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DSTDIH|prologue|page 2 by EszettB DSTDIH|prologue|page 2 by EszettB
Sorry for my English, my native language is Russian(comics may have mistakes in translation too.).
This is the reverse composition, rather than the prologue,MOM BOUGHT CHICKEN TENDIESPrincess Unattainabelle beckons you  but I can't think of a name, and the "reverse composition" will be heard in the title of pictures isn't good.
I decided to start drawing multifandom comics. It will be about how my friends and I travel to another fandoms and are looking for adventure on the soft spot. Gets into trouble, make friends. I would like to add some of the genres such as angst, a little dark and the drama, comfort/hurt. I draw comics ONLY IN MY FREE TIME, because it's for me and for those who want to see it.
Fandoms mentioned in the nottheprologue isn't all that will be in the comics. I just started drawing it in December, then I stopped, then all of January I was doing sketches. Some fandoms I liked recently, that's because I can't fix anything, it will waste of time, waste of the energy, and I hadn't patience. I REPEAT, I draw comics for MYSELF and MY FRIENDS and if YOU want to watch it, you can. The criticism isn't welcome and I don't listen to itStan takes a bath .
Now I want to talk about why the initial pages are different from the next. As I said, I'm beginning to draw the prologue at the beginning of December, but immediately after the first page has stopped. At the end of December (Dec. 30) I drew the second page. Throughout January, I was just doing the comic sketches, and drawing arts. For all this time I improved the style and skill. I could redraw the old pages, but again, I did not have neither the time nor energy nor patience.Gravity Falls - Mabel Falls Icon . So much has been redrawn. It takes too much time. Usually, I drew one page a day, according to my calculations, taking into account, the comic had to be ready by 16 February, but no, was a difficult pages that took 2-3 days, and then I took a rest after them.
As you can see, in the comics will be exactly Gravity FallsGIF Gravity Falls - AAAH THE JOURNALS!!!! sounds of gravity falls fanbase hearts shattering , Rick and MortyRick and Morty Emote - Rickity Reaction Rick and Morty Emote - Morty Running , UndertaleTemmie Emoticon Icon Gif 2 - Undertale Sans Drop Pop candy Duo Icon  , SonicChaotix Sonic Smooth Walk: Mania Palette Metal Sonic icon . I'm slowly thinking about story, but for now the ideas come about to be closer to the end.
I don't know when the 1st chapter will come. To not have to wait too long, I can show spoilers sometimesWEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRPPP! .
The comics called "Don't shake the demon's hand" or Russian version "Не жми руку демону". I hope you know who I'm talking aboutgravity falls bill cipher intensifies ? By the way, always I wanted to cipher. But if the codes will be in the comics, they will be only in RUSSIAN. I'm not so good in English to adapt to the codes tooEmote| sigh... So incompetent.. Sorry.
You are probably wondering who is the red cat? Well, I don't want to hurry, wait for the first chapter(for who I wrote this all?)gaster icon - Gaster's stare | undertale 
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