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I'm here for you - Ch. 6
Weeks had flown. Eliza had proved herself on her first day in the Training Room. She had worked for the Belgium division for some years before she went to the UK. While there were some other bad guys, the aliens and the underground creatures had been the same.
Eliza stretched herself. She and Victor had been writing reports the whole afternoon. They had an Impostor attack in the morning and now the paperwork had to be done. But she had the feeling she had been sitting in that chair the whole afternoon.
She stood up and walked around a little bit. She knew that afternoons like these were boring, but it had to be done. Eliza looked around her. She liked her co-workers. Even though she and Kowalski were the only female agents in Ray’s team, she had a good bond with the guys as well.
“How about a little training within some time?”
Eliza turned around and saw Kent and Kowalski standing there.  Through the weeks she became best friends with Kent, Kowalski, Scott and To
:iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 3 3
I'm here for you - Ch. 5
“Cool… There is actually one thing I want to ask all of you… Who is Anita…?”
All the others at the lunch table looked to Victor. She was his partner after all, so he should be the one to answer this question.
“She was… is my partner. Anita is a Secret Agent like me, but for now…”
Eliza gave Victor a surprised look. “What happened to her?”
Victor swallowed before he continued. Of course this new agent had to know what happened to Anita, but he didn’t like to tell it. He didn’t like to tell the rest that he had failed his partner. That he wasn’t there for her when she needed him the most.
“We had a Reptogator attack. We didn’t know where they were, so we all split up. Anita had an encounter with the Reptogator. At this moment, she’s at Medical Bay… In a coma…”
Eliza fell silent. “I… I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry, Victor.”
:iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 1 0
I'm here for you - Ch. 4
Victor and Eliza walked out of the Briefing Room. Victor had no idea what to do with this new agent. He decided to ask her if she knew every place of the U.Z.Z. base.
Eliza shook her head. “I don’t. They didn’t give me a tour yet. I just arrived here today.”
“Then I’ll give you a tour. If you are going to be my partner for now, you should at least know where everything is.”
Victor and Eliza walked through the hallways of U.Z.Z. Mostly in silence. He quickly passed through the Storage Rooms, the Landing Area’s and the gym.
“Next to the gym is the Training Room. If you want some training, you can do it here.”
In the Training Room was a group of agents, together with their fitness instructor; Lucy Woo. The class was about to end and Lucy Woo gave some last instructions to her class before she walked up to Victor and Eliza.
“Victor Volt! I haven’t seen you for a while now. How are you?” asked Lucy when she approa
:iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 1 0
Timelady's Card by Eszies-Eszie Timelady's Card :iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 2 0
I'm here for you - Ch. 3
I’m here for you
Chapter Three

It was a week after the Reptogator attack. Anita was still in coma and the doctors were still not sure how and when she would wake up.
Mildred Volt sat down at the breakfast table. That day, like some other days, she didn’t have breakfast on her own. Victor always came to visit his mother, often in the mornings, to talk about things.
“It’s just not fair, mom.” Victor started. “We never split up, we always worked together as a team. The first and only time we split up, she gets hurt. And it’s not only a cut or a broken leg, no, she gets into a coma…”
Mildred shook her head. Once upon a time, she had been an U.Z.Z. Agent too. She knew how missions could be and how hard the fights were. “Listen, honey, it’s not your fault. You couldn’t know the Reptogator would be there. It could also be a possibility that there would be more than just one and…”
“But still
:iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 1 0
I'm here for you - Ch. 2
I’m here for you
Chapter Two

There seemed to be a rush going on in the medical bay. Nurses and doctors rushed back and forth through the white hallways. The medical bay of U.Z.Z. wasn’t always that busy. It was mostly busy after fights, when the non-critical hit agents were brought in.
At this point, it were only nurses and doctors who ran passed Victor. But he didn’t seem to take notice of it all. He was sitting onto a chair in one of the many hallways and was just staring at his hands. Anita had been in the ER for hours already and he hadn’t seen a doctor who could tell him something about Anita.
Victor was just hoping everything was alright with her. They had been working together for two years now and it all felt good. They were a good team together, but all he could do now was hoping that she wouldn’t die.
As if he came out of no-where, a doctor appeared in front of Victor. “I have been told that you brought Secret Agent Knight in.
:iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 1 0
I'm here for you - Ch. 1
I’m here for you
Chapter one

It was like any other day in spring in Great Britain. So, rain poured down and those who didn’t have to be outside, made sure that they’d stay inside. Unfortunately, the agents of U.Z.Z. had to be outside.
Being a Secret Agent of U.Z.Z., Victor Volt was used to missions like these. Rain, snow or storm, U.Z.Z. would be out there to save the world once more. And this time, it was a major Reptogator alert with just one tiny problem; the Reptogators were no-where to be found. They had been searching for hours, but they couldn’t even find the tiniest one.
The sound of his belt was driving him insane. “Isn’t there a possibility that our belts broke down?” Victor had the feeling he would turn crazy if he had to listen to the sound any longer.
“All the belts at the same time? That would be new to me.” The voice of Special Agent Ray sounded through Victor’s communicator, which was attached to
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Fanfics by Eszies-Eszie Fanfics :iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 4 0 An almost married couple by Eszies-Eszie An almost married couple :iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 1 0 Me in my weddingdress by Eszies-Eszie Me in my weddingdress :iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 4 4 Wedding sneakers by Eszies-Eszie Wedding sneakers :iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 0 4 Me by Eszies-Eszie Me :iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 1 5 The next generation of UZZ 4 by Eszies-Eszie The next generation of UZZ 4 :iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 1 1 The next generation of UZZ 3 by Eszies-Eszie The next generation of UZZ 3 :iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 1 0 The next generation of UZZ 2 by Eszies-Eszie The next generation of UZZ 2 :iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 2 0 The next generation of UZZ 1 by Eszies-Eszie The next generation of UZZ 1 :iconeszies-eszie:Eszies-Eszie 1 2

Random Favourites

Fifi by coralinejones1210 Fifi :iconcoralinejones1210:coralinejones1210 18 4 Olivia by coralinejones1210 Olivia :iconcoralinejones1210:coralinejones1210 2 3
Tragedy Angel Ch. 3
I laid upside down in Victor's armchair while everyone looked through the book.
"How did your grandfather get this list of recruits?" Ray asked. "That is highly confidential information."
"I don't know," I said as the blood rushed to my head. "Like I said, all I know is that he worked in the field, studying those creatures."
"Hey!" Victor cried.
"Not the creatures I was talking about," I sneered, rolling my eyes. As I sat up, Anita looked over at me.
"You still never told me your side of the story," she said.
"And I never will," I replied. And I didn't plan on it-telling her I mean. I hardly even knew her! Why would I want to give her my whole life story? It would bore her anyway and she wouldn't care! And what would she do if she found out I was a runaway? Take me back to my parents?! That was enough of a motive to keep my secret.
Anita told her side to the men.
"Why don't we give you a lift home?" Ray said, kindly.
"NO!" I cried. They all looked at me, puzzled by my outburst. Before
:iconcoralinejones1210:coralinejones1210 5 3
Fairy by karmaparade Fairy :iconkarmaparade:karmaparade 54 9
Tragedy Angel Ch. 2
At U.Z.Z. HQ, Anita motioned to me to stay where I was as she walked into the briefing
room. I stood for a while, rummaging aimlessly in my bag. The door opened and
Anita told me to come in. I stepped in and the room fell silent.
"Are you sure you she's not related to you, Anita?" a young man asked. "She looks just
like you!"
"Victor Volt!" I said, pointing at him. Then I realized something and added, "YOU made
top agent?"
"Hey!" Victor cried defensively.
"HOW do you know who we are?" Anita exclaimed, frustrated.
"From this old book my Grandpa gave me," I said, reaching into my bag and pulling it out. "It's got all kinds of stuff in it. Reptogators, Floaty Heads, and a whole section on U.Z.Z.!"
I opened it to the list of new recruits for that year. Anita looked at her own picture. She
"I remember taking that," she said, distantly. "I was seventeen..."
"My grandfather always talked about you," I told her. "He used to tell me all about
his hunch that you would stomp the boys and
:iconcoralinejones1210:coralinejones1210 4 5
Tragedy Angel
       I walked down the dark street, a tear streaming down my cheek. What was I going
to do? Suddenly, headlights washed over me. I moved to the right, but was
puzzled when on one passed. I looked behind me. The car had slowed down. I turned and ran. I could hear the car following me. I tripped on something and fell.
      When I woke up, my head hurt. I opened my eyes to sunlight. I sat up and realized I was on a couch. Rubbing my head, I leaned forward. When I brought my hand back down, I discovered my forehead was bleeding.
      "Are you okay?" someone asked, softly. I looked up to see a young woman-
probably in her late twenties- standing there in a purple jumpsuit. She seemed
very familiar somehow...
      "What happened last night?" I asked.
      "I could ask you the same thing," she said, placing her hands on her hips. "But on m
:iconcoralinejones1210:coralinejones1210 4 6
TSS: The Angel of U.Z.Z.: Ch15
TSS: TAOU: (Jane's POV) Chapter 15:
I couldn't breathe; I felt as if I had been bound and gagged... as though my lungs would burst. I felt light-headed.
I blinked.
It looked like I was in a white room.
I sat up and started coughing.  My eyes were wet-not from crying, but watery, like when you smell something horrible.
I looked around. Phew. It was just a dream. I was in a cave, not at Itex.
But what was that smell?  Oh good Lord; it was awful.
Then I saw Gazzy laughing and the smell got worse. Of course, Gazzy had to cut one, especially when we were in a cave.
I ran for the entrance; covering my nose. When I finally got out, I panted and gasped; trying not to retch.
"Why does he do that?" I gasped.
"No clue," Angel shrugged.
Total sniffed the air, "P.U.! It smells even worse now!"
"Will he ever stop?" Cindy complained.
Akila just barked in reply.
I don't know. I mean he is Gazzy. He likes to fart, but, I don't know why. It stinks. It makes me g
:iconwolfmaiden96:wolfmaiden96 1 4
TSS: The Angel of U.Z.Z.: Ch13
TSS: TAOU: Chapter 13:
"Oh!" Stella squealed, "they're those people with bird wings!"
Cindy nodded, remembering that somewhere in the past two months I had mentioned them. They were obviously adults now...but they still were the same people.
Nudge was blabbering about something; Total, complaining about going to Germany and Fang was hiding in the shadows of the others. Iggy and Gazzy were talking about something...bombs probably. Max was being the normal bossy-like leader; Akila, barking and struggling to get out of Fang's grip. Angel was...well… being Angel.
It took us a half hour to get them to believe us. Angel believed us first...being the mind reader she is. They agreed reluctantly, to help us rescue my parents, because according to Stella, everyone but them had escaped.
Discussing the rescue plan took a while. During the discussion, Stella and Nudge talked about random stuff-Stella being louder and more obnoxious...she kept screeching songs. Nudge was less loud an
:iconwolfmaiden96:wolfmaiden96 0 3
TSS: The Angel of U.Z.Z.: Ch12
I stayed still while we watched the group come closer.
'Oh. My. God.'
I'd seen them in Pele's lava ball before; but never had I dreamed of seeing them in real life... and now I was about to meet them. Though, it was strange that they were still a group, even though they were adults now....they must still want to stop Itex. Well then, I know who can help us get my parents back!
"Jane?" Cindy whispered as they flew nearer, "Who are they?"
I just smiled.
The ghosts, Stella, and Cindy were confused. My smile grew wider.
I knew the people flying would not know me, Stella, Cindy or the ghosts-but they knew my parents and Stell's parents.
Now I could make out the finer details-yes, it was them.
"What?" my friends asked-only causing my smile to grow from ear to ear.
I whispered, "The Flock."
:iconwolfmaiden96:wolfmaiden96 0 4
Flushed Away-Rita by coralinejones1210 Flushed Away-Rita :iconcoralinejones1210:coralinejones1210 12 3 Phineas and Ferb- READ by coralinejones1210 Phineas and Ferb- READ :iconcoralinejones1210:coralinejones1210 11 30
TSS: The Angel of U.Z.Z.: Ch11
TSS: TAOU: Chapter 11:
"Jane!" Stella whined. "Can we stop now?"
I looked at the seventeen year old, "No. We need to rescue my parents."  
"But we've been flying for five hours!" Cindy complained.
I sighed.
"Every minute the clock is ticking. With each second, my parents are in more danger. Just do something to occupy yourselves, please."
I blinked back oncoming tears. My parents were in danger and it was all of my fault.
"Jane," Pele said, "It's not your fault. Believe me it's-" she was cut off by Stella.
"Titanic Tip and Daring Dash, adventurers slash explorers!" she screamed.
"Remind me again; why did you let her watch that movie?" Jack Phillips asked.
I laughed, "I still have no clue."
Stella continued screeching, "Titanic Tip and Daring Dash, adventurers slash explorers!"
And she kept singing that over and over for ten minutes.
"Jane, tell her to be quiet!" Cindy hissed, "she's giving me a headache!"
"Titanic Tip an-"
"Stella shu
:iconwolfmaiden96:wolfmaiden96 0 13
TSS: The Angel of U.Z.Z.: Ch9
TSS: TAOU: Chapter 9:
Stacey was able to fly just fine... but I'm not sure Alphonse could fly for long; Stacey's were huge and looked uncomfortable...Alphonse's, however, were very tiny, and looked very fragile.
"We've had them for a while," Stacey smirked.
"H-h-h-o-ow?" I stuttered.
"Itexicon," her answered said.
'I just knew Itex had something to do with them! I just knew that they were turned into their henchmen!'
I looked at Cindy; she was hissing and crouched in a ready-to-pounce position. After that, I looked at Stella, who was still in her 'morphed form.' And then, I looked back at the couple in front of me.
In their places were two flying wolves with dripping yellow fangs...
'They're Erasers…'
:iconwolfmaiden96:wolfmaiden96 0 3
VxA Mushiness by coralinejones1210 VxA Mushiness :iconcoralinejones1210:coralinejones1210 19 30 TSS Natalie by coralinejones1210 TSS Natalie :iconcoralinejones1210:coralinejones1210 4 12 Uncle Ray by coralinejones1210 Uncle Ray :iconcoralinejones1210:coralinejones1210 2 3
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Mini Dinos Calendar by Apofiss Mini Dinos Calendar :iconapofiss:Apofiss 2,760 201 bronto dino by Apofiss bronto dino :iconapofiss:Apofiss 11,456 523 the rose by tazwaraz the rose :icontazwaraz:tazwaraz 26 11 the new dawn by tazwaraz the new dawn :icontazwaraz:tazwaraz 54 15 .MISSING YOU. by evol1314 .MISSING YOU. :iconevol1314:evol1314 88,898 9,514 Rose for mony by ssilence Rose for mony :iconssilence:ssilence 3,453 349


Yay! Finally time for the summer holiday!!! So, I might not response really quick the next few weeks. But who knows, maybe I'll have finally some time to do some writing....
192 deviations
Stole this from Butterfrogmantis

Name: Esther Vooijs

Age: 27
Nationality: Dutch
Status: Married 
Birthday: 9th of July 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer 
Eye Color: light green/blueish
Hair Color: Light blonde (especially in summer) 
Tattoos?: nope
Piercings?: ears 

→ Do you...

Write?: Love it
Roleplay?: Nope 
Draw?: I do it, but nothing really special - or good-
Exercise?: Swimming once a week, sometimes take the bike to work
Play Sports?: Not my thing
Sing?: Love it, not good at it 
Dance?: Love it.
Read?: Would love to do it more
Work?: 2 jobs
Blog?: yup, 2
Drink?: Yup, only one bottle of beer every two weeks or so. Not much 
Cook?: Love  it
Bake?: Because of broken oven, less than before 
Play an Instrument?: Nope 

→ Favorite

Color?: purple
Animal?: Owl 
Book?: Many. D.I. Frost, Dan Brown, China Bayles 
Movie?: Most Marvel movies, Despicables Me- movies and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 
Anime?: Nope
TV?: NCIS, British detectives, Doctor Who 
Artist?: Enough
Song?: Paradise by the dashboard light - Meatloaf 
Band/Group?: Metallica
Manga?: Rose of Versailles 
Console?: Wii
Video Game?: On PC - Sims 3 & RCT, Wii - Wii Fit + and Lego games
YouTuber?: Extra Credits 
Food?: Pizza
Drink?: Fanta, Cassis
Quote?: 'So close, no matter how far. Couldn't be much more from the heart' - Metallica

→ This or That

Tea or Coffee?: Tea
Switch or XBox?: Would like the Switch 
Thomas & friends or my little pony?: MLP is kinda my guilty pleasure ^^;
Flowers or Chocolates?: Chocolate
Money or Presents: Money
Game Boy or DS?: DS 
Desktop or Laptop: Laptop 
Rock or Hip Hop: Rock
Earbuds or Headphones?: Headphones
Dog or Cat?: Cat, but not really either
Soda Pop or Juice?: Soda
transformers or star wars?: Star Wars
Bacon or Sausage:  Sausage 
Muffin or Scone?:  Scone
Idealist or Cynic?: I'm Dutch, so mostly cynic ;)
  • Listening to: I really don't care
  • Reading: Suske & Wiske
  • Watching: Danger Mouse remake
  • Playing: Game of Drones - Futurama
  • Drinking: Milka Hot Cocoa


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
My name is Esther. Es or Eszie for short.

Almost married to the man I love. Love to write stories, mostly fanfictions.
I love comics, cartoons, games and to read.

The Secret Show brought me to dA and and I still love the show. Suske & Wiske is the comic-series I have loved pretty much all my life. And still love it to bits.

Dutch language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy British English language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy German language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy French language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

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