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S5 E25-26: What Might Have Been, What May Yet Be
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Published: November 28, 2015
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Isn't it great when your crazy villain is probably the worst part of your episode? In a season of ups and downs, this episode ended it on a high note for me. The idea of "What would have happened if X never occurred" has been floated around the fandom for years now, and it was interesting to see a canon vision. It was also interesting to see a full scale Equestrian war. I think Sombra's alternate reality was my favorite, so it sucks that they blew that first, but none of them were bad persay... Except maybe Discord's, but it was so short, whatever. I think Twilight and Spike were fun, the visuals of the time travel and the fighting were great. It was a well timed and well executed episode. 

And now we get to the elephant in the room. Starlight Glimmer. I will start by saying that her insanity, and the way it visually and strategically played out was fantastic. Her plot was so beyond the realm of reason, that you couldn't help but be impressed by it. Also, can we address that she is the only other pony to crack a Starswirl spell, AND she can fly using magic? Fuckin' Zaheer up in this house. No, all of that was great. It was her backstory that didn't really hit home. That whole thing with her friend was a fine instigator, but there were a few dozen levels of psychotic deterioration between "I lost my childhood friend and have a childish reason for it," to "I'm going to build a hamlet where everyone gets their cutie mark taken away," to "Fuck time and space, I'm going to wreck this person's life forever." I know there would have been a LOT to address if they had gone through each beat, but the instigating event, in my opinion, was not strong enough to justify bringing about multiple end-of-the-world scenarios for the sake of some vengeance. Again, that isn't to say that Starlight wasn't a ton of fun to watch. 

All in all, a great end to a pretty good season. For those of you familiar with how this works, there is one more image left to do. Finals are in full swing here, so it might take time to get to. But I do hope you look forward to it.

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Sanluris|Hobbyist General Artist
I agree. I wish they had more time to develop things in the show. I wish they'd had more time in the first season for Twilight to meet each of her friends over the course of the season instead of in just two episodes. If she had, her friendship with them would have been more meaningful. As it is, I don't really get why they're such great friends. People need time to get bonds like that, even if they have to face some huge evil together. :shrug: That could just be me though. It would have been cooler if there had been something huge that made Starlight freak out. I understand the feeling of being left behind by friends, but if the producers had more time, maybe they'd have come up with something bigger for her to be sour about. I think you're right.
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honestly, i feel like the first season blew it's load too early where instead of having the whole "Nightmare Moon and the Elements of Harmony" thing be the season arc (where we would try and guess who would be the bearers of the Elements throughout the season.), they just have it be the first two episodes and have the honestly boring gala be the arc.
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This is beautiful and stunning woow amazing job
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FireHeartDraws|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Such astonishing artwork. XD  The image looks so complex and well thought out.
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JoeMavro|Hobbyist General Artist
It looks like they're not even aiming for each other, but apart from that, pretty good.
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Nice montage of the episode. Really illustrates the point. Good job! :)
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This is just me but there is a moment in the story where Twilight misses a win; she takes Starlight by surprise and encases her in crystal. Starlight has every reason to be grateful for Twilight being a good guy because, if she'd used a cutting beam, it would have been game over.
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Great art!! :D
And that description was enjoyable XD I agree, it's a bit too much for a vengeance, but I guess she was just that much hurt inside. Awesome finale that was <3
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An epic battle for all that ever was and ever will be.
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It was such a great finale!
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TelefoneVoador|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If they could have took the Flim & Flam brothers Equestria Timeline, I suspect the seconds could really work for another cutie mark negative related events happening with Starlight Glimmering.

amazing celestia, what a final 2-parter
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That was fast O_O I thought it would take two days or more for something this good to get out
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TooCliched|Student Writer
That fighting scene was a joy to watch. :)
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digimonlover101|Student Digital Artist
For the record starlight remained isolated from society most of her life and was unaware of the impact twilight had on Equestria. She thought she was only going to ruin twilight's life but ended up destroying equestria which is why she redeemed. I agree that her backstory was a little weak but I have a feeling we didn't get the full story. 
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SherlockBoy|Student Photographer
This is going to be my new smartphone background. Thank you!
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Maran-Zelde's avatar
Maran-Zelde|Professional Traditional Artist
I agree. Starlight's backstory was almost as lame as "I lost my choo choo train" from Phineas & Ferb: Across the Second Dimension.

Nice work with this drawing though.
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lightning116's avatar
I thought the same way when Starlight's revelation came to be.

For someone so mentally unstable, I expected more.  Especially seeing her artwork during the Season 5 reveal.  I knew she wasn't all there.  I guess I was expecting too much.
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Joakaha|Hobbyist General Artist
Cool! :D
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And so the fight for the past, present, and future continues.
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IBAIPshow|Professional Artist
Brilliant piece of fanart for this episode. Moment well captured. Probably the best I've seen. Nice work /)
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