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It was a beautiful morning; everywhere in the world. Because it was the day before Christmas.
And it was also a beautiful morning in a country somewhere in the Alps. Knightendale: a small country which had a royal family living at the capital city. The royal castle was built in the 18th century and it still looked that way.

Almost the complete royal family lived in the castle at the moment. And even though it was an early morning, one of the family members was already wandering through the castle. Fully dressed, wearing simple black trousers and a simple grey shirt, she didn't look like she once was the queen of Knightendale.

Mary Lynn Knight had been a queen for many years, until her husband became very ill. She stopped when she arrived at the door which lead to the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen and smiled when she saw a young woman working. "Good morning, Bianca." said Mary Lynn and she walked to the chef. Bianca was thirty-and-somewhat years old and she was one of the best chefs the castle ever had.

"Good morning, Your…"

"Just call me Mary Lynn or Mrs. Knight, you know that." Mary Lynn hated to be addressed as 'Your Highness', 'my Queen' or something like that. Only when there was something official going one, but that was some other detail.

"Yes, Mrs. Knight." said Bianca with a smile. "You are early this morning."

Mary Lynn gave Bianca a smile back. "Yes, I couldn't sleep this morning and I decided to see what's going on here."

"Well, I am almost ready with breakfast and I need to decide what I'll make for lunch And for who."

"Anita will be back at noon, Victor has a meeting with three ministers, so I think they want some lunch too. And Mildred will be here today too and I think she will make it before noon."

"A big lunch today." Bianca looked at Mary Lynn. "Could you please tell Mrs. Volt that I can handle the kitchen alone?" For the past few years, Mildred came into the kitchen, mostly with her own recipes.

"Don't worry, I will keep her out of the kitchen." Mary Lynn said goodbye to Bianca and she walked out of the kitchen. Things had changed through the years. People came and went. Besides a new chef, they also had a new butler. James still 'worked' for the royal family, but most of the jobs were done by his youngest grandson, Alfred. And both did their jobs with love and passion.

Mary Lynn knocked onto one of the many doors. "Can I come in?" she asked. Once she got an answer, she walked into the room. It was a big room. It had its own 'living room', with a couch, some chairs, a television and things like that. It had its own en-suite and of course a bedroom. This was the place were Mary Lynn had slept and lived for the past years.

But not alone, fortunately.

"Good morning, husband." said Mary Lynn with a smile, once she entered the bedroom. "How are you?"

"I'm feeling much better, thank you." said the old-looking man. He had grey hair and a grey moustache. With his bright-blue eyes, he looked to his wife. "How are you, Lynnie?"

Mary Lynn chuckled and she sat down onto the edge of the bed. "I'm feeling wonderful, Arthur."

Arthur smiled. "Good," he said as he got out of bed. "do you have any plans for today?"

Mary Lynn shook her head. "It will be a quiet day today."

"Maybe I can join Victor in his meeting with the ministers."

Mary Lynn shook her head. "The last thing Victor needs is a father-in-law who meddles into his meetings." Mary Lynn looked to the closet, where Arthur pulled on his clothes. "Besides, I think that your granddaughter can't wait to see you."

Arthur sighed. The past years, Mary Lynn kept him away from most of the meetings, but he had to admit that it had been a long time since he had seen his granddaughter. "Well, alright." he said and he turned towards Mary Lynn. "But only because Abigail will be coming."

Mary Lynn smiled. She knew Arthur was weak when it came to their eldest granddaughter. "If everything goes right, she'll be here this morning." she said and she walked to Arthur. "She told me yesterday that she couldn't wait to come back here again."

Arthur looked to his wife. "Well, I can't wait to see her again. But I'm hungry as well. Shall we go?"

Mary Lynn nodded and she grabbed Arthur's arm. Together, they walked to the dining room and sat down at the breakfast table.

"Good morning." sounded as Mary Lynn and Arthur sat down. A strawberry-blond woman walked into the room.

"Good morning, Anita." said Mary Lynn and Arthur at the same time.

Anita smiled and she sat down. "Good morning, mom. Good morning, dad." she said and she looked to her parents. "How are you this morning?"

"We are good. We just need to think of something to pass the time for this morning." said Mary Lynn with a smile. Once her granddaughter would be at Knightendale, there were many things to do. But before that, she had no idea what to do.

Anita smiled. "Maybe you could see if James need some help." Most of the times, James helped his grandson with things and he was assigned to the big Christmas Party for that evening.

"That's a great idea." said Mary Lynn and she looked to her husband.

"You just go, Lynnie. I'll go and see if Victor wants some help." Arthur saw his daughter's look and gave her a smile. "After breakfast of course."

"Victor is still in bed. I can't believe…"

Mary Lynn laughed. "Boys will be boys, Anita. Even this old man," she said and she pointed to Arthur, "can sleep until eleven."

"Not when I was…" Suddenly, he started to think.

"Even then, Arthur." said Mary Lynn with a big smile. "You scheduled your meetings in the afternoon, so you could sleep in late."

"Yes, I remember." sighed Arthur, just when a light brown-haired man walked into the room. "Ah, when you're talking about the devil."

"It's always nice to know that your in-laws see you as the devil." said the man and he gave Anita a kiss on her cheek. "Good morning, beauty."

"Hm, good morning, Victor." said Anita and she looked to her husband. "When will the meeting start?"

"Between ten and eleven o'clock, why?"

"I hope you didn't forget that our daughter will be coming home today, hopefully this morning if everything goes right."

Victor smiled. "Don't worry, Anita. I think Abigail will be here before eleven. And even then, I will be able to see her today." He looked to his fully filled plate and he started to eat his breakfast. "What will you be doing today?" he asked his in-laws.

"Well, I'm going to help James with the preparations for tonight. And your father-in-law is thinking about helping you with your meeting." said Mary Lynn. She still was sure that it would be better if Arthur would stay out of it, but she knew she wouldn't be able to stop him.

"I could always use a second opinion." After Victor had finished his breakfast in what seemed to be a record time, he stood up. "I'd better be going again. There are still some preparations which have to be done." He gave Anita a kiss. "Tell Bianca it was wonderful and I'll see what she'll make for lunch." Victor said goodbye and he walked away.

Anita shook her head. "That man is unbelievable most of the time." she looked to the clock. "I'd better be going too. I have an opening of a new store at the mall. A bookstore." Books had always been a number-one subject for Anita. And she was always there when there was something going on about literature. "I'll see you again this afternoon." Anita stood up and she said goodbye to her parents.

Mary Lynn shook her head. "They should take a holiday every now and then."

Arthur smiled. "I think I heard them talk about going to visit the north. You know how close Anita is with the princesses there."

Mary Lynn nodded. "Ah well, let's enjoy our breakfast together then."

"We will let the kids rush for us. Merry Christmas Eve, Lynnie."

"Merry Christmas Eve, Arthur."
My last sequel to 'A Christmas Wedding'

Hope you love it!


These characters belong to me:
Arthur & Mary Lynn Knight
James & Alfred

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angelheart05 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
wow! It's beautiful story :rose: I can't wait to read the next chapter
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Awww, thanks!!
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You are welcome :)
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Hahaha, I admit I've been thinking about this for some time
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When did you decide to write this?
Eszies-Eszie Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I thought about it and started it this summer and it's still not finished.
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