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Part One

It was her favourite holiday and it was just a few days away. Eliza Fox looked around her. She was in the U.Z.Z. base, decorating the canteen for the Halloween ball, which would be at the night before Halloween. Halloween was her favourite holiday. Being dressed up like something really scary was her purpose on Halloween.

"Hey, Eliza! How's the decorating going?" asked Victor Volt when he walked into the canteen. Eliza was just busy with hanging up the bats to the ceiling when Victor walked up to her.

"Hi, Victor! Are you going to help me?" asked Eliza with a smile when she walked down the ladder. "Because I remembered that you offered to help with decorating the canteen for the Halloween ball."

Victor laughed and he walked to the fake snakes, which were lying on a table near the ladder. "So, as what are you going to the ball?" he asked as he gave Eliza the fake snakes.

Eliza smiled. "As what do you think I would go?" she said as she hung up the fake spiders to the ceiling.

"Don't say a thing." Victor laughed. "You will be going as a vampire." Eliza kept on telling to everybody that she would be going as a vampire at Halloween. How she couldn't wait to dress up like a vampire.

Eliza laughed and she walked down the ladder again. "Yeah, I'll go as a vampire. I just can't wait for the party here at U.Z.Z." she looked to Victor. "So, as what are you going?"

Victor sighed. "I'm not quite sure yet." he said. "I mean, there are so many costumes and stuff. I just don't know as what or who I should go." Victor was thinking the last days about his costume, but he just couldn't think of the most perfect costume that would amaze Anita. Last year, she amazed him by not telling him that she was actually there. But this year, he wanted to amaze her by having the best costume ever.

"Hey Victor! Wake up!" Victor looked to Eliza, who gave him a big smile. "About whom were you dreaming, Victor?" asked Eliza. "Was it about Anita?" she just couldn't stop teasing him about the tight relationship between Victor and Anita. She knew that they just like each other more than just partners, but they never admitted it.

"I was just thinking." said Victor. "And not dreaming about Anita."

"Hm-hm, and why don't I believe it?" said Eliza with a teasing smile. "What do you think? Would it be good enough if we would leave it like this?"

Victor looked around. The ceiling of the canteen was full of hanging spiders, bats and snakes and fake cobwebs. "I think it's good enough, unless you want to hang up the pumpkins too." Victor gave Eliza a big smile. "But I'm not going to help you with that."

"Too bad," smirked Eliza back. "I just wanted to hang them up. Ah, well, I'll leave them on the ground." she walked down the ladder and she patted Victor on his shoulder, hard enough to threw him off balance. "You should stop dreaming about Anita." she said and she gave him a big smile.

"Eliza! How many times do I have to tell you; I wasn't dreaming about Anita." Victor sighed when Eliza's communicator started to ring. "Why do you keep on saying that?"

"Sure, Victor." said Eliza when she grabbed her communicator. "What's up, Prof. Prof.?"

"Up? No, I'm down in my lab." Professor Professor said and he looked to Eliza. "Any way, you need to come to my lab."

Eliza sighed. "Can't Victor go?" She hated to be Professor Professor's lab rat. She knew Victor hated it as well, but she would do anything and everything to for not being a lab rat. Even if she had to send somebody else down to Professor Professor's lab.

"No, he can't go. And besides, it's you promised to help me with some of the experiments, remember?"

"Alright, I remember." said Eliza and she looked to Victor, who gave her a big grin. "But if it's a machine which shows what a person thinks, could you use Victor for that? I'd like to know if he's thinking what I'm thinking."

"Which is?" asked Professor Professor.

"That he's dreaming about…" just before Eliza could say Anita, Victor grabbed Eliza's communicator, said goodbye to Professor Professor and shut down Eliza's communicator.

"For the last time, I wasn't dreaming about Anita." said Victor and he gave Eliza her communicator back. "Just go and help Professor Professor with his experiment. Anita and I will drop by later to see what he had done to you."

"Ha, ha, very funny Victor." Eliza looked to him and she smiled a little bit. Suddenly, she started to remember something. "When we talked about favourite movies the other day, didn't you say that you love to watch James Bond?"

"Well, James Bond movies are one of my favourite movies, especially 'Goldfinger' and 'From Russia, With Love'. Why?"

"How about getting dressed up like James Bond as Halloween costume? I mean, it could be a lot of fun and you don't need to do a lot of work about it."

Victor started to smile. "That's genius! I owe you one. But I won't go to Professor Professor in stead of you!" he said before Eliza could even offer it.

"Alright, alright, I get it. But, remember, I will remind you about this for some time."

"Sure, just say hi to Professor Professor." said Victor while Eliza walked away. He knew that Eliza would forget about it within a few days.
Ok, I know it's a long time ago that I placed a story here, but I was really busy with school, driving lessons, work etc. I try to write as much as possible, but sometimes it's just too much for me.
I hope I will be able to update tomorrow and I don't know how many parts this story will have, but I know there will be at least 3 parts.

Happy -almost- Halloween!

TSSFANGIRL18 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009   Traditional Artist
hey where's Anita? anyway good story :D
Eszies-Eszie Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
She will be in the story, just be patient.
And thanx :) :tighthug:
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