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Part Two

Anita walked to the canteen. It was almost noon and it meant that it was time for lunch. It was a quiet day and Victor promised Eliza to help her with decorating the canteen for Halloween. Although Halloween might be just a few days away, she still didn't have a costume for the party. Anita just couldn't think about something special. She wanted to do something else than she did the years before.

"Hey, Anita!" she suddenly heard and she looked up. Victor walked up to her and he gave her a big smile. "Are you coming with me to Professor Professor's lab?"

"What? What are you talking about?" asked Anita when Victor grabbed her arm and turned her around. "I just wanted to have lunch."

"You can wait with that." said Victor and he looked to her. "It's Eliza's turn to test Professor Professor's new invention."

Anita sighed. "Come on, Victor. It ain't fun to see what happens to Eliza when she has to test something." she looked into Victor's eyes. "And besides, Eliza doesn't take me away from my lunch to see what would happen to you when you have to test something."

"Oh come on, I'll buy you lunch, deal?"

"Oh, okay, but just this once. And would you let my arm go?"

Victor smiled and he let go of Anita's arm. "So let's see what Professor Professor will do to Eliza today." he said while they walked to the lab.


Meanwhile, Eliza walked into the lab. It might not be the one of the biggest labs ever, but it was huge to her. At least it was bigger than her science labs on high-school. Professor Professor was a man who made the strangest machines she'd ever seen and some of them really worked.  Most of the time, Professor Professor used one of the agents as a lab rat and mostly was Victor the one who needed to test the newest inventions. But after Eliza started to work at U.Z.Z., Professor Professor saw in her a potential lab rat as well. Luckily for her, most of the time the machines worked just fine.

"Ha, Eliza, I'm glad you came to my lab immediately." Professor Professor looked to the young agent. "There is something that I want you to test for me."

"Oh, goodie." Eliza looked to Professor Professor. Although most of the time the machines worked just fine, there were a few that exploded or that made you do some strange stuff. "What is it this time, Professor?

"It's a teleport machine." Professor Professor walked to a strange looking machine. It looked like a closet, but without a door and it had a handle on one of its walls. Next to the closet was a computer and Eliza wondered why he needed a computer for. "When you stand in here, I can teleport you to everywhere you want to go."

"And are you sure that it's safe? I mean, that it won't explode when I actually stand in that… closet?" Eliza looked to the machine. It didn't look too safe in her opinion. And when Professor Professor invents something, you'll never know what will happen to you.

"I told you, it's a teleport machine. And just relax, nothing will happen." Professor Professor grabbed Eliza's hand and pulled her to the machine. "Everything will be just fine, trust me."

"Well, if you say so." said Eliza and she stepped into the 'closet'. She thought about what could happen to her when Professor Professor would pull that handle. The machine could explode while she was standing in it or she could end up somewhere else and Professor Professor wouldn't be able to get her back, so she has to call for help or – in the worst case – she has to walk the whole way back.

Professor Professor input the coordinates into the computer, so Eliza would arrive safely a few feet away from the lab. "Are you ready?" asked Professor Professor just when Victor and Anita walked into the lab. They just wanted to see what Professor Professor had invented and see what would happen to Eliza.

"So, you two are here to laugh at me?" Eliza looked to Victor and Anita, who were both giving her a big smile.

"We are here to wish you good luck." said Anita and she looked to Victor. "Right, Victor?"

"Yeah, we are here to wish good luck." said Victor and he walked to Professor Professor. "Tell me, Professor Professor, is this going to explode?"

Professor Professor looked up. "What? Of course not!" Professor Professor looked to Eliza after he adjusted the last numbers for the coordinates. "Are you ready for the trip of your life, Eliza?"

"I guess so." Eliza looked to Victor and Anita. "It was nice knowing the two of you." she said in a dramatic way. "May the two of you get a wonderful future together." Professor Professor pulled a handle and a lot of smoke filled the cabin where Eliza was standing in. It looked like the machine actually worked. Eliza started to disappear for what seemed like bit by bit. "Look at me, I hope you don't have to put me all together just like a puzzle when I come back!" Eliza laughed a little bit. "Well, at least it doesn't hurt."

Eliza started to disappear and Victor and Anita looked around them. Eliza was supposed to appear somewhere near the lab. "Are we going to look for her?" asked Victor and he looked to Anita. "She would be around here somewhere."

"Well, I'm here." sounded before Anita could answer Victor's question. Everybody looked to the cabin where the smoke slowly disappeared. Eliza stepped out of the cabin and she started to cough. "Really, Professor Professor, you really shouldn't add the smoke effect. It makes me cough. I'm afraid that your machine didn't work very well." she looked up and she sees everybody staring at her. "What? Why is everybody staring at me?"

Anita walked to Eliza and gives her a mirror. Anita couldn't believe that this just happened and she saw it all happening. "Because you have bat-wings right now."
The second part of the story.

First part: [link]
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