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A Volt always comes back
Chapter 3

Anita was on her way back to the U.Z.Z. base. It was nice to see the Volt family together, but she felt like a fifth wheel around them. She knew for sure that they had a lot of things to catch up with. But there was only one thing that she couldn't stop thinking about. Why didn't Victor tell her about Melissa? She was his partner, so why didn't he say something?

"Anita!" she suddenly heard and Anita stood still. She recognized Victor's voice and she turned around. "I'm glad you waited for me." Victor said when he stood still next to her.

"What is it?" asked Anita as she looked at him. She thought that he wanted to talk with Melissa for some time.

"Why did you leave so suddenly? I thought that we would go back together."

That was true. On their way to Mildred's house, they decided that they would go back to the H.Q. together. But when Anita saw the family together like that, she figured that she could walk back alone. "Well, I thought that the three of you wanted a few moments alone." she said as they continued their way to the base.

Victor gave her a little smile. "Well, what do you think of a nice dinner tonight? Together with my family?"

Anita looked to Victor in surprise. This was the last thing she expected from him. "Are you sure?" she said and Victor nodded. "I… I don't know, I mean…" She didn't know what she meant. On one hand, it was nice to have dinner with Victor, but on the other hand she wouldn't be alone with Victor. Not that she especially wanted to be alone with Victor, but it would be nice to get to know him better after work. She had known him for more than four years, but she didn't know everything about his personal life.

"You are my best friend." Victor started and looked at her. "Besides, Melissa's fiancé will be there too. So… what do you say?"

Anita sighed. "Well, alright." she said and some moments of silence followed. Both Victor and Anita didn't know what to say. "Victor," Anita suddenly said. "What happened to Melissa?"

"Melissa works for U.Z.Z., just like me." Victor started. "She joined U.Z.Z. when she was sixteen, but she got reassigned to Australia when she turned twenty. Since she lived there, she visits me and my mother every few months and especially with Christmas."

Anita just nodded and she started to think. "But, I haven't seen her when we spent Christmas together last year." Unlike every other year, Victor decided to ask Anita if she wanted to celebrate Christmas together with him and his mother. It was nice, but she didn't see Melissa. Not only that, Victor and Mildred both didn't talk about her.

Victor nodded. "I wanted to introduce you to her last Christmas." he said and he looked into Anita's eyes. "A few days before Christmas, we got a message from her. She couldn't come to visit us during Christmas; she would arrive a few days later. I told Mum that she couldn't talk about Melissa, because…" Victor stopped suddenly.

"Because…what?" said Anita, a little bit confused. "Victor, is there something wrong?"

"No, I just can't remember why I didn't tell you about her." Victor gave Anita a smile. "I figured that I would tell you about her some day."

Anita smiled back. "Well, at least I know her now, after I made a fool of myself."

Victor chuckled. "What did you say to her when you two were alone?"

"Not much." said Anita. She didn't want to talk about it anymore. Besides, he would ask her why she didn't like the 'fact' that Melissa could be Victor's fiancée. "I hope that they won't miss us at the H.Q. It'll take a few minutes to get there."

"The world won't be invaded in those few minutes." Victor laughed as they continued their way to the Head Quarters.


"The world won't be invaded in those few minutes, that's what he said!"

Anita walked through the hallways of U.Z.Z. together with Kowalski. While Victor and Anita walked back to the base, the Floaty Heads decided to attack the earth. It was that they reached the base just in time; otherwise it wouldn't end very well.

Kowalski laughed. "What's wrong, Anita? We saved the world, didn't we?" she said and they walked towards the canteen. They saved the world within a few hours, but it was far after lunchtime and many of the agents who fought against the Floaty Heads got a little bit hungry at that moment. Just like Anita and Kowalski. They were both hungry and decided to grab a bite before they would carry on with the rest of the day.

"Hi, girls." sounded while Anita and Kowalski were looking for something nice to eat. They turned around and a blond agent gave them a little smile. "Guess who has a date tonight?"

Kowalski snickered. "Why do I get the feeling that I should say 'Eliza'?"

Eliza Fox smiled. Even though she was a younger agent, she was best friends with Kowalski and Anita. They were one of the fewest women at U.Z.Z. "Yes, he doesn't want to tell where we'll be going to, but it'll be great!"

"Well, you won't be the only one who has a date tonight." said Anita while they were in line to pay their lunch.

Eliza looked at her. "No way!" she said, sounding surprised. "With whom?

Kowalski shook her head, but she had to agree with Eliza. "I thought that Alphonse was on a five years tour in America." She had the feeling that Anita felt something for Alphonse, since Anita talked about their date every now and then.

Anita sighed. "Thank you, I just forgot about that." A few weeks earlier, Alphonse came by to tell her that he wouldn't be able to see her for the next five years. He wanted to tour through America to show them his exhibition and hoping that he would become more famous than he was before. He asked her if she wanted to come with him, but her love for him wasn't big enough to leave her job. She said that she'd rather wait for him, to see if her love for him would be real.

"Come on, you will get over him." said Eliza. She didn't really like the way Alphonse behaved when Anita was around. It was like he wasn't being himself. He wanted to control everything.

Kowalski looked to Eliza. "Eliza, cut it out." Then Kowalski looked to Anita and smiled a little bit when she saw her friend thinking. "So, who's your date?"

Anita gave her a little smile and she looked over to Victor, who was already at a table. "I'm going to have dinner with Victor and his family."

"Wow, that's a big step for the first date." said Eliza and Anita glared at her. "What?"

"We don't go as lovers. But his mother will make a nice meal, because his sister is here." explained Anita and she paid her lunch. "Besides, I don't really 'love' Victor. I just like him as a very good friend."

"Hm." was the only thing Kowalski said. Sometimes, she just had the feeling there was something going on between Victor and Anita, only she didn't know what. "By the way," she started, just before Anita could protest against her 'hm', "have you heard about Kent and Dahlia?"

"Heard what?" Some weeks ago, U.Z.Z. agent Kent Trusted and ex-T.H.E.M. agent Dahlia Smiths got married. Victor, Anita and the rest of U.Z.Z. got to know about Dahlia in a mission Anita wouldn't forget soon. After the mission, Dahlia quit T.H.E.M. and started her own flower shop, together with Kent.

"You don't know?" said Eliza. "It's one of the best news I've heard today."

Kowalski shook her head. "Dahlia is expecting their first child." said Kowalski while they walked towards Victor.

Anita smiled. "That's nice to hear." she said as they sat down at the table.

Victor smiled when he saw Anita. "I just got a call from Melissa; she will help my mother with dinner, so you have nothing to worry about. And they expect us around seven o'clock."

"I'm glad to hear that." said Anita. "It'll give me some time to get changed."

Eliza gave her a little devilish smile. "Into what?"

"Something more comfortable." said Anita and she ate some of her lunch. "You two should hurry. I think Ray is waiting for your report from yesterday."

Kowalski and Eliza looked to each other. "I thought you finished it already." said Kowalski to Eliza.

"Oh, crap, I forgot about that." Eliza quickly finished her lunch and after a quick goodbye, she rushed out of the canteen.

Kowalski shook her head. "I'd better be helping her." She stood up and took her lunch with her, giving Victor and Anita some privacy.

"And you," said Anita and Victor looked at her. "don't even think of saying that the world won't be invaded when we are not at the base."

Victor smiled sheepishly at her. "I promise I won't."
Eliza Fox belongs to me
The rest belongs to Tony Collingwood and (C)BBC


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