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A Volt always comes back
Chapter 2

While Victor and Melissa were arguing who was going to go to Anita, Anita went into the Training Room. She set up some dummies so she could practice her karate moves, trying to get herself calm. "Why didn't he tell me about her?" she said to herself, while she was kicking the dummies. "I wouldn't be jealous, and why should I? I don't love Victor; I just like him as my partner and good friend, nothing more." At least, that is what she is telling herself. But there are times, small moments during or after work, that her heart says something else. There were these small gestures from Victor that made her doubt.

Anita gave the dummy a nice kick in the stomach and the dummy fell down.

"You got some good moves, love." sounded and Anita turned around. Melissa knew that she was one of the last persons that Anita wanted to see at that moment. But, if she really wanted to be friends with Anita, she had to explain what was going on. "You know, I can understand why you're angry." said Melissa when Anita kicked another dummy down. "Well, at least a little bit."

That was too much for Anita. "What do you mean?" she snapped at Melissa. She turned around and she saw that Melissa didn't show even the tiniest emotion.

"Alright." said Melissa and she walked towards Anita. "I suggest we start over. My full name is Melissa Roxana Volt and I'm twenty-six years old." Melissa hoped that Anita would get the clue before either one of them would be in an embarrassing position.

"So?" said Anita. She had never known that Victor loved women who were older than he is. But apparently, he does. Her mind tried to tell her that she shouldn't only focus on a possible marriage between Melissa and Victor, but something else as well. Suddenly, she remembered what Melissa said. "Your last name is Volt?" Is he already married?

Melissa smiled and she nodded. "Yes, my last name is Volt and I know Victor ever since he was born." when she saw Anita thinking, she decided to tell it to her. "Victor is my little brother, although I can't call him 'little' anymore."

"You are his…" Anita felt the blood drain out of her head and she decided to sit down on the bleachers. She couldn't believe that she was so wrong about this woman. "You are his sister?"

Melissa smiled and she sat down next to Anita. "I am his sister; didn't he say something about me?"

"No, he didn't." Anita sighed and she looked to Melissa. "I feel so stupid right now."

Melissa laughed. "You saw the engagement ring, didn't you?" she said and Anita nodded. "I'm engaged to a lovely English literature teacher. And I think that Victor has a lovely partner as well."

"As well?" said Anita and she looked to Melissa. "Oh no, Victor is just a nice partner to work with, nothing more." she gave the sister of her partner a smile. "You know, I don't think I introduced myself properly. I'm Anita Knight, Victor's partner."

Melissa chuckled. "I'm Melissa Volt, Victor's sister." she said when Victor walked into the room. She looked at him and she stood up from the bleachers. "You didn't introduce me to your partner?"

Victor gave her a surprised look. "I wanted to, but…" he was already glad that his sister and his partner weren't fighting. He hoped that Melissa and Anita would get along together and it was wonderful to see them as two good friends.

"Victor," said Anita when she stood up from the bleachers. "I'm sorry I acted that way. I could never have guessed…"

"It's alright." said Victor with a big smile and he looked to Melissa. "Does Mum know that you're back?"

Melissa shook her head. "I wanted to surprise you first." she said. There was just one little surprise she didn't say, but she wanted to wait with revealing it until the family was complete, more or less. "Do you want to come to Mum to surprise her?" she said and she looked to both Victor and Anita. She hoped that she would learn more about Anita on their way to Mildred's house.

"Well, we don't really have anything to do right now." said Victor. He wanted to see his mother's face when they would walk into her house.

"How about you, Anita? Would you like to come with us?" Melissa looked to Anita. She knew already that her brother was more than willing to come to his mother's house, but she was more interested in Anita. She would love to hear more about the partner of her little brother.

Anita smiled. "Sure, I'd love to come with you two." she said. She wanted to know more about Melissa, but she decided to wait with that until she and Victor were alone.

While Victor, Anita and Melissa went towards Mildred's house, Mildred was in the kitchen baking cookies. She knew that Melissa would come on over one of these days, and she wanted everything to be perfect when her daughter would be coming over. The only thing was that Melissa forgot to tell her when she would be over. Ah, maybe Melissa told Victor when she would come around. Of course, being a psychologist wasn't always easy and it could be hard work sometimes.

"Mum, are you home?" suddenly sounded and Mildred looked up. She didn't expect Victor to visit her, especially not during working hours.

"I'm in the kitchen, is there something wrong?" she said and she placed the cookies on the counter. "Victor?" she said once again when she didn't get an answer.

"No, nothing's wrong." sounded from the living room and Mildred let out a sigh of relief. "But there is someone here who can't wait to see you."

Mildred raised an eyebrow and she walked towards the living room. "Who is it then?"

"Me!" sounded happily and Mildred couldn't believe her eyes. Melissa, her very own daughter was standing there.

"Melissa, is that…?" she walked to Melissa and gave her a big hug. "Melissa, it's so wonderful to see you again!" she said and she gave her daughter a kiss on her cheek. "And a big surprise as well."

"Richard is here too." said Melissa with a smile. Of course, Melissa wouldn't come alone. Richard, her fiancé for quite some time, came with her to her mother most of the time and it looked like they had some big plans lying ahead of them. "Mum, he is really sweet, loving and caring to me. You know that."

Mildred smiled. "Of course I know that, honey." she said and she looked to both of her children. "You know, I'm going to make a special dinner for you and Richard."

"How about me and…" Victor looked around him and suddenly they noticed that Anita wasn't there anymore. "Shall I ask if Anita want to come too?"

Mildred smiled. She knew that her son felt something for his partner, but she promised herself that she wouldn't push him to tell her what he exactly felt for Anita. "You know what I always say, Victor." she said with a big smile. "The more, the merrier. I'd love to make dinner for her too."

Victor nodded. "I know, Mum." he said and he turned around. "I'll go after Anita and see if she wants to join us tonight. I'll see you both tonight!" and he left Mildred and Melissa alone.

"I'll let Richard know that I'll be here the rest of the day and I'll help you with dinner, Mum." said Melissa and she gave her mother a hug. "I'm glad to be home again, Mum."

Mildred smiled. "I'm glad you're back again." she whispered.
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