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The Line: Brothers and Sisters

By Esuka
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Some of you might recall Cyclone Company, which was one of my more ambitious works at the time. It went with a short story, and it is usually the case that I only write as far as the initial idea carries. Better to have a short and sweet story than to drag it on for no reason. However, for Comet Shimmer and the rest of Cyclone Company, I actually had some idea of how to continue. The story is being written, and the first batch of chapters are being proofread right now, but it will be up soon. The story will be posted on fimfiction as I update it.

Lawdy, this took too long. As I post this, the making-of video is rendering, so that will be up later. at 25x speed, missing a few segments of video, it came out to about 80 minutes. I'll do a proper time check later, but suffice to say, it took a while. I don't think I'll be doing so many characters in one shot again. Still, I'm at least pleased with the results for the time being. On the bright side, I figured out some new tricks for doing clouds courtesy of :iconyuumei:, so yay for improvements.

MLP:FiM is (c) Hasbro
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So many ponies!
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Woah. So much ponies. A good bunch OCs.

Awesome work on this.
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What impresses me the most is the level of quality the shading has here. Beautiful shaping of 'em all and of the ship, and of the clouds. Lovely detail. Great job, I say.
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Oh man, why didn't I know you vere writing a fiction?! :D

The lineup looks awesome. Is that Bïfrost? 
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You didn't know because I've been very quiet about it. :P I didn't want to start advertising it until I knew it was a project I had good footing on. Also, I'm afraid I don't know any Bifrost, so no it isn't.
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Bifröst is RD's father. Not sure what is the name you use, though...
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Ah, I never saw that name. I found Rainbow Strike and thought it fitting.
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