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See, Darling? The Pin Keeps It Out Of Your Face



Today is the birthday of one :iconkoeper:, my oldest friend and twice college room mate. The two of us can argue on a lot of stuff, but I know that I can trust him with anything, and I know he'll be there when I need him. He even manages to put up with me being a brat. Thanks for being such an amazing friend, and happy birthday, dude.

Fun fact: the wardrobe absolutely refused to work. I have no idea why but it was the hardest part.
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Dawww... this picture reminds me of when I was all emo in intermediete school, and someone gave me a hair clip that looked exactly like that because she "couldn't stand seeing my hair covering my pretty face 90% of the time", and we got to talking and became pretty good friends. I had to favorite this just cuz of the good memories this gave me. :)