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A new life
Chapter Thirteen; A day out

Anita sighed. She hated Saturdays now. Victor was at work, so she couldn't call him. Her father was somewhere having a meeting, so she couldn't call him either. The rest of her friends were busy too and Melissa was with her family now.
Being pregnant wasn't always great. Most of the times she was alone, because her friends were at work most of the time when she needed them.

Anita looked to her stomach. The baby didn't stop growing just yet and Anita was a little bit afraid that she would be carrying more than one baby. But the doctor assured her that it wasn't the case. There was just one new life growing inside her.

"Just a little bit more than fifteen weeks before Daddy and I can hold you in our arms." Anita chuckled. It was a little bit strange that she was talking to her child, while it wasn't even born yet. But according to the doctor, pregnancy books and the internet, it was the best for her child. Just like listening to some music.

Anita stood up and she turned on the radio. The first thing she heard was classical music. Anita smiled. "It looks like Daddy wanted to try something cultural."

A sudden knock on her window made her look up. Then Anita noticed Mildred standing outside her house. She walked to the front door and opened it for Mildred. "Mildred! What are you doing here? Didn't you have a karate class today?"

Mildred smiled as she walked into the house. "That was only this morning, so I figured I should come and visit you." They walked into the living room and both sat down. Mildred decided to get to the reason of her visit. "Do you feel like some lunch and some shopping today?"

Anita thought for a moment. "I don't think…"

"Don't tell me you don't feel bored at the moment." Mildred remembered how she felt when she was at home alone, during her pregnancies. But, luckily for her, Mary Lynn had the same thing when the two women were pregnant together. But Mary Lynn wasn't here now, so Mildred had decided to check upon Anita as much as she could.

Anita smiled. "Sure, why not? Let's go out of this house before I'll become crazy."


Some time past noon, Mildred and Anita were sitting in a lunchroom, in a mall not far away from Anita's house. It was a crowded day, so it would take some time before they would have their lunch.
But that didn't matter; they had all the time of the world.

"So, how was your pregnancy swimming lesson this morning?" Anita went to a prenatal water workout class so she could keep her condition up to date even though she was pregnant. And she did it twice or even three times a week.

"It was wonderful, actually." said Anita. "It's all about just thinking about nothing and talking about some small things, like the weather. No interviews or files to be completed; it really is wonderful." Anita was very happy that she only turned into a mermaid in salt-water; otherwise she had some explaining to do. "It does explain why I've always loved swimming so much"

"Excuse me?" said Mildred and she looked up from the menu. She was busy to find something she wanted to eat at that moment, that she didn't hear what Anita said.

"I said that my mermaid history does explain why I love to swim." Anita looked to Mildred. "When did you find out that my mother was a mermaid?"

Mildred started to think. It was some long time ago, but she did remember it. "When your mother was pregnant, she told me that she was afraid that nature would call her back to the sea. That she would leave your father and take her girl with her or that she would leave her son behind with the man she loved." Mildred shook her head. When Mary Lynn told her that the first time, she had no idea what her friend was talking about. "Your mother explained the nature of the mermaid. And your father figured that if he would tell you that you were allergic to salt-water, you would never disappear."

"So Dad thinks that Mom is somewhere in an ocean?"

Mildred sighed. "He had searched everywhere, but he couldn't find her. She couldn't be hiding in the sea or ocean."

"Poor Dad. And seven years later, he got kidnapped." Anita looked to the mother of her partner. "Why did you never tell me or Victor that you knew my parents?"

"I never knew when the best time would be to tell you, or Victor, about it. And then your father came back before I had found the perfect time. But I have to admit that it was great to see your father again."

A waiter came to get their orders and he left after he got them. "Mildred, when and why did you exactly quit working for U.Z.Z.?"

Mildred gave Anita a little smile. "I quit after I found out that I was pregnant. I didn't want to risk anything and I was rather a full-time mother than a part-time Special Agent."

Anita smiled. "If I'm really honest, I have to admit that I have thought about that. But I don't think I could stay home all day."

Mildred chuckled. "It's alright, dear. Besides, I didn't have any parents or in-laws who could look after the children. But you have your father and me to do that. Until they go to school or kindergarten."

Anita nodded. She had the same thing in mind. "Victor and I have to talk about that, but I can't work as a Secret Agent for a year or so after the baby is born." Anita hated the rule, but her chief was going to talk to the highest bosses of U.Z.Z. to see if they could change it a little bit, since she had done some wonderful things as a Secret Agent.

"Who knows, dear. Maybe you can go back as a Secret Agent after the last week of your maternity leave." Even now, while Anita worked behind the desk, she still had to go on maternity leave. Ten weeks before the date that the doctor had established, Anita would stop working. Ten weeks after her child is born, she would go back.

Their lunches came to their table and Mildred and Anita enjoyed their lunch. "Mildred," Anita started and Mildred looked up, "for how long did you know Lionel before you two got married?"

"Almost two year."

Anita choked onto her drink. "Just two years?" She could never have guessed that. She thought that Mildred had waited some more years before to get married.

Mildred nodded. "I have to say that I wasn't always confident about our love. I even started to doubt before we bought our own house. But we noticed through the months that our love was true and he asked me to marry him after your parents got married. And talking about weddings…" Mildred knew that Arthur was rather too pushy about this subject, but Mildred was just curious.

"I don't know, Mildred. Victor hasn't proposed to me yet and besides that, even if he did sooner or later, it is the question when we are going to get married. A child isn't cheap, so we have to save some money and that will take some time."

"Anita, I didn't mean it to sound pushy, I was just curious." Mildred placed her hand on top of Anita's hand. "Your father is an old-fashioned man, but I have seen the years and people change. And I know that your love is real, Anita. A wedding will only confirm it. So it doesn't have any hurry. Just take some time to enjoy your time with Victor and your child. Because that is more important than anything else."

Just when Anita and Mildred wanted to drop the subject, Anita's communicator started to ring. Anita sighed and she grabbed her communicator. "I'm sorry, I should have left it…" She looked to the screen and gave a questioned look. "Why would Victor be calling me now?" she wondered before she answered the call.

"Where are you, Anita?" was the first thing Victor said.

"That's the first thing you say to the woman you love when she answers your call?" said Anita. She tried to look a little bit disappointed or maybe even angry, but she didn't quite manage that.

Victor laughed. "I noticed the background is a little bit different than your house, Anita. So, where are you?"

"Are you jealous, Victor?"

"Very… Are you now going to tell me…"

"I'm at the mall, with your mother. We are having some lunch before we will go shopping." said Anita and she looked to Victor. "Why are you calling me?"

Victor gave her a big smile. "I've been thinking. Why aren't we going out for dinner tonight? You know, like a date, but this time as lovers instead of just friends."

Anita looked to Mildred. They had just been talking about things she and Victor could do before the baby would be born and this was one of the things. "It sounds amazing, Victor. I can't wait for you to come home tonight."

"I see you tonight, Anita." said Victor and after a quick goodbye, they hung up.

"That was pretty weird in some way." said Anita as she took a bite from her sandwich. "We were just talking about something like that and then Victor calls me to go on a date together."

Mildred laughed. "You see, the two of you have a telepathic connection already. That is true love."

Anita smiled. That could actually be the only explanation for it. She and Victor were truly in love and there was nothing that could change it. And she didn't want to change it at all.
Well, finally, the next chapter....
I get the feeling it won't take too long before I finish the next one.

All characters (except for Arthur Knight) mentioned in this chapter, come from The Secret Show and belong to Tony Collingwood & (C)BBC


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