a sigh Mildred wasn't really keen on. "How do you feel, Anita?"

"It's nothing, Mildred." said Anita with a smile, but it wasn't a comforting smile. "I just need to use the bathroom." She walked away, leaving Mildred alone.

Mildred had no idea what she needed to do now. She decided that if Anita needed her help, she would hear it. Until then, Mildred could hang up some more clothes to dry. Anita never wanted to hear any help from her or anyone else, but now she knew that it was almost the end of the pregnancy, Anita wouldn't mind it. "I just can't wait for this one to arrive." said Mildred to herself. It would be nice to have a second grandchild around. Both Victor and Anita were very secretive about the names for their child, so she just hoped she would hear it soon.


As soon as she heard her name being called, Mildred rushed inside. "What's wrong, Anita?" It was a question Mildred didn't need to ask, she had an idea what was wrong.

"My water just broke." The poor woman stood there with a bewildered look on her face. It looked like she was recovering from the fact that this was the beginning of the birth of her child.

"I'll take you to the hospital, Anita." Mildred grabbed Anita by her arm and grabbed the suitcase with her free hand. "You call Victor and the doctor. Don't worry, it might be over soon."

Anita just nodded and with shaking hands, she dialled Victor's number. "Victor, it's time." she whispered when Victor answered her call. "Would you please call my father and tell him we are on our way to the hospital? Your mother is taking me there."

Victor just wished Anita luck and promised her to be there as soon as possible. After she called the doctor, Anita was awfully quiet.

"Just trust me, Anita. It will be over before you know it." Mildred didn't know what else to say. It was over before she knew it when she was pregnant. Both Melissa and Victor were born within a few hours. She could only hope that it would be the same for Anita. Mildred had never seen Anita like this before. Anita has always been independent and strong, but now the poor woman was shaking and looking very pale.

When they arrived at the hospital, Victor was already waiting for them at the entrance. He gave Anita a quick kiss and helped her into the wheelchair. "It will be alright, Anita." he said and he looked to his mother. "Could you wait for Arthur? He could be here any minute. I'll take Anita inside and see if the doctors could help her."

Mildred nodded and she decided to wait outside on a bench for Arthur. It was unrealistic when she thought of it; she and Arthur would now become grandparents at the same time. They never really talked about it in the past, but it was reality now.

"Where is Anita?"

A voice snapped Mildred out of her thoughts. She looked up and smiled when she saw Arthur. This was the second time she had seen him this nervous. "Inside, together with Victor. But I don't think we can see her, Arthur." Mildred stood up and together they walked inside the hospital. "Chances are that she will go in labour very soon."

Arthur sighed and he looked to the woman behind the reception desk. "Excuse me, but I need to know where Anita Knight has been brought to."

The lady looked in her computer and said that they could find her on the second floor at the A wing.  

"I just want to know how she is." said Arthur when they went to the second floor. "She is still my daughter and I hate to see her in pain."

Mildred didn't know what to say. When Melissa went into labour, she knew that she was strong enough to survive it. Just like Anita would be once it was time to do so. But she didn't see Melissa the moments before Thomas was born. And Anita wasn't really prepared for her pregnancy. "Don't worry about Anita." said Mildred, once they reached the second floor. "Victor is with her and he will be there till the end."

"I don't know if that should make me feel better or not." said Arthur before he turned his attention to one of the nurses. "Excuse me, but do you know where I can find Anita Knight? She is..."

"She's in a delivery room right now. I believe it shouldn't take too long before the baby will be born, but it is just a case of sit and wait." The nurse looked to Mildred and Arthur and smiled. "I take that you must be the grandparents. If you want, you can wait here. So when there is news, we can tell it to you. Do you want some coffee or tea?"

"Some tea would be nice." said Arthur and he looked to Mildred. "So we are going to wait here?"

Mildred nodded. "I'd like to have some tea too, please." she said to the nurse and she sat down next to Arthur. "Can you believe it, Arthur? It won't be long before Victor and Anita would have a child together."

Arthur smiled. "I think I still need to get used to it." Silence fells and Arthur looked to his old friend. "Did you actually write in your 'Granny Dairy'?"

Mildred nodded. She was faithful to that little book Anita gave her. "But I get the idea it was more meant for you."

"Maybe." was Arthur's reply. He thanked the nurse as she gave him a cup of tea. "I hope it won't take too long for Anita." He remembered how horrible he felt when his wife went into labour. After ten hours, it was all over for them. During these ten hours, Arthur felt powerless; he couldn't help her in any way.

A couple of hours passed away when Mildred's phone started to ring. "That must be Melissa. I'd better answer that." As Mildred walked towards the staircase, she answered her cellphone. "What is it, honey?"

"Where are you, Mom? I wanted to come and visit you, but you are not home."

"I'm at the hospital now. It shouldn't take too long before your niece or nephew will be born."

Melissa sounded very surprised when she replied back to her mother: "I thought it would take some more weeks. But it's still good news. Let Victor call me once 'Junior' is born." And with that, Melissa was gone again.

Mildred chuckled. It was too bad she couldn't be there when Thomas was born. But Melissa didn't want her to just sit and wait, so she told her mother that Richard would call her once her first grandchild would be born. But Mildred hoped that she would see 'Junior' as soon as possible. She didn't mind to wait, but she was curious how the child would look like.

"Do you have any idea how they will name their child?" asked Arthur once Mildred got back to him.

"No, they refused to tell me. I just guess we will have to wait until he or she is born."

And so they did. They waited for hours and soon, the night fell and it was dark outside. The two soon-to-be grandparents could stay until the end of the last visiting hours. If the child still wasn't born, they had to go back home. They wouldn't get the chance to see mother and child after the visiting hours.

Mildred just came back from the bathroom when she noticed something. "Are you writing in your Grandpa dairy, Arthur?" she asked with a big smile on her face.

"Well, it does keep me sane. It gives me the opportunity to write my thoughts down and it prepares me for my grandchild."

"Excuse me, are you here for Miss Knight?" A young nurse looked to the two grandparents.

"Yes, we are. How is she?" asked Arthur.

The nurse smiled. "She is fine. Her son is finally born."

"Can we see them?" asked Mildred as she stood up. "Is he healthy?"

"You can see your grandson, but Miss Knight needs her rest."

"So, where is he?" asked Arthur. He couldn't wait to see his first grandchild. He knew now that his daughter was fine and she needed her rest indeed; she earned it after such hard and long work.

"The doctors had checked him and he is in SCBU right now, because he was born too early according to the doctor. He doesn't need intensive care, but the doctor wants him there just in case." The nurse looked  at them. "Mr. Volt is with him right now. If you want, I could take you there."

Mildred and Arthur agreed and the nurse brought them to a room with a long glass wall and inside the room were a few cots standing. A few babies were in some of them, but there was just one father standing next to his newborn son.

Mildred and Arthur approached him and Mildred tapped softly his shoulder. "Congratulations, Victor."

Victor turned around and smiled. "Thank you, Mom."  he said and he glanced to his little boy. "I'm just glad that it's all over now. We can finally enjoy the time with our little miracle."

"I can't remember Anita looking this small when she was born."

Arthur said it to himself, but Victor still heard him. "Well, the doctor states that he is born three weeks too early, but Anita keeps her ground and says that she knows for sure that he's born a week too early."

A different nurse stood still in the doorway. "Miss Knight wants to see you before you will go home."

The group walked to a room and Arthur carefully opened the door. When he noticed that Anita was still awake, he opened the door some more. "How do you feel, princess?"

Anita gave him a little smile. "I'm doing fine. I'm just glad that he is finally born."

Victor passed Mildred and Arthur and went to Anita's bed. "We are finally parents, Anita." he said and he gave her a hug. He still couldn't believe it that they were responsible for a little life now.

Anita chuckled, he was still the sometimes childish Victor she had known for years. "Yes, we are, Victor." she whispered and they looked each other in the eyes. "We are a family now."

"Congratulations, Anita." said Arthur once he approached the bed too. He gave her a kiss on her forehead. "He looks wonderful."

"Thank you, Dad. I just wished I could hold him."

"Don't worry, Anita, that will happen soon." said Mildred and looked to Arthur. "We will see you tomorrow, Anita. You just need your rest now."

"Take care and sleep well, Annie."

Victor gave Anita a kiss as Mildred and Arthur walked away. "I'll be back in the morning." But he didn't want to leave just yet. He wanted to be sure that Anita was asleep before he would go. Once Victor noticed that Anita fell asleep, he gave her one last kiss on her cheek and left the room. Soon, Anita and his son would be at home and they would have a wonderful future together.
Don't worry, the name of the little boy will be told later.

There will be 2 chapters coming up

The Secret Show with most of the characters belong to Tony Collingwood & (C)BBC

These belong to me (~Eszies-Eszie):
Melissa Taylor
Arthur Knight


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But, because of your point, I decided to do some more research. And I found out about a different thing. It's called the SCBU. It takes care of both premature and term babies who need some more care, but not intensive care.

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