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A new life
Chapter Two; It is true

Victor couldn't believe his ears when he heard Anita saying it. "You are… you mean that you…" he couldn't just believe it. Anita is pregnant, but how… and who…? These words kept spinning in his head.

"I am pregnant Victor." Anita said when she didn't hear anything more from Victor. She knew that this news would be something big. Not only to Victor, but also to her. "That's more or less the reason why I went to the doctor this morning. I wasn't sure that I would be pregnant and now…"

Victor looked at her and he saw the tears in her eyes. He pulled her into a hug and he whispered softly in her ear: "Do you know who the father is?" Anita looked into Victor's eyes, but she didn't say anything. Victor looked back at her. "Anita, why aren't you saying any..." Suddenly, it started to sink in. "I am the father? But how…? When…?"

Anita looked to Victor. "Do you remember our 'date'?" she whispered. Before the big U.Z.Z. Summer Holiday, she and Victor went on a date. Even though it was just a date between friends, she knew that it could be the only moment that… No, I can't think about what could have… what did happen.

Victor gave her a little smile. "I remembered that we had a wonderful time at the restaurant." Victor kept wondering why he didn't ask her before. It was wonderful, even though Anita still didn't know that he loved her.

"But do you remember what happened after that?"

Victor started to think. "Just a little bit." he said after some time. "The only thing I can remember was that I asked you if you wanted to come to my U.Z.Z. safety bunker, because they were getting rid of the vermin that was in my apartment and I didn't want to wake up my mother."

"So, you don't remember what happened then?" Anita knew it was all just an accident; she was too drunk to remember even the slightest thing. "Victor?" she said after some time.

"I'm sorry Anita, but I can't remember what happened after that." How hard Victor tried to think, he couldn't just remember what happened then. "The only thing I remembered was the day after. I was alone in my bed."

Anita sighed. "Somewhere in the night, I went to my own bunker. I don't know why, actually." she looked to Victor. "So you don't even remember…" she couldn't just say it, it was… too strange.

"I'm not the only one." said Victor and he looked at her. "It doesn't matter what happened." he grabbed her hands before he continued: "What matters now is that we look to the future."

Anita gave Victor a little smile. "Does that mean that you…?" she just hoped that he would say yes; that they were going to raise their child together. That was all she was hoping for now.

"If you want me to, I really want to help you with taking care of the baby."

"That would be wonderful." said Anita and she felt the tears in her eyes.

As soon as he saw the tears appear, Victor pulled her into a hug again. "Everything will be alright soon." he whispered and Anita smiled. Then he broke the hug and he looked at her. "And everyone needs to know about this as well."

Anita nodded. It would be a hard thing to do, but they would find out about it soon enough. "I'll tell them tomorrow. I just need to get used to this first."

Victor smiled. "I understand it and remember," he looked into her beautiful purple eyes, "if you can't take it anymore, I will tell them what happened."

Suddenly, the door went open and both Victor and Anita jumped up from the bleachers. "Take it easy, guys." sounded and Melissa walked into the Training Room, with a pram. Just a few weeks ago, she became mother of a beautiful little boy and now it was time to show him to her colleagues.

"Is that…?" Anita walked to Melissa and she smiled. It was some time ago since she saw that little boy for the last time.

Melissa laughed a little bit. "Of course it's Tommy." she said. "Why else would I be here?" For the last five weeks, Melissa couldn't wait to show her son Thomas around as a proud mother.

Anita gave her a little smile and she looked to the baby. And then, it all started to sink in. Within some time, she would have something like that too. Within some months, she would be the one who would show her baby around at U.Z.Z. "He looks really cute, Melissa." she whispered. Right now, Anita wanted to focus on something else then her baby.

Melissa smiled and she looked to Anita. "I am just so glad that he's finally asleep. He is all cute and so, but he can be a little rascal sometimes." Melissa noticed something, something complete different about Anita. And she had some feeling that she knew what it was.

"But everything is alright, then?" Victor knew the face that his sister was wearing now. She had a plan and she wasn't going to let that go. Victor knew that she knew somehow that he and Anita had a secret together.

"Even more than alright, it's wonderful to be a mother." Melissa saw Anita blushing and she just knew she had to ask it. "Is there something I should know?"

Anita looked to Victor and he nodded. It was time to tell Melissa about it, otherwise she wouldn't stop asking about it. "You know, Melissa, within a few months, you will be an aunt." Anita knew that Melissa would like it. After all, she was the one who kept telling Anita that she and Victor would be together.

Melissa smiled and she gave Anita a hug. "That's wonderful, Anita." she whispered. She knew that Victor and Anita would be a couple someday, only she didn't know that that day could be that soon. "So, how are you going to deal with it?"

Anita looked to Victor and she smiled a little bit. "I have at least somebody who will be with me during this period."

Victor placed an arm around Anita's waist and he gave her a little smile back. "I will always be there for you, Anita." he whispered

Melissa looked to Victor and then back to Anita. "I'm just glad that you want to keep that baby." she said and she saw Anita's cheeks turning red. "You did think about it, didn't you?" When Melissa saw Victor with a shocked face, she knew that she touched a tender spot. "I'll let you two alone again." she left Victor and Anita alone so they could talk a little bit more about this whole issue.

"Did you want to…" Victor looked to Anita and then sat down on the bleachers once again. He was so happy about that news now he got used to it, that he couldn't believe that Anita would even think for one moment to remove her, no, their child.

Anita sat down next to him. "It was only for a spur moment, when the doctor said something about it." Anita looked to Victor and she sighed. "I told her that I… I would think about it. But when I walked out of that building, I knew I wanted to have this baby. I didn't care if you would like it or not, I wanted to keep this baby. And I still want to keep it."

Victor smiled. "I understand." he said. "As long as we are going to raise our child together, it's all right with me."

Anita gave him a smile back and she placed her head on his shoulder. "Thank you, Victor." she whispered. "Thank you for everything."
Wow, I started this piece in 2008 or maybe even earlier. I will post the first version on dA too, after school.

I'll try to place one chapter every week, but I don't think I can make that.

Melissa Volt-Taylor and Thomas Taylor are the ones who belongs to me ~Eszies-Eszie
The rest of the cast come from The Secret show and belong to Tony Collingwood and (C)BBC

P.S. No asking about names, please. I already have my mind made up.
I won't tell anything before a new chapter.


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VictorVoltfan1 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Student Photographer
I had a feeling that's how it happened. Isn't this like a sequel to "A Toast to Our Future" I remember the last part of that story Victor and Anita were drinking and Ray was on a date with Kowaski and they saw them giggling.
Eszies-Eszie Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, it is.
I forgot to say that, didn't I?
I'll write that down in the Author's commentbox :)
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