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Well, it's animals... :-)
A work I did to see if I was able to draw animals... for children's eyes...

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Amazing i love it 
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Oh Wow wow wow wow wow!

Today is animal day theme on my facebook page so I am going to share this!…

There we go! SHared! :D
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Awesome!!!! Love the Owl!!!!
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Pretty! The donkey is nice
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Imagine if Mother nature and Father time got together, there would be an animal time beast! That would be so cool! Someone needs to draw that.
Nice pic.  Animals are cool  :)
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hey can i use this for a background ? or is that not allowed ?
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Animals: I love them, cherish them, and adore them until the very end! <3 Very great artwork.
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what did you color it with
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that is one of the best pieces of art I've ever seen!! I love the bear eating honey!!
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wild and sweet :)
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CUTE! <3 what did you using? colorpencils? or pastel?
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Aquarelle. :-)
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Best, work of art I have seen in my life! Even more than the Mona Lisa! (Maybe not, but you know what I mean)! :D Love it, keep it up!
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Lol, thank you for your enthusiasm! I appreciate it. It's watercolors on paper - no computer this time, the totally classical way. ;-)
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WOW!! I'M AMAZED! Did you draw this? Like with pencil, or paint or was it on the computer? OMG, it's AMAZING! :D
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can u add a wolf to this???? also i love the Lion's eyes
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most adorable picture!
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I freakin LOVE this...the sanke around giraffe is funny..cuz I know in 2.5 seconds it's gonna try and kill him..Great art..Keep up the amazing work.
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