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A Volt always comes back
Chapter 4

The night fell and Anita walked towards Mildred's house. For some reason, she was nervous for this dinner. It isn't such a big deal, she thought, it'll be a just a dinner with Victor, Mildred and Melissa. Nothing more and nothing less.

"I knew it was you when you walked through the wicket-gate."

Anita looked up, disturbed from her thoughts. "Hello, Melissa." she said when she approached the front door.

Melissa smiled. "What were you thinking about, Anita?" Melissa didn't want to brag about her many years of being a psychologist, but she just knew that Anita felt something more for Victor than she wanted to admit.

Anita gave Melissa a smile back. "Nothing important." she said as she stepped into the house. "Is Victor here already?"

Melissa shook her head as she helped Anita with her coat. "No, but I don't think that it'll take too long before he would be here." Both women walked into the living room and they sat down at the couch. "So, Anita, how long do you know my little brother?"

"Is this some kind of partner test?" Anita chuckled. "To see if I would be the right partner for him?" she paused for a moment before she went on. "To answer your question, I know him for more than four years now."

Melissa laughed. "I'm just curious about the partner of my brother, that's all. He talked about you all the time, but he didn't always tell me everything."

Anita looked to Melissa in surprise. "Victor talked about me?"

"Well, yeah. You are his partner after all, so you got named every now and then." Melissa stopped for a moment before she asked Anita the next question: "What do you think of Victor?"

"Excuse me?"

"What do you think of Victor?" Melissa decided to play a little bit of psychologist here. "How is he as a partner to you?"

Anita smiled. "Victor is nice, sweet and even though he can be stubborn, he can save the day every now and then. He's a great partner to work with."

"And after work?"

"There is nothing going on between me and Victor." said Anita. "We are just good friends."

Anita wanted to continue, but someone walked into the living room. It was a blond, blue eyed young man and he walked towards Melissa. "Your mother is wondering if Victor is here already." he looked to Anita and smiled. "Let me introduce myself. I'm Richard Taylor and I'm Melissa's fiancé."

Anita gave him a smile back and shook his extended hand. "I'm Anita Knight, Victor's partner."

"I didn't know that Victor had a girlfriend." said Richard. "You're not his girlfriend?" he added when he saw Anita gave him a shocked look and Melissa started to snicker.

"No, she's just a good friend of Victor." said Melissa while she stood up. "They're partners at work." She gave Richard a kiss on his cheek and whispered something in his ear.

"Oh, I see." said Richard. "I'm terribly sorry for the misunderstanding."

The door went open again and Victor walked into the living room. "Anita, how nice to see you." he said and he looked to her. Even though she was just wearing a purple sweatshirt and some black pants, she looked really nice. "You look beautiful."

Anita blushed and she gave him a little smile. "Thank you." Why do I feel like a teenage girl, who meets her first love for the first time? she wondered as she looked back at him. He was wearing a simple blue shirt and some jeans. "You look nice as well."

Victor smiled and Melissa gave him a push. "Come on, Mum is waiting with dinner."

"Alright." Victor helped Anita with standing up. "Let's enjoy dinner then."

After a few moments, dinner was at full service. Everyone was enjoying the dinner, which both Mildred and Melissa prepared with lots of love.

"So, Melissa," Anita started once she could enjoy her dinner, "for how long will you be staying here?"

Melissa smiled and she looked to Richard. "Shall we tell them the news?" she said and Richard nodded. "Mom, Victor and Anita, meet the new psychologist of U.Z.Z."

Mildred's eyes grew bigger. "You are coming back to England?" she said and Melissa nodded. "That's wonderful news!" Mildred walked to her daughter and gave her a hug. "I'm glad that I will see you more than two times a year."

"And what about you, Richard?" said Victor as his mother walked back to her seat. "Do you have a job here?"

The blond man smiled. "I'm going to work as an English literature teacher at a high school." he looked to Melissa. "We will start living here within a few weeks and then we will start our jobs."

Melissa leaned against Richard shoulder. "I just can't wait to go back here. Australia is nice, but this is my country."

Mildred sat down and she looked to the happy couple. "You are engaged, but when are you two going to be married?" she asked with a big smile. Some months ago, Richard asked Melissa to marry him. But now Mildred was eager to know when her daughter was going to get married, since her son wasn't engaged.

"Soon enough, Mom." said Melissa. "But we both want to be sure that we keep our jobs."

Richard nodded. "So we have something to count on once we have kids." he replied after his fiancée.

Mildred's smile grew. "And I hope you two won't wait too long with that either." she teased. Since she learned about her daughter's engagement, she couldn't stop thinking about having grandchildren. It would be wonderful to have little children around again.

Melissa chuckled. "We want to be married first before we'll start with planning a family." she looked to Richard. "As long as we are together."
Richard Taylor & Melissa Volt belong to me
Rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and (C)BBC


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