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Season 5: My Dear Friends



Well this is beyond late. So late, we're at season 6 already. I know some folks were really wondering where this was, and I'm sorry to have disappointed you. Suffice to say, life has been busy, and the few times I would have had a chance to put this together, wrenches were thrown. I will say that season 6 has started off stronger than I would have expected. Starlight's incorporation was strong, but it remains to be seen how it pays off. I'm personally glad for the absence of a villain, letting the episode instead play to the characters and the humor. All in all it was handled very well, and I'm more excited for the season now than I was.

Now, there is one more thing. Again, I apologize for the late arrival of the season 5 conclusion. And many (some? a few?) of you are probably going "But Esuka, where is the season 6 premiere drawing?" After consideration, I have decided I will not be doing follow-up works for season 6. I've done these for three seasons now, and between the effort and a decline in popularity, it's just not as much fun as it used to be. The community has changed drastically since I first got involved, as one would expect it to. If you are super upset by this, and want something that I regularly update, The Canterlot Academy of Music updates twice a week. I'm sorry if this comes as a disappointment.

Season 5 was a ride. Some episodes were utterly skippable, some were toppers on the show's history. We're just at the beginning of season 6, but it looks like this train isn't slowing down. I know I'll be watching, and I hope you all have a wonderful time. Until next time, everyone, be excellent.
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The colors here really convey the style and the travesy odyseey of the adventure that its the season 5 of My Little Pony, very wel done