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A new life
Chapter Eighteen; A night for ourselves

Anita looked to the clock. It was almost six o'clock, so it wouldn't take long before Victor would be home. She still didn't like it to be home alone, but Anita noticed that she couldn't do much more now. And Victor could work less as a Secret Agent and more behind the desk, which meant that he was back home in time for dinner.

"Hello, my dear Moneypenny!" sounded from the front of the house and Anita smiled.

"How was your day, James Bond?" They never got tired of their little game. Victor was still Anita's 'double 0 – 7' and Anita was still Victor's Moneypenny.

"The same old." said Victor as he walked into the kitchen. "Only the Impostors tried to take over the world today."

Anita smiled when Victor gave her a kiss on her cheek. "So a quiet day then?"

"I've been busy all afternoon to get them away." Victor tried to look into the pans. "What are you making for dinner?"

"Something nice and tasty." was the answer.

"I see." Victor placed his arms around his fiancée. Dinner was always a surprise for him, but he never minded it. "How was your day?" Victor knew Anita was bored most of the time, but he always tried to be home as soon as possible.

"Hm, the usual." Anita looked to Victor. "Could you set the table, please? I'm almost finished with dinner."

Victor nodded and he let Anita go so he could go to the dining room. Their relationship was good. They had an argument every now and then, but it was never really horrible; it was just part of their relationship. He started to think of something when he placed the plates onto the table. They hadn't talked about any names for their child yet. Suddenly, he heard his name being called from the kitchen and Victor rushed towards Anita. "What is it, Anita? Is the baby coming already?"

Anita gave Victor a disturbed look. "What? No, I just want you to help me to take something with you to the dining room."

Victor chuckled and he grabbed a pan and he walked back to the dining room. "I guess I'm just really nervous." he said as he walked back towards the kitchen. He grabbed a second pan and he walked back to the dining room.

Anita shook her head and followed Victor. "The baby won't be coming for another six weeks, hopefully." she said as she placed the bottle of water onto the table. "So there is no need for worries, Victor."

"I know, I know. I just need to remember that." said Victor as he sat down. "I just hope I will be there when the baby comes."

"I hope so too, Victor. It could be easier for me." Anita sat down and sighed. Victor started to dish up and soon they were enjoying their dinner. "I would hate it if you would miss the birth of our child."

"Me too." said Victor and he gave Anita a smile. "It tastes wonderful, Anita."

"Thank you."

A moment of silence fell. They didn't mind it; you didn't need to talk to each other all the time. But there was something Victor needed to talk about. "We haven't really thought about a name for 'Junior'."

"I know." said Anita. "And we really need to talk about it before Junior will be born. Besides, there is something I really like to show you after dinner."

So after dinner, they placed their dishes into the sink. Anita went to the couch and turned the television on. Every Friday was their James Bond night. And this night, it was 'The spy who loved me'. "Come on, Victor. You will miss the beginning!"

"And miss the skiing action?" sounded from the kitchen and Victor walked with two glasses into the room. "I wouldn't dare." He sat down next to Anita and gave her a glass. Anita snuggled into Victor's arms and together they started to watch the movie.

"Victor," said Anita, once James Bond has escaped the bad guys in Austria, "do you have an idea for a name?"

Victor sighed. "Not really. I tried to think about it, but it is a little bit difficult. I don't know what you like."

Anita thought for a moment. "I really love to name our child after your mother, if it is a girl. With the second name, I mean." she added when she noticed Victor's gaze. "She has always been there for me."

"So it would be something Mildred Volt then." said Victor and Anita looked at him. "It will be Volt, right?"

Anita shook her head. "It will be Knight. As long as we are not married, it won't carry your last name, Victor. It's in the law. You will be acknowledged as Junior's father though."

Victor knew he should have read something about the laws when it came to his child, but he never took the time to do so. But, he had an other idea. "Then why don't we get married? Shot-gun style?"

Anita had no idea what to say. "W-What do you mean?"

"That we are going to get married quickly. Just our parents and my sister who are attending it and nobody else. Just a simple wedding. And that before the baby is born." When he saw Anita thinking, Victor continued. "When Junior is old enough, we can have a big wedding, to renew our wedding vows."

"No, Victor." said Anita, while she shook her head. "I don't care if Junior is going to have my last name or your last name. I do want to go through this once. And we'll do it good too." Anita looked into Victor's eyes. "We know that we love each other and we will be happy together. But I want just one wedding."

Victor nodded. "Alright. So, just one wedding when Junior is old enough. I can live with that." He placed and arm around Anita as she laid her head down onto his chest. "But back to the names... What about we would name them after James Bond as in characters or maybe the actors themselves?"

Anita thought for a moment. It was a nice idea, since they still saw each other as James Bond and Miss Moneypenny. "But I don't want to call our boy James, Sean or Roger."

"And our girl?"

"As long as it won't be Honey Rider, Pussy Galore, Plenty O'Toole or Kissy." Anita looked up to Victor. "And it has to fit with the second name. So Mildred if it's a girl and Thomas Jefferson when it's a boy."

Victor gave her a surprised look. "Why...?"

"I think it's nice to keep your second names. Your father's second names are Thomas Jefferson, just like yours. I think it could only be nice if we would keep this." A few minutes of silence fell. "Victor..."

"I think I have it." said Victor and he gave Anita a big smile. He whispered something in her ear and looked how she reacted.

"Those are nice names, Victor. That is really a good idea." Anita sat up straight and she walked towards a cabinet. "And I have this as a birth card." She showed Victor a card. On the front was a mother squirrel holding a baby squirrel, drawn in Beatrice Potter style. Victor opened  the card and saw a father squirrel in a chair holding the baby, while mother squirrel was standing behind him. "What do you think?"

"I think it's beautiful." said Victor with a smile. He placed the card onto the table and pulled Anita carefully onto the couch. "Just like you."

Anita chuckled as she placed her head onto his chest once again. "You are a sweetheart, Victor." Victor placed a hand on her stomach and she placed her hand on top of his. "Junior is lucky to have a father like you."

Victor smiled and gave her a kiss. "And with a loving mother like you."
Finally, finished a new chapter!

The Secret Show with most of the characters belong to Tony Collingwood & (C)BBC

These belong to me (~Eszies-Eszie):


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